Monday, November 9, 2015

When Promoting Nakedness A Snapshot Is Worth A Thousand Words

The Bare Platypus finds it somewhat ironic that he spent years and years learning how to construct sentences and paragraphs in high school, college, and grad school.  And now... many of those skills are becoming obsolete.  Let me explain further.

This blog allows for writing essays and lengthier articles.  However, in the world of social media-- be it Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram, messages are served up in bite sized morsels. Usually conveying one simple thought or idea.  Often juxtaposed over a photograph or illustration that emphasizes the point.

Think about how many of these eCards, memes, advertisements, or whatever you want to call them, that show up in your Facebook feed each morning.  No expository writing on the level of an H.L. Mencken, a James Thurber, or an E.B. White there.  Just a picture and a few quick words to get the viewer thinking.  Then it's on to a hundred other posts in the news feed, on to breakfast, and the morning radio show..

Now, this blog post is not meant to be a Luddite's manifesto against the way things are going in journalism.  Just a realization that the depth of information once found on a full website, or feature length article just isn't the way folks exchange information in the marketplace of ideas much anymore.  That means that nudists must be prepared to convey messages in new ways.  On Tumblr it's not much of an issue... Tumblr is liberal about depicting nudity..We note, somewhat wryly, that this may attract those who merely collect images of nude people rather than reaching the "outside" world.with the message of nudism.

We're interested in what it will take to get nude messaging in front of more of the mainstream viewership. We get religious, political, humorous and slice-of-life messages.  We get recipes, celebrations of sporting events... even see what our former classmates had for dinner last night?  Couldn't we do a better job of getting people to think about getting naked?  True, many social media have policies that ban any nudity and get Draconian about enforcing those policies. But surely we can do more within the parameters we do have.

Is there room for line drawings?  Is there room for diagrams, pie charts, or something else we can use???

We don't use much in the way of images on this site now.  But we may have to work on generating more of these "meme shots" than we have in the past if we wish to remain relevant in the fast-paced dialogue of today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nudity and Autism: Many Visits to the Bare Platypus Pages on that Subject this Week

Not sure what brought on a sudden interest in a topic that the Bare Platypus has been posting about for years, but this week our Nudity and Autism Page got substantial traffic.  To commemorate the increased awareness, we're posting the ecard below which we have seen elsewhere on the net.

We welcome thoughts and comments from those of you who deal with autism yourselves or in your families.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

UK Bans Skinny Dipping Ad - But NOT for the Reasons You Think

Here's some interesting news.  The UK advertising standards board struck down an advertisement for a hostel featuring skinny dippers because the ad depicted the college aged swimmers jumping from cliffs into water of unknown depth.  In other words, it showed DANGEROUS activity.  Not objectionable nudity.

See the story yourself Naked ad banned for depicting dangerous activity .

Is it just an excuse?  Knowing that many persons have become disabled through such jumps, we think it's a valid point.  But for what it's worth, we like the ad!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sleeping Naked - Yet Another Article Advocates Bedtime in the Buff

Once again there's an online article advising folks to Sleep Naked for Health Benefits .  This is becoming regular news, but it's always fun reading new, and different, reasons for doing what we like to do.  Remember, you spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping.  Why not spend that time naked???

Monday, October 19, 2015

Naked in the NFL – Network Shows Players’ Bare Butts

It was during locker room interviews on broadcast TV.  Not much of a story, but it’s something for Platypus readers to review on a Monday afternoon…  The fact that folks chose to "grin and bare" it rather than turn some simple cheek into "scandal" is probably a good sign too.

Click link below to watch on You Tube.

NFL Network Shows Bare Butts

Friday, October 9, 2015

Shed Clothes when Trees Shed Their Leaves

Okay, summer is officially over.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy some naked time outdoors before it turns really cold.  In some places we’re still enjoying “Indian Summer” with a few warm days here and there.  When this happens, ‘Don’t waste the opportunity!  Get bare while you can!”

If you are already experiencing chilly weather, you may find it warm enough to sit outside by one of those nice fire pits you can purchase for your deck or patio.  This will keep you warm enough (while you sip hot chocolate or hot cider) and embrace fall.

And if all else fails?  Break out the bearskin rug (or reasonable facsimile thereof) some logs, and get a toasty fire going to get naked near.

For many nudists, Fall is actually a favorite time of year.  Be a Bare in the woods! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Why Nudists MUST Be

Platypus Note: The Bare Platypus appreciates visitors to this blog who come from all walks of life, from all religious faiths, and those who profess no faith at all.  At the same time, the Platypus family has not been secretive about our own Christian faith, which is of the utmost importance to us.  This post is primarily directed to our Christian brothers and sisters, though all readers are invited.

This post has been long, long overdue on the Bare Platypus. However, we have been prompted to write it after recent developments at the church we have attended for the past two and a half years. Summarized, the church leadership informed Mrs. Platypus that they did not feel comfortable with her in the role of teaching Bible study.  The issue was not one of qualifications.  Mrs. Platypus has a minor in religious studies from a large, well-respected university and more than thirty years of experience as a Sunday School teacher, youth group director, church secretary, and student of scripture.  The issue was not one of doctrine either: she has orthodox beliefs about the authority of scripture, the divinity of Christ, and other key tenets of the faith.

No. In this case it was because some people had whispered to said leadership that Mr. and Mrs. Platypus and family are nudists and advocates for nudism. Please understand that Mrs. Platypus has never used her classes as a platform to promote nudism. Our family does not try to "recruit" among church members - we have never found that to be appropriate.  At the same time, it would not be difficult to learn about this aspect of our family's life with a bit of time spent online.  If asked about it, we're honest.  We have never felt a need to be ashamed about enjoying time naked outdoors, in our backyards and swimming pools, at clubs, and on appropriate beaches where it is allowed.

But what would people think?  And won't we tempt others to sin by what we're doing?  Could we be  promoting lustful thoughts in others? (Anyone who has seen our aging, sagging skins must surely know this would not be the case. But, oh well.)

So it has come time to state it for the record: There MUST be nudists in this world and they must be there for a DIVINE reason.  Specifically, there MUST be people who bare witness to God's most incredible of creations: the human body. Scripture teaches that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."  It teaches us in Genesis that after God finished creating man, in his naked state, mind you, He pronounced His creation "very good."  We were originally intended to live life naked. It is the most comfortable, refreshing, awesome state of being. Every toddler in their birthday suit who squeals with glee gets this. (Didn't Jesus speak of entering God's kingdom as a child??? Hmmm. Maybe there's something there.) Naked is how we were made by our Almighty Creator and how we were meant to be.

Whatever events have past and sins that have entered this world, there MUST be people to live naked and attest to how incredible it is. If only to preserve that critical remnant of God's glorious work among us.

Ask yourself, if a human artist with incredible skill such as Picasso, or Michelangelo, or Raphael (who all created nudes at one time or another by the way) painted or sculpted their ultimate masterpiece, would it be as special if it were confined to a dark closet as if it were viewed with admiration in the Louve?  Genuine nudists view the human body as a beautiful, awesome testimony to God's best work.  Making creations worth dying for.

Genuine nudists can do this without automatically resorting to lust-filled thoughts, even if some cannot. It is among our most important purposes in life: to give our Creator glory by admiring what He has done.

Don't denigrate this.

Don't codify anti-nudity laws in subheadings of statutes such as "obscenity."

See every body as beautiful in its own way.

Understand that a naked toddler's bare bottom is not automatically pornographic.

Breasts are, really, an incredible and healthy way to feed infants.

Nieman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Saville Row, and Tiffany's cannot improve on perfection nor hope to duplicate it.

There MUST be people around to say these things.  Patrons to appreciate the Artist's handiwork.

Nudists MUST Be.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sleeping Naked - Four Major Benefits

Four Benefits of Sleeping Naked explains the reasons you should sleep in the buff.

Among those reasons: You'll sleep better, your partner will appreciate it, and your skin gets a chance to breathe and "air out."  Kudos to them for their clever use of some animations from movies of cartoon characters from Donald Duck to the Aristocats.

Elsewhere on the Platypus we have covered this topic from time to time.  For example, we carried a "beditorial" from one university student about Sleeping Naked is Best , that One in Three Brits Sleep Naked and the fact tthat Sleeping Naked is Normal

One new fact to report today: According to the article about Four Benefits, only 8 percent of folks admit to sleeping nude.  That's lower than we would have predicted, and much lower than the British figures... but again, we're talking about those who admit it. Hmmm.... Just yesterday it was nearly 8 percent who sneak skinny dips in hotel pools wasn't it?  You know who you are out there!  And some of you read the Platypus!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sneaking a Skinny Dip: Seven Percent of Hotel Guests Have Done It

This may be yesterday's news on some nudist blogs, but a Yahoo story says that Seven Percent of Hotel Guests Admit Secret Skinny Dips .  The article includes some other "naughty" activity among travelers such as trying to cut in line while boarding airplanes, or standing while the fasten seat belt sign is illuminated. Interesting read and accompanying info graphic.

The Platypus wonders, "Why force guests to sneak their naked swims?"  Why not just establish one clothing optional pool among the many offered on hotel property?  Better yet, consider making the whole place clothes free.  There may be a couple hundred nudist clubs on the continent, but we could always use more!

Just think, if you took seven percent of all travelers each year that would be a very significant number of tourists! And remember that's just the number who are clandestinely swimming bare. In fact, previous scientifically conducted polls have shown that about 18% of all travelers would like to incorporate some naked time into their vacations. (A few more of the guys, a few less for the gals, by the way).

Life's short! Let travelers play naked!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Reasons to Try a Naked Spa

 Follow this link to read good reasons to try a Naked Spa Day .  As far as the Platypus is concerned, any day spent naked is a Good Day!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

This week the big news story is that a school kid who brought a home-made electric clock to school got arrested for it.  We wonder aloud about the death of common sense.  Some of us probably remember the old Radio Shack catalogs filled with electronic circuit projects for hobbyists.

But part of our response surely must also be, "It's a different world!" as well.  Things are different after 9/11. They are different after the Columbine and Sandy Hook school massacres. Decisions are much more fear driven than they were when we were kids.And it's all very regrettable.

Now things are different with respect to nudity as well.  Think about how crazy everyone would get if a school coach showered with the school team after practice.  Or if the YMCA allowed nude swimming now the way it once did?  What if a scoutmaster let his charges go skinny dipping.  All of these activities used to be common place.  And doing any of them would prompt calls of derision and for arrests to be made today.

It's a different world.  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad world.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clothes Optional Harbin Hot Springs Hit by California Wildfires

Just read the following news report about California Wildfires Claim Harbin Nude Hot Springs .  We are very sorry to learn of this development and have the people affected in thoughts and prayers..

The Platypus never visited Harbin. However, we witnessed first-hand the devastating effect that wildfire can have on nudist venues.  Years ago, we toured Swallows Sun Island Resort within a few weeks of the fire that claimed that resort.  Despite very valiant efforts to rebuild and keep it clothes-free, it was not meant to be long term.  We hope that things will be different for those at Harbin.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Being Naked Top Reason to Live Alone Cited by Women 24 Blog

Today there is a great article by the website Women 24 noting that going naked is the number one perk of living alone .  The writer explains that, among the top reasons she moved out of her parents' home and got her own place was to free the inner nudist "hiding in clothes."  This was refreshing to read as it came from the perspective of a young, professional woman. She may well be among the Millennials Who Are A Hope for Nudism .

From time to time the Bare Platypus has written blog posts on such topics as Advice for Younger Nudists Still Living with Parents    and the Trend in Those Seeking Nudist Roomates .Going on your own is one surefire way to ensure you can enjoy your Recommended Daily Allowance of Naked Time .

The Bare Platypus website is especially interested in writing for those who could be described as "home nudists."  If you live in your birthday suit---even if you don't travel from home much---we appreciate you. Letting others within your close circle know about you and your family's preference for living free and unencumbered can help change mindsets for the better too.  That's why the Women 24 piece is so welcome.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Need Labor Day Naked Repeat

What's going on??? It's only Wednesday and the Bare Platypus is already waiting for the weekend.  It seems to be a fact that getting more naked time outdoors and in the sun is addictive!  Just makes you want more. And more!

The Platypus is ready for some more naked gardening, sunbathing, and just reading in the sun.  After two days he's suffering withdrawal here.  What's the remedy?  Try to get home from work early enough to catch the twilight time in the backyard in-the-buff.  Then wait till Saturday.


Kinda lazy.  But oh so awesome.  Can we recommend this to friends knowing they'll get hooked?

Sure.  Sure we can.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nude Photography Tips from Mashable

The oft-read website for so many things, Mashable Now Offers Nude Photography Tips by famed photographer Greg Gorman.  While it is true that the story's emphasis is on taking pictures of the female form, the tips are generic enough to work with both genders.

Now you have something to do after getting back from your Labor Day holiday.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Some Things Are More Important Than Nudity

We hope that, after more than three years of postings on this blog, that our readers know that we take the subject of nudity and nudism very seriously.... but even we have to admit that there are some things that are far more important.  And a few of those things are family and the welfare of children.

So much of the world has been touched by the recent news stories and accompanying photographs of the tragic drownings and plight of those seeking refuge from the crisis in Syria.  Regardless of one's country of origin, their political status, or world view this event most certainly moves us all. The Platypus is no exception. Mothers and fathers who have lost dear children are simply inconsolable.

Today we find it hard to celebrate the joys of our favorite topic knowing that so many are grieving. We lift our thoughts and prayers to those going through this extremely difficult time.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Is This the State of Naked on the Cape?

This morning the Bare Platypus came across a somewhat humorous, but also unfortunate, article in the online magazine Slate entitled, Beware This Labor Day Weekend of Naked 3 Yr Olds on the Beach by writer Rachel Lehmann-Haupt. In the piece this mom explains that she was asked to cover up her naked three year old son by beach resort management staff.

What captured our attention most, however, was WHERE this took place: In Truro Massachusetts, home to the long famed Cape Cod National Seashore, with an extensive history of nude bathing and naked beach life. (You can read our historical narrative elsewhere on The Platypus by clicking ).

Have things really come to this?  Such that (1) a three year old's naked bum on a beach is EVER deemed offensive AND; (2) that nudity offends the management and guests at the situs of one of the most famous nude towns and beaches in the U.S.?

What's next?  Complaints about three year old nakey butts at Cap D'Agde France????   Please.  Will someone stop the insanity?

Miss Lehmann-Haupt's article is a good first step.  Nudist organizations and nudist blog writers it's time to unite before any more naked ground is lost to these ridiculous mindsets.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Should Nudists Be Pinterested?

As explained in yesterday’s post, the Bare Platypus has been expanding our review of social media sites.  After about one week of watching posts on the site Pinterest , we’ll make some observations about whether the site holds promise for nudists.

To begin, a very brief explanation of what the site entails for those who may not know: It’s like a giant bulletin board on the web, broken down into a mass of categories (e.g. cooking, photography, parenting, backyard decorating ideas, etc.), with individuals creating their own boards to post recipes, humorous cartoons, you name it.

The first, and perhaps most important, thing a user will notice if they sign up for the site and search for the term “nudist” or “nudism” is that they will get a stern warning that the site prohibits the use of anything bordering on “sexual” and that violation of the policy could get you banned.  It seems that the purveyors of the site automatically equate nudity with sexual activity.  For a nudist, that’s odd.  You could search for ideas for decorating a “bedroom” and not have the site automatically assume that you’re trying to post about what people do IN bed and give you the same warning.  Oh well.

Second, having said that, after doing a bit of searching it becomes evident that there are, indeed, people who post nude photography and other images…. Some of which are tagged with “nudist.”  Their boards have not been taken down, so, presumably the Pinterest Police are not out on active patrol.  Most likely they respond to user complaints and will respond when they get a bad report.

What this means is that it’s one thing to create a presence on Pinterest (the Platypus has) and to pin some things onsite. It’s another to count on anything being up there tomorrow.  It would probably be a mistake to have the only copy of something you couldn’t live without there.  For our part, those who visit Bare Platypus know that we don’t use much in the way of photography or images on our site.  This somewhat limits the usefulness of Pinterest to us. However, we have pinned the occasional cartoon, Platypus logo, and image of nude beach signage.  We’ll have to see if this offends the sensibilities of anyone.  (Visit Bare Platypus on Pinterest to get directly to our board)

Above all else, our one week impression is that Pinterest is often about buying stuff and showing it off: buying lumber and yard ornaments to spruce up the backyard; upgrading photography equipment to take better pictures; buying craft supplies and making gifts out of them; buying the right sweaters to send your kids off to school in.  One week’s time is probably not enough to make a fair assessment. Yet first impressions often reveal a lot. 

Once upon a time there were catalogs upon catalogs printed and sent to our homes to remind us to buy more stuff. Those of the Platypus generation and older may remember such companies as “Fingerhut” delivering these to your door. And the “Skymall” and “Sharper Image” publications appearing in the back of airline seats.  You know, your swimming pool isn’t really complete unless you have a convenient floating bar to serve mixed drinks to your guests.  Pinterest just gives us that kind of feel whenever we sign in.

The Platypus is not compelled to sell our readers anything.  (True, we offer a mug, totebag, or two at Bare Platypus Souvenir Shop on Cafe Press press.  We sell very little of it and that doesn’t bother us a bit.) If you and your family never leave your own home and simply take off your clothes and enjoy life naturally?  Well that’s A-Okay with us. There’s nothing incomplete about you.

We will continue to provide creative ways to enjoy life naked… And the occasional nude destination you may want to consider.  But doffing your duds is all you really need to do.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Instagram Irony

The Bare Platypus is working to establish a place on additional social media outlets.  The latest two include Pinterest and Instagram .  As one would normally do, the Platypus has been reading and reviewing material on these sites rather than posting much just yet.

Last night during a review of Instagram, he could not help but notice a large number of pages devoted to celebrating "Hippies."  There were hippie-like arts and crafts, plus tributes to women who had the "beauty and spirit of a Mother Earth."  Don't know what prompted this.  The Hippie tributes were on the main sign in screen and they were not posted by anyone we knew or within our contacts list.  So it appears that Instagram itself was somehow assembling these as a sort of "trending now" topic or a topic of the company's own choosing.  And that's what we find so ironic.

At the same time that the company is willing to collect clicks, views, and subscriber interest with that topic, Instagram express policies prohibit most forms of nudity on the site (it is, after all, now a part of the Facebook family).  So the skinny dipping and sun-your-buns that happened so much at Woodstock or among riders on Ken Kesey's wacky painted school bus during the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test well... THAT?  That has to be sanitized from the historical narrative of the Hippie apparently.

And no. If you're asking... the Platypus is not a former member of that movement.  He and Mrs. Platypus are about 15 - 20 years too young to have been part of that scene.  It's just interesting that, once again, nudity is not fit for presentation of a culture even when nudity was part of the very essence of that culture.

But hey, if nakedness were allowed, the purveyors of it wouldn't be able to sell you something like jewelry or retro styled musical instruments, or vintage clothing.  So the policies all have a purpose, apparently.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Pan for Gold in the Nude

It's Monday and what better day to suggest an idea that's just a little bit off the wall than on a Monday?  So here goes:  Why not find a secluded spot on a stream or river near you in an area where there is---or used to be---"gold in them thar hills!"  Then strip to the buff (assuming that there's no one around for miles) and gather some of that silt from the stream and swish it around in a metal pie tin until something shiny sifts its way to the bottom.

True, if there never was gold, or if it has been mined completely out of an area you may not get any of the shiny stuff.  But hey, you'll still strike it rich.  Because you'll be outside naked enjoying nature. The Platypus actually once did some 'naked prospecting' and they were peaceful moments indeed.  It was in the Pacific Northwest where God grows the trees big, and tall.  The same could work for fishing, of course...just watch the hooks!

When you spend time in the buff in the great outdoors it can make you appreciate being alive just a bit more. You'll improve your tan until...dare we say it... it reaches a "golden" hue.  You can always just skinny dip in the stream anyway.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sentimental Nudist: Memories of Naked Labor Days

Next weekend will mark the Labor Day holiday. For the Bare Platypus, this brings back many, many memories of quality family time spent together doing what we liked to do best once upon a time: Relaxing and playing naked! See, while the job of promoting the nudist industry had the Platypus traveling frequently throughout the year, this span on the calendar was relatively quiet.  It meant we could enjoy time naturally together. So that’s what we did.  Some of the memories recounted below have worked their way into a Father’s Day homage or two, but they happened over Labor Day weekends, or close to then.  Enjoy.

First Crush.  Mr. and Mrs. Platypus have two sons and two daughters.  When one of our daughters was about thirteen, she had her first “crush.” A boy she met right on the beach at our home nudist club. Oh, she had probably seen him before.  But it changed over one holiday when she realized that he was kinda cute as they built sandcastles together on that beach.  At the end of the weekend she somewhat proudly announced that she “had his phone number and email address.”  It was all very innocent and they exchanged only a brief message or two.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to last. This daughter is now engaged to a different young man.

First Skinny Dip.  With no school to worry about, Labor Day weekends proved to be opportune times to invite some of our adult friends and their “puggles” to accompany us to our local nudist club.  It worked on several levels… especially as something fun to do to celebrate the end of summer.  So it was that one such weekend our friend and her son and daughter joined our family for their first-time nudist experience. Now, her daughter was just a few years younger than our daughters so, when we arrived she promptly followed suit (er… birthday suit) like them and her mom. She quickly dabbed on sunscreen and went for a skinny dip with the other gals.  Her younger brother—six year old “Andy”--- wasn’t so sure.  He looked at her like she must be crazy to strip everything off in front of other people. 

“Andy” doffed his shirt but his cutoff shorts stayed on… with an occasional tight tug up on them as if to reiterate that they would remain in place.  No one said anything though our sons were in their natural state, of course.  About twenty five minutes later that boy looked out at the cool water of the lake.  So inviting.  But did he want to get his shorts wet and have that yucky sand clinging to them? We parents watched from our beach blankets as, reluctantly at first, he lowered the cutoffs and a bright “cotton tail” came into view. Five minutes later the joy in his expressions said it all: “Why didn’t we ever do this BEFORE???” Andy’s family returned with us to the nudist club at least two times after that and each time he was bare before their car got from the front gate to the parking lot!

Yard Dash.  There’s something about spending all day naked at a nudist club that makes someone especially reluctant to put on clothes when it’s time to go home. One Labor Day weekend we all kind of looked at each other as the sun went down and we stood by the car in the parking lot.  “Do we really need to get dressed?,” one of us asked.  It wasn’t that long of a car ride home.  Besides, it would be dark when we arrived. One thing led to another and there we were… all six of us naked as the day we were born, in the family caravan, hoping that we wouldn’t have an awkward moment at a traffic light (the trek was through a fairly rural setting so, few worries).  When we arrived at our somewhat secluded house, we waited to be absolutely sure that there were no headlights coming or going up the street.  Then we made a mad dash for the front door, keys in hand so that we could open it quickly.  Only Mrs. Platypus donned a skimpy pareo wrap.  Had anyone drove up the road at that moment there would have been six full moons shining brightly in those beams. “Stairsteps” … from two forty-somethings… to tweens… and a three year old!  We still laugh about that family adventure!

First Bee Sting.  On holiday weekends the nudist club’s parking lot tends to fill up quickly. As a consequence we once found ourselves in the “overflow lot” which was really little more than a section of grass and clover.  As we walked across this grass our youngest son and puggle let out a yelp.  He had stepped on a bee and, of course, it hurt!  He took the whole incident with remarkable bravery. But we also noticed that he never walked across grass like that again without flip-flops.

Tropical Dance.  Holiday weekends at a nudist club typically involve some kind of special event. Mr. and Mrs. Platypus attended a luau, feasting on pineapple and glazed chicken.  During the dance that followed they shared a romantic kiss on the deck where it was held.  All four of their puggles giggled about it later. Maybe not quite “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.”  But you get the idea.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy a remarkable, and safe, special time next weekend. And we hope you can be bare for at least some of it. It’s not possible to bottle and cork what days such as this are like for those who don’t “get it.”  Yet we know our readers understand. Thanks for indulging us as we got a little sentimental just now. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Get Bare! Only 3 Weekends Left in Summer

Consider this your second reminder!  Labor Day weekend is just a couple of weeks away now.  For practical purposes, there are only three weekends left for the summer, though warm weather may linger in some places.  Today marks the beginning of one of those weekends.

Find that secluded skinny dipping spot. Go camping without a stitch. Have an au naturale picnic with your family. Have a squirt gun fight in your fenced backyard wearing nothing but a smile. Stand naked in the rain if it's raining where you are.

Sorry to remind you too often.  But you don't want the season to end without spending at least one weekend completely bare do you?  Go on. You'll thank us later.

Some more serious topics will be coming to the Bare Platypus soon.  But for now? "Life's short.  Play naked!"

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Horse Riders Go Naked to Slow Motorists

This story from London's Daily Mail Says that Horse Riders Are Going Naked to raise awareness among motorists that they should slow down when maneuvering vehicles around steeds. Follow the article and you will find tasteful nudes of both men and women who want to do whatever it takes to get drivers to slow down and think.


Next step: get Australians naked to help save the Platypus!

Monday, August 17, 2015

What Did This Woman Learn from her Grandma 'bout Skinny Dippin' ?

Here's some light reading for a Monday to start off your week right: In the following essay, Laura Hankin recounts What My Grandmother Taught Me About Love, Writing, and Skinny Dipping for the Huffington Post.

It's a fitting tribute to what sounds like a wonderful person and role model.  The descriptions about nude swimming demonstrate both a whimsical spirit and tact.  Read for yourself!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Which State is Most Likely to be Naked at Home?

Some of you may have already heard about a survey taken by the Trulia company, which assists home buyers and renters, about the things people like to do in the privacy of their own homes.  You guessed it: the company included a question about whether those who were polled often went naked. They even celebrate the theme with a Youtube Video About a Clothing Optional Home and Deck .

According to a press release that you can read by clicking State Where Folks Are Most Likely to Go Naked at Home , New Jersey is the number one place (142% more likely) where people go nude in their abodes.  It's followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  That's interesting. It may not line up with where all the nudist clubs tend to be located (e.g California, Florida, Texas).  But that just goes to show that not all nudists are "club" nudists.  There's a huge number of those who prefer their birthday suits... but just enjoy them at home.

By the way... Special thanks to the folks at New Jersey 101.5 - Naked New Jersey's article, whose presence flagged this where the Bare Platypus could find the story.  If you click that link, you get to read some of the comments from people who answered the survey, including a woman whose dog knows that something is up (she's leaving) when she gets dressed.  The Platypus family has experienced the same with its pooches.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Advantage of Nudism: Showering Naturally

It’s raining fairly heavy outside right now.  That made Bare Platypus think of showers. And it got us to thinking about how great showers are when they’re enjoyed in a nudist park.  See, in many nudist venues, the showers are set outside… they may be facing and adjoining poolside or Jacuzzi.  Showers may be a kiosk out next to the volleyball nets.  Several nudist places that we have visited had a shower looking out on a forest, or a mountain range. 

In all of these places, it allows one to enjoy warm (or cool) water cascading over your naked body “al frescoe” in the great outdoors and close to nature (or at least the sound of water splashing about the pool.) Point is, when everyone is naked, no one has to worry about segregating showers by gender. Or shielding out others by installing those confining partitions that make you feel like you’re bathing in a broom closet.

True, there may be some nudist clubs that have a “classic” bath and shower arrangement with cubicles. But even these usually have open dressing areas where you don’t have to choose between holding your towel or your shampoo or your change of clothes (there are none!) Because the bench is too small or there’s only one towel hook outside your “stall.” (Platypus disfavors that word.  Stalls are for horses… not for Platypuses or people.)

Wouldn’t you really rather vacation some place where you can enjoy water on your body as it was meant to be, in the open air?  Where you could actually assist your kids with washing the beach from their sandy bottoms while standing next to them? And where you wouldn’t have to put on clothes after getting nice and clean?

We highly recommend installing an outdoor shower in your fenced backyard--if you have one--so that you can experience this ultimate luxury right at home. (We don’t have one, but the hose gets warm in the sun and we have a private spot to rinse off naked after mowing the lawn.)

Showers.  Just one more thing that makes being a nudist great!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Nudist Article Really States it Perfectly

We encourage all Bare Platypus readers to take a look at this article:  .  It discusses the top 7 struggles of being a nudist.  It's very clear that the writer "gets us" and is one of us.

For the Platypus, frustration #8 would be what troubled the writer's mom.... that many people don't "get it" when we want to raise our kids free, natural, and without shame like she did.  Congrats to Gigi Engle on a piece that speaks to nudists everywhere!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bare Platypus Tops 200 K Views

Last weekend the Bare Platypus blog crossed another milestone:  Thanks to the many of you who link to us, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and via Blogger, our page views surpassed 200,000.  This has happened in less than four years.

We realize that, for some of the more popular nudist websites and blogs, 200,000 visitors may be a mere "month's work."  But we are pleased with the growth of a site that began as a hobby and has led to meeting many, many great people. (Candidly, we must also admit that some of those visitors are "search bot" traffic from search engines and marketing-based "web crawlers and spiders.")  We ask you to join us in celebrating!

If you're interested, the number one blog post for which we have received visits is "We Raised 4 Kids as Nudists"  ... with over 22,000 views.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Take Naked Selfies; Keep em Secret, Keep em Safe

A few days ago the Bare Platypus was going through some old photographs from his time as a young man of college age.  The Platypus is aging himself but, in that era, there were no digital cameras - at least not those owned by the general public. Consequently, there really are not pictures in which he appears bare. Similarly, there are no images of Mr. and Mrs. Platypus as nudists from the time they first got married.  There were some images that came later after their puggles came along and with the release of the afore-mentioned digital camera. (Oh, we suppose the Polaroid existed but we didn't employ it to such purposes.)

Know what? Nowadays we wish we had more nude images from our earlier days.  Not for any risque purpose,  you understand.  Just for "remembering when."  The same as we "remember when" in looking at ourselves in our college sweatshirts while attending our Alma Mater.  Or in a camp staff t-shirt.  It's all part of our life story and some of it is missing when it comes to the birthday suits.  We were more physically fit then.  Then there's happiness of a younger person "looking to the future" in our smiles.

With the proliferation of digital-camera-equipped cell phones and "selfies" these days, there's no reason for the "natural" part of your life to be missing as it is preserved in images.  BUT HEAR US OUT: We're not asking you to send us those images! (Please don't) We're not asking you to send them to anyone else! We're not asking you to post a nude on Tumblr during an alcohol-induced moment.  And, for heaven's sake, we're NOT advising you to store any such image(s) in cloud-based servers. (We recognize that, with some cell phones, images may automatically go to cloud storage - check your owner's manual for details and don't snap or post if there's a cloud that could be "hacked" as has happened to celebrities.)

No. If you have a nude image (even if a tasteful one), as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings advised Frodo about the all-powerful ring: "Keep it secret. Keep it safe."  But do consider keeping it.  The day will probably come when you'd like to take a walk down the lane of memories and have some of those memories include a detour through the nudist woods.  You will find the tasteful nude(s) you took to be meaningful to you.

We know thanks to the memories that we have taken after it became easier to do so privately.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just Say No to the Swimsuit

It's summer.  If the stores you visit have not yet turned to selling fall fashions, wander over to the swimsuit rack. Even at discount places like Kmart, Walmart, and Target you will not believe what they are charging for these pieces of fabric.  Men's trunks are one thing - at least there is some cloth and a liner there.

Women and girls get little more than a piece that uses fewer threads than a necktie. Add a splash of color and, voila', they're often asking $30.00 or more!

Okay, this topic may not be "new" but it bears repeating: You can save lots of money by avoiding the swimsuits and going bare in your pool.  You'll be much happier in your birthday suits. If that's really not an option, see if last year's suits will work for the occasion where you need it.  You'll feel better that you just said no.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Do Comments on Nudist USA Today Article Reflect The State of Things? Hope Not

The Bare Platypus apologizes if another nudist blog has already dealt with this.  We're just getting caught up responding to an article that appeared in the July 11, 2015 online edition of USA Today about the World Record Skinny Dip.  More accurately put, we're responding to the comments that followed the piece.

See, if you follow this link to USA Today World Skinny Dip Article you'll find that the writer for "the nation's largest newspaper" did a relatively nice job of preparing an upbeat description of the event.  No major complaints here.  In fact, the story seemed to capture the spirit of Shangri La Resort in New River, Arizona and the fun of skinny dipping.

The issue is when one starts to read the comments to the story - about 50 in all.  While there were a few positive statements, most were very negative and declaring why the reader(s) would not want to visit.  And the comments fell into three main categories:  (1) Older people should never be nude or go to nudist places;  (2) People with pounds to lose should never be nude or go to nudist places; and (3) Children should never be nude or go to nudist places even if accompanied by their parents and raised that way.

Now, we're well aware of the phenomenon of "internet trolls"... those who write the most incendiary things they can in the hopes of drawing the ire and response of someone... anyone.  In nearly twenty years working to promote the nudist way of life, the Platypus was well-familiar with criticism too.  In fact, decades ago the threat was that "Nudism should be against the law. Period."   Viewed against that backdrop, we suppose, one could view mere derision as "progress" of a sort.

Yet in all the time that passed, the idea that one shouldn't be a nudist unless the public would get something out of looking at you seemed far more secondary then.  Sure, there were offhand comments.  But most of the pro / con debate seemed rooted in questions of morality, e.g. whether it was "okay" to allow nudism based on religious grounds or avoiding something "obscene."

We have to ask, trolls notwithstanding, do the comments reflect a proportionate share of societal views these days?  Would it be okay in John and Jane Q. Public's eyes to have nude beaches as long as we could assure them that only young, beautiful people would participate?  If there were protocols assuring that no one with wrinkles, or overweight, or under 18 would ever appear on those beaches or in nudist clubs, would the objections of the average US voter fade?

If so, we think that's sad.

Really sad.

We can fathom the person who says, "My mom didn't raise me to think that was okay." Or, "The preacher would preach against that where I come from."

But a "rule" against going naked unless the viewer is going to be pleased by what they see or think they should see?  It's a different mindset.  It amounts to, "If I can't stare at a person that person has no business being nude."

This is the antithesis of what a nudist believes, of course.  If the viewpoint of a growing number of people aligns with this "don't bare unless you're a 'looker' " philosophy where do we go from there?

We would never have remained in the nudist industry for long if we paid too much attention to what everybody else thought. But we also took "bare-o-metric" readings on culture in the form of Gallup Polls, Roper Polls, and all manner of surveys so that we could refine the message we made to the world.

Right now?  We're just gonna be shaking our heads for a while.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Reminder: Get Naked Lots Before Summer Ends

Today is July 31st.  Labor Day weekend is only about five weeks away.  So consider this your mid-summer wake up call.  You need to get outside and get naked while summer is still here!

It's easy to let days of potential bare time pass when it  seems that the warm weather will go on forever. One free day goes to that home improvement project you've been meaning to get done.  Another day goes to getting caught up at the office. There's that double-header baseball game on television.  And days when it rains.

Believe it or not, in some parts of the country, school started back up again on Wednesday of this week. That's right... on July 29th! (The Platypus didn't think it could be true until Ms. Platypus showed him a back-to-school on the bus picture posted of her own sister's kids.  We're not talking summer school either.)

Don't let you and your puggles miss out on getting your all over tans.

If you've been "procrastinating" on taking that three day weekend to a nudist club, or driving to the nude beach, why not start the trek today? It's Friday after all.  Or make it a point to go skinny dipping tomorrow in the family pool.  Hold a picnic in your fenced back yard.

As Joni Mitchell sang in the song Big Yellow Taxi, "you don't know what you've got till it's gone."  And what you have right now is  the perfect weather for enjoying au naturale.  Outside.  Gotta be outside if you can manage it.  Indoors is fine when the weather turns cooler. But right now you need to get some sun on your bum.  And plenty of breeze and fresh air.

Make hay while the sun shines?  Tan all over while the sun shines too!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Naked Beats Stress

The Bare Platypus had a "fur bristling" day at the office.  Lots of deadlines and being put on-the-spot by folks whose job is to ask difficult questions. Of course, there are sources of stress all around us that go beyond the workplace: the commute to and from home, rushing to pick up children from daycare, the stress of maintaining a home, paying the bills, getting dinner made and served... you name it.

When the stress is mounting, there are several ways for dealing with it.  For the Platypus family, it's often with prayer.  And talking with those who love us such as our spouse and family.  Exercise works too.  But we have to say that removing all of our clothes is one of the best stress busters available also.  From the minute the clothes come off, real relaxation kicks in.  Often we can't beat the birthday suit for obtaining that great mood of peace that comes from feeling the cool air conditioning (or backyard breeze) on our full body.

Go on.  Get naked.  Get relaxed. Melt Stress. Enjoy life and smile at life more.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Prayers for Three Injured by Lightning Strike at Miami Nude Beach

The Platypus extends thoughts and prayers to three bathers who became victims to a lightning strike on the waters off a nude beach in Miami.  Although the name of the beach was not provided in the  lightning strike at nude beach article we read, we suspect the beach in question is Haulover park in the Sunny Isles area of the city.

When events such as this happen, one often thinks "on a different day, that could have been me or my family and friends." In this case it's true.  The Platypuses have visited this clothing optional beach several times (though we had to make an extended trip of many hours to get there).

We applaud any volunteers and "first responders" who delivered medical treatment and transport to the afflicted. Haulover has a team of dedicated beach ambassadors who may be readily identified by the color-coded straw pith helmets they wear.  While we don't have full details, it is likely that  their efforts helped. (The news story says that lifeguards tried to clear the beach with red flag warnings and air horns, but could not get all from the beach before the bolt(s) struck.)

Even now at least one of the bathers, who were each knocked unconscious, is in serious condition with injuries. We know that our readers join us in wishing all a quick and full recovery.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Naked Time: Recommended Daily Allowance

In our everyday lives we have a number of "recommended daily allowances" for a variety of things.  The cereal box tells us how many mg's of iron, niacin, protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals we should consume.  Experts advise at least eight hours of sleep per night.  The fitness coach tells us to work out for at least an hour a day at least three days per week. Even the pastor advises to attend church at least once per week, to give a percentage of income, and to spend at least a half hour per day in prayer and bible study.

Well, the Platypus is a bit of an expert on things naked.  We propose a recommended daily allowance of "naked time."  Folks should spend at least ten hours per day in their birthday suit, and here's how that breaks down:

- Spend the eight hours a night sleeping naked.  It is more comfortable.  And it's documented that it helps your body regulate its own temperature better.

- The extra two hours of naked time per day leaves a few minutes to enjoy your morning coffee and news reading sans clothes. Don't forget that you'll be bathing / showering naked as part of your routine too.

- That leaves just over an hour later in the day to be sure to get in either sunbathing in the afternoon, doing light housework, going for a skinny dip, watching tv bare on the couch, you name it.

Of course, nothing says you can't spend MORE time naked each and every day.  Some nudists live within parks and resorts where they go nude virtually 24 hours / day, 7 days per week except for occasional trips into town.  We're talking minimums here.

So how about it?  Are you getting your Platypus Recommended Daily Allowance of Naked?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Thoughts on Nudist Weddings

Last weekend Mr. and Mrs. Platypus and two of our puggles had occasion to attend the (clothed) wedding and reception of two very good friends who we both knew and who were joined in holy matrimony.  This was the first wedding that we had attended in a long while - perhaps the first in eight years or more.

The wedding was simply wonderful and we would not have changed a thing about it.  But it got the Bare Platypus thinking about the differences he has observed between clothed and nude nuptials. The Platypus has attended at least three weddings at nude resorts.  Of those, two consisted of completely naked guests and attendees. The other of those weddings was a clothed event, although there were opportunities to skinny dip following the wedding and reception. 

Remember, the following observations are drawing on fading memories.  But here goes…

Second Marriages.  To begin, we’ll note that all three of the weddings in nudist settings involved couples who were entering a second marriage, relatively later in life (i.e. the couple was 50 years of age or older) and had either lost their previous spouse to illness or divorce.  The Platypus was invited to one first marriage at a nudist club involving two thirty-somethings, but he could not attend due to a previous commitment. Generally, however, it seems that folks enjoying a new love in their golden years are willing to try things that are a little less traditional and more fun.  For folks in this age range, there may be less concern about what mom and dad think of such a wedding.  Mom and dad may have passed on.

Two Venues. Most of the “nudist” bride and grooms also planned to hold a wedding service in a clothed location such as church or city hall, which could be attended by non-nudist relatives or friends. Each time we learned that there were persons who simply would not go to a nudist wedding and were accommodated in this way.

Relaxing Atmosphere.  There’s no question that the nudist locations enabled all concerned to be a bit more relaxed…and definitely less formal than with tuxedoes and gowns. People seemed to smile more often and they laughed too.

Naturally Beautiful.  Something about flowers, music, the beach or sunning lawn, and people completely bare is the embodiment of life as it should be.  Wedding preachers often quote the first union between Adam and Eve.  A nude wedding provides a glimpse what that may have been like.

Attendance. The clothed weddings typically have many, many more family members attending the service than with nude nuptials, which involve more friends than relatives.

Clergy. Unsurprisingly, actual clergy who pastored churches tended to perform at the clothed weddings we have attended.  We do know of some licensed ministers who preside over nude weddings.  In other nude weddings, the person officiating was a notary.

Expense.  Nude weddings tend to be a less formal affair and the flowers may be hand-picked, the cake home made, and the costs kept lower.  The experience may still be priceless.

Photography.  This is one aspect where a clothed wedding probably fares better than a nude one.  We are not aware of persons at clothed weddings and receptions who shun the camera (even if some may be a little bashful).  At a nudist wedding, there WILL be guests who are adamant about not being photographed.  The nudist club itself may be unwilling to allow photos in certain areas as well.  Years later, it may be difficult to remember who was, and was not, at your nudist wedding because the pictures will tell only part of the story.

Renewing Vows.  Nudist settings are GREAT locations for ceremonies for married couples to renew vows. Why?  It’s romantic.  Couples can pull such ceremonies together relatively quickly.  And the message seems to be: “Whether in a church or naked as the day I was born, I’d marry you all over again.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nestle Uses Naked Baristas in Ad to Sell Coffee Creamer

There’s an old joke that the definition of the term “flying saucer” is, “what happens when a nudist spills their coffee.”

In current news that Platypus readers may appreciate more, The Nestle Company is planning to use naked baristas in an online advertisement to sell a new coffee creamer product called Coffee Mate Natural Bliss.  The advertisement features servers appearing only in body paint, with the question, “How would you react if your typical morning coffee was anything butt?”  The spelling of “butt” is intentional.  You can read about it in an article from Time magazine appearing this week: Naked Baristas Sell Coffee Creamer

If there’s one thing that the Bare Platypus can appreciate, it’s the enjoyment of relaxing naked with a good cup of java.  In fact, we have mentioned the subject just a bit in the previous blog post The Favorite Place In Your House to be Naked . 

The fact that there is tasteful nudity within the advertisement to sell Nestle’s product is a plus, albeit it is being presented for some “shock value.”  However, by mainstreaming nudity in natural, everyday ways, like serving or drinking coffee, more people may become comfortable with the human body.

We note, too, that a host of advertisers have used nudity to connote that something is natural, unadulterated, or wholesome.    (See platypus post on Richmond Ham , for example.)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Photographer Promotes Breastfeeding in an Awesome Way

Over the weekend, the Bare Platypus had an occasion to read a news story on the Huffington Post about a photographer who is taking things up a notch when it comes to promoting breast feeding.  Photographer and mother of four Erin White has snapped numerous moms feeding their tots outside, in group settings---and sometimes completely au naturale

We invite you to read the story, and view some of the images, by clicking: Breastfeeding Photos Outside .

When breastfeeding is treated more openly, and naturally, like this it will  no doubt encourage more moms to be comfortable with feeding their little ones in the most natural and healthy way possible.  When breasts are treated as a natural wa to nourish our children rather than as merely sexual objects that’s got to be a good thing too!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bee Kind to the Hive: Go Naked

The TIME magazine website posted a story today entitled Bees Are Losing Their Habitat Because of Climate Change . The article notes that, while some species of bees don't have trouble migrating, there are others that do.  And many of their colonies are dying out due to changes in climate and their surrounding habitat.

We think nudists can help!

Now, for a moment you'll have to put aside the jokes that you may have heard about bees being unwelcome at nudist gatherings over the ouch! factor.  Getting serious, nudist homes and resorts are particularly well suited to increasing the food supply and habitats of North America's bee population.  Here's why:

- Beyond the parking lot and the driveway into nudist resorts, there is usually not that much vehicular traffic generating carbon monoxide or other agents that may be harmful to bee populations.  Certainly less than near an office building,  on the interstate, or at the neighborhood Walmart!

- Consistent with the above, there are many areas of natural plants and trees within those clubs and our backyards.  These are conducive to our honey-making friends.

- Nudists love naked gardening.  All those beautiful flowers we grow and care for produce nectar that is also so critical for bees.

- There is, perhaps, more room for "live and let live" given that there is much unspoiled land in many clubs. Nudists like such things too.  One very strong demographic within the nudist community includes those who are environmentally friendly.  Think Backpacker magazine and the many clubs in Oregon and Washington State which are among the longest-operating clubs on the continent.

- Many nudist clubs sponsor activities where members can learn more about plants, animals, and... yes... insects.  There are bird identification groups.  And natural photography groups (Cypress Cove Resort in Florida, for example, has a very successful group with regular meetings and regularly displays beautiful images taken of the flora and fauna).  These help increase appreciation for all living things, especially among the kids who will be our next generation of policy-makers.

Summarized, being naked and in our natural state brings us closer to nature.  It doesn't mean we necessarily go "overboard" about such things.  Just that we're good stewards of the Earth.  We can be good stewards of the hive as well.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Platypus Poll Results: You Spent the Holidays Naked

For the past couple of months, the Bare Platypus has been running a poll about how readers planned to spend Memorial Day and / or Independence Day holiday(s).  Specifically, we asked if there would be some “naked time” built into your plans and, if so, under what circumstances.  Keep in mind that voters could select more than one option if they chose, to account for multiple plans. Here are the results:

   9.38 % - Public event honoring holiday (e.g. a parade, memorial service, fireworks display, etc. (6 votes);
  14.06% - At a nudist club, nude beach, hiking nude trails, etc. (9 votes);
  12.50% - Non-nudist function at home / Non-nudist traveling  (8 votes);
  14.06% - Naked at home and alone (9 votes);
  42.19% - Naked at home with family/friends (e.g. bbq, picnic, skinny-dipping in own pool (27 votes);
    4.69% - Working at a job or on a home improvement project (3 votes);
    3.12% - Other (2 votes);
100.00% - Total Votes Cast: 64.

Now that these results have been cataloged in this post, we’ll make just a few observations…

First, this poll received substantially less participation than previous polls on the Platypus.  Usually, within a couple of months, a couple hundred or more votes would have been collected compared to the 64 here.  This means that we cannot, in any way, pronounce the poll as sustaining confidence levels (not that a self-selecting poll was ever all that scientific.  But at least we were dealing with more data then.)  We are not sure of the reasons for the “low turnout,” since overall visits to the website have remained constant and, if anything, climbed.  The reason could be that the poll just wasn’t as interesting as previous subjects (e.g. about whether readers would raise their children as nudists).  We also believe it could reflect the fact that more and more readers view this blog on a smart phone or tablet device.  When read in an “app” format (as opposed to within “browser” format), the poll does not necessarily appear on the device.  This may spell a limited future for polls.

Second, we’ll note---perhaps unsurprisingly---that being naked over the holiday was very important to our readers.  In fact, nearly 80% of all votes indicated that the voter would be spending time naked, wherever and with whomever.

Third, we saw that, be it ever so humble, there’s no place quite like home for getting naked.  56% of the votes cast indicated that this would be the venue for getting bare over the summer holidays this year.  With 14.06% planning to visit a nude beach or nudist club, that’s still a popular choice, of course.  However, it is greatly outnumbered by the 42% of those enjoying nudity at home with family and friends, and tied with the 14.06% who planned to be home naked and alone.

Finally, the “other” votes cast included comments reflected on the Poll Daddy hosting site, but not on our site.  Basically, the voter(s) noted that if their kids did not have a chance to go nude over the holiday (wherever it took place) that those kids would be very disappointed and there could be “trouble” with them.  Given the similarity of the comment(s), it is likely that the voter(s) put the same comment on a second time, not understanding that comments would only be reflected at Poll Daddy, not here.

Monday, June 29, 2015

When Even the Bears Won't Go Bare

This post comes to you courtesy of Mrs. Platypus. She noticed a new video series for children in the lineup of suggested titles in her Amazaon account.  Based upon popular books by illustrator Todd Doodler, it's called Bear in Underwear.  You can follow this link to one of the books on Amazon called Goodnight Underwear and see a few pages of it by using the "Look Inside' feature available on the site.  The accompanying description helps explain that the "underwear theme" is designed to inspire story time giggles among youngsters who will no doubt find it funny.  (There was a similarly popular book series under the name 'Captain Underpants' some years ago as we recall from trips to the bookstores with our puggles.)

What Mrs. Platypus found interesting is that virtually all of the forest critters depicted are dressed in clothes of some kind.  And that the male characters are usually only wearing briefs or boxers, while the female animals often wear more. We can't explain the difference or the need to clothe animals... beyond the easy laughs, that is.

We don't have a problem with having a bit of fun, of course.  Or with using animal mascots (our blog is, after all, named after a platypus). It's just interesting that even the "bears" cannot go fully "bare" within this genre. Is it all a plot to brainwash our kids to be more clothing compulsive?  Probably not. After all, the Berenstein Bears, Winnie the Pooh, and Paddington Bear all wore a few items to give them personality.

Still, in posts long ago, we pointed out that you shouldn't Put A Swimsuit on a Platypus . We even discussed, at some length, that although Donald Duck wore some clothes, he didn't wear pants.  And it is true that the subtle cues that we give children at very early ages about clothes and swimwear may be part of  the reason Why Nudists Lose Battles and Wars .

As Crosby Stills & Nash sang it, Teach Your Children Well.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Naked is The Simple Way to Cool Off

This week the Bare Platypus was assisting one of his puggles with working on her car.  It's that time of year and... you guessed it, the air conditioning unit needs a refrigerant charge.  Now, the good news is that there are instructional videos on You Tube for doing the job safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. There's also some good news in that the cost for a small canister of the refrigerant is not too bad.

The bad news is that you can buy those products, watch the video, charge the air system, but still not get to cool off in the easiest, most natural, way possible: By just going naked over the summer!

We have written posts about Motoring Naked - Tales from the Road .  We can tell you that, while it sounds like a lot of fun (and is) to "doff n drive," it's not without drawbacks.  For one thing, you'd get some interesting stares (and maybe a date with the police) if you drove up bare to the McDonald's drive thru at lunch hour.

Joking aside, Naked really is the best way to cool down during hot summers.  With a simple spray mister and a fan, your nude body will feel much cooler than you would with those uncomfortable clothes - no matter where you are be it camping, relaxing at home, even doing light housework.

Naked is good for the environment.  It's also cheap!  And naked is a lot more fun!

So go on... grab your friends.  Go for a skinny dip. Get bare.  You'll be chillin'.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Naked Supreme Court Statuary

Today Bare Platypus was checking the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) website for the most recent decisions by the high panel which were issued this morning.  Sure enough, within the images appearing on , there is a picture of the Court's East Frieze panel.  And it has naked people!  You can see a close up of the image by clicking Naked East Frieze Supreme Court Figures .

In pointing this out, the Platypus in no way wishes to demean the Honorable Court or to detract from the respect due to it.  We just continue to find it ironic that Facebook, Instagram, and other "institutions of justice" would ban users and their accounts for depicting the naked human form - especially for anyone appearing to be underage. They do so when the very same themes are celebrated within the U.S. Supreme Court as the embodiment of all that is pure, just, true, and wholesome - the things we want associated with our legal system.  This irony has not gone unnoticed by the justices themselves, who have made remarks about it during (usually in dissenting opinions when they were outvoted) obscenity cases of the past.

Years ago the Department of Justice spent thousands of dollars making sure that a statue depicting a female breast was covered up by curtains so as not to appear during press conferences.

Whether on a statue or live human being, the Bare Platypus believes that the human body is "fearfully and wonderfully made" and worth celebrating.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Naked Yard Ornaments Revisited

Some time back the Bare Platypus issued "A Call for Naked Yard Ornaments" in which we called upon fellow nudists to put a little nudity into their yard in the form of signs or statuary.  Read the post, which generated several comments, here: A call for naked yard ornaments .

Maybe we were a bit too hasty.

It seems that displaying something as innocuous as a garden gnome flashing his bare bum can get you into trouble - at least if you live in the U.K.  For example, consider this article which we read last week in which police threatened a man with arrest after a neighbor (who is also a retired police officer) complained, saying "his wife and children felt threatened for their safety" by the statuette: Man faces arrest over naked gnome .

While searching for that article to write this blog post, believe it or not we encountered a different case in which a 60+ year old woman's Naked Gnomes Ordered to Cover Up from just a few months ago.

What is the world coming to when the only thing one neighbor resorts to when flashed a ceramic "moon" is to call authorities.  Whatever happened to talking with one another?

It's enough to make one wonder how those Belgians ever stood for that statue of that naked little fella taking a leak in Brussels.  Or the Italians stood for Michelangelo's David.

Maybe the problem is those colored pointy hats that gnomes wear. Is that what folks find so objectionable?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Raise the Flag for Nudism

Have you considered how you could raise the flag?  No. We’re not talking about honoring Independence Day (but, by all means, please do honor the holiday.) We don’t mean the flag of the United States, or any country, or even a printed cloth representative of a nudist organization.

We mean, gets a conversation going about nudity.  Get someone thinking about nudism.  Get someone to take the first steps in doffing their clothes.  Raising the flag involves stepping out… if only a bit… to advance what Platypus readers enjoy.  There are hundreds of small ways to do this:
  • Put a bumper sticker on one of your cars (even the one that sits in the driveway) about enjoying life without tan lines;
  • Leave a nudist magazine or publication along with several others on your coffee table and see what discussions it prompts;
  • Hang one of those signs about “skinny dipping after 5 p.m.” or “skinny dipping is okay” near your backyard pool;
  • Send an article about the ten best nude beaches out in a Facebook post – along with the ten or twenty messages you send about a bunch of topics from your sports team’s success to a favorite recipe – so you don’t have to be too obvious;
  • Let your toddler streak the backyard when good friends or family come by and be nonchalant about it;
  • Serve that cold beer (or warm cup of coffee) to a visiting friend in a glass or mug with a clever slogan like “I’d rather be in my birthday suit” printed on it;
  • Hang a tasteful nude on the wall of your den or other place where close friends gather;
  • Give someone a birthday card that has nudists or cartoon bare butts.  You know the ones we mean! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Saturation Factor in Promoting Nudism

The Bare Platypus team actively worked for about 15 years promoting nudity and nudism throughout the country (and a bit beyond).  For most of those 15 years they had the benefit of web pages, email, and monthly nudesletters er... newsletters.  But new technologies have emerged.  They're game changers.

There is Facebook, of course.  And Twitter. And Google Plus. These get messages out several times per day in some cases.  But perhaps even more significantly for nudism, there are blogs like this... as well as Tumblr.  Tumblr allows clever memes and sayings.  But also images that are worth a thousand words (some for good, some for less good.)

Just a few years ago, an activist, business, or organization could not have dreamed of communicating with customers and supporters several times per day or per week.  It would have been cost prohibitive. Email became an inexpensive and convenient messaging source.  But try to send any images (let alone nude ones) and you were likely to trigger spam filters and get blocked.

We recognize that some social media like Facebook and Instagram have censored material and we have written about that scourge in previous posts.  But it is now possible for subscribers to be reminded of what we "like to do best" multiple times in multiple ways.

One downside, of course, is that it seems everyone else is vying to be in your Twitter and Tumblr feed.  Marketers.  Advertisers. Government.  You name it.  If we used to be subject to a lot of that from television as kids, we're flooded with it now.

Know what?  It's okay.  The simple logic of a brief message that life is better without clothes (and maybe a clever accompanying cartoon or other tasteful image that brings a smile to your face) will probably sway a lot of people and do so effectively.

Someone who is better connected to technology may be preparing a comment to discuss the likely impact of the next innovation that we here don't know about that is already making the rounds.  From apps that dispense information to those that gather it.  Or the virtual reality world.

Life may have been simpler back then.  But it holds oh so many possibilities now.

Friday, June 12, 2015

There is Something Special About Communal Nudity

The Bare Platypus values naked time.  The Bare Platypus values times of solitude for quiet reflection.  Lots of both, actually.

But there's something special about communal nudity too.  Now, the non nudists who like to make jokes are likely to crack, "we know why people want communal nudity."  Wink wink.  Putting them aside, the truth is that there are times when group nudity does something for one's spirit.  And that something is closer akin to why group religious worship holds unique meaning.  Or attending a rock concert where the audience makes the experience so much different than listening to an MP3 of the same band... or even watching video. Sing the national anthem alone in your living room.  Then sing the anthem in a baseball stadium with thousands of other fans and you understand what we mean.

There are group dynamics at work here.  People in one place with one purpose.  It's often referred to as "social nudity" or "communal nudity" but the terms hardly seem to do full justice to the phenomenon.  It is just incredible when a sunning lawn fills with naked people reading books, tossing a Frisbee, pushing strollers, and a hundred other ordinary things.  Magically, it becomes extraordinary.

The Platypus remembers the first time that he set foot on Gunison Beach (a/k/a the Sandy Hook nude beach) on the Gateway National Seashore in New Jersey on a busy weekend.  Until then the bare beaches he'd visited had tended to be remote with sunbathers spread out over distances. The sight and sound of so many, many people of so many nationalities, and from so many ages and stages of life made a significant impression. Perhaps you have had similar experiences.  Or perhaps you have yet to venture beyond your own backyard.

We only hope you get to try it at least once in your life.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nudist Slogans We Have Seen and Heard


Time for a brief write-up as we get ready to bring on Friday and the weekend.  In no particular order, and with no attribution to the original source(s), we'll offer the following catch phrases and slogans we've seen and heard used to describe the nudist experience:

"Nudists aren't clothed minded"

Enjoy Life Naturally

"If God had meant for us to go naked, we would have been born that way."

"Be a nudist and see more of your friends."

"Go on a nakation."

"I'd rather be in my birthday suit."

"Happiness is no tan lines."

"Nudist and I vote"

Life is short... Play Naked!

Play Nakey (seen on a children's shirt)

Hike Naked!  It puts color in your Cheeks!

Nude is not lewd

Wear only a smile

Put on nothing but the radio

Pack less, relax more

No shirt, no shoes, no shorts, no problem (seen on entrance door decals)

"I got my allover (tan) at Haulover (nude beach Miami)"

Feel free to add some of your own in the comments section.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Naked Monday Naked Stories

A thunder and lightning storm is about to begin around the Platypus habitat this afternoon so we will make this story quick.  Actually, our "story" is a collection of a few news stories about nudists or being naked:

World Naked Bike Ride to Cruise Through New Orleans 6-13 - From the New Orleans Times Picayune;

Sleeping Naked is Good for Your Health - From The Daily Mail;

Naked Beer Festival to Hit London - From The Drinks Business; 

Tycoon Richard Branson and Judi Dench Pose Nude with Fish - Metro News; 

Miley Cyrus Poses Naked - The Daily Mail;

Naked Bike Ride in Cardiff  The Mirror.

Yeah it's time to unplug the computer before the bolts start striking.  We wish you a happy, very Naked Monday.  We invite you to vote in our poll about whether you'll celebrate Independence Day with independence from clothes (the poll is on the right hand side of this web page, but you'll need to switch from Mobile App to full screen to see it.)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Human Reason to Go Naked - Avoid Clothes Made by Exploited Labor

If you want another reason that may persuade you  to choose going naked more often here it is: According to an article running in this month's edition of The Atlantic Magazine , "Your clothes are made by exploited laborers."

The Atlantic story relays the experience of the Patagonia clothing and foods company, which made a sincere attempt to root out any exploitation of its workers.  Not just in the "sweat shops" that cut and sew fabric.  But right down to the very mills that that supply fabric and beyond.  What Patagonia found over the course of conducting multiple fair labor practice "audits" of these suppliers was troubling. The same workers already making low wages in countries like Taiwan were further exploited by being forced to pay labor brokers for the privilege of getting their jobs in the first place.  In extreme cases, the fees assessed topped more than $7,000.

The Platypus family often lists the exploitation of labor (including child labor) among the reasons we reject clothes where possible---and, especially, swimwear. It's made by people earning pennies per hour and the Atlantic article helps demonstrate that we're being neither theoretical nor hyperbolic about that. Our question: How "moral" can it be to insist on wearing small bands of fabric in order to be "properly attired" at the beach, while at the same time turning one's head to the human consequences associated with producing that fabric?

For the record, the members of the Platypus family now purchase virtually all of our clothing at second-hand shops and, especially, from the Salvation Army. Within these outlets there's usually a great selection of high quality items in good condition, sold for very little money.  Saving that money helps free up dollars to give more... to churches, ministries, people in need, or other matters important to our family.  It also recycles - giving clothing a second, useful life, while employing the Salvation Army workers in the store who launder it and prepare it for sale.  Ms. Platypus is also talented at turning yarn into blankets and spreads, as well as jackets and scarves for when it gets cold.

Now, before we morph into self-righteous Preachy Platypuses, we'll acknowledge that someone must still produce the original clothes that eventually reach the second-hand racks.  But we won't fill then dump out our closets with pop fashions that we don't need.

Please. Believe us. Often naked really is better. Nudity is also often the more humanitarian choice.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Will Millennials Be Nudism's Next Big Hope?

By now you are no doubt familiar with the term "Millennials."  That's the label used to describe the generation born roughly between 1980 and 2000. It numbers approximately 92 million strong, making it a larger generation than its parents, "the baby boom"... which made such a significant impact in itself at approximately 77 million.

The millennials are younger than Generation X (a mere 61 million), to which Mr. and Mrs. Platypus belong.

When some people think (stereo typically) of Millennials, they often think of hipsters who can't take their attention off of their cell phones for long enough to hold a conversation or a job in one place for very long. But that mindset is not helpful or necessarily accurate. More importantly, it misses the great potential that this segment of our population has for being the next big hope for nudism.  There are several reasons they could be:

First, as has already been explained, this generation is huge - its numbers alone mean that if just a fraction of these 20-somethings opt for nakedness, the impact will also be huge.

Second, as a recent article entitled NOwnership, No Problem appearing in Forbes this week points out, this generation of consumers prefer EXPERIENCES (e.g. attending concerts, good meals with friends, or a trip) to acquiring THINGS.  In fact, 78% would opt for spending on an experience over buying something desirable. Owning a home, car, or even a designer handbag just doesn't mean as much to many of these folks. What better EXPERIENCE can you think of then skinny dipping, a trip to a nude beach, or holding a nude weekend with friends?

Third, believe it or not, Millennials are opting for dining and technology over clothing, fashion, and apparel for what may be the first time in recent history.  That's gotta hold some promise for nudism!

Fourth, when you consider that many many of these have taken a nude "selfie" picture or two, they have taken at least one step to "confronting" (and accepting) their own nakedness.  

For now, let's remain optimistic and do what we can to let all people know---from 8 months old to 80---about how great it feels to go naked---especially outdoors.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Can You Remember When Skinny Dipping Was Politically Correct?

The month of June has arrived.  That reminds The Bare Platypus that it was not too many decades ago when the covers of many magazines published at this time of year featured some idyllic skinny dipping scene set in a pond, stream, or other swimming hole.

June and July meant and end of the school year.  It meant fishing with a cane pole.  And it meant going for a swim with friends in your birthday suit.  Norman Rockwell celebrated this almost annually as an illustrator of the Saturday Evening Post. But it didn't stop there.  Calendars for feed---and seed---companies were affixed to the walls of the general store depicting this rite of summer.  Advertisements in newspapers too.

Nobody seemed to mind a cartoon or illustration of some bare butts.  Sometimes the drawings included a mischievous dog stealing the trousers of unsuspecting skinny dippers to run off with them, or a plot by the gals to make off with the clothes of the lads. All in good fun.  All of it deemed "politically correct."

A lot has changed since then. No doubt that there are more nudist clubs and official nude beaches than there once were.  Plenty of websites and blogs to celebrate skinny-dipping now, along with media stories.  There are also reality shows like Dating Naked and Naked and Afraid.  Perhaps more importantly, most of the afore-mentioned shows and articles present mixed genders in the nude. That's all progress.

But please excuse the Platypus for letting a sigh escape while lamenting that the forums and venues for celebrating the skinny dip have moved from your parents' coffee table and the magazine rack and wall of the corner barber shop.  You know: places where anyone getting a haircut would see them in a sort of "confirmation check" that the country thought this bit of summertime nakedness was normal, albeit among peers of the same gender.

Come to think of it, there are probably not all that many places that people even swim these days that are not either a public beach or pool visible to others, and that may have as much to do with what gets celebrated and enjoyed.  It no longer seems as easy to put swimming bare in the category of something every one (at least every boy) is gonna do once the school house closes and the weather turns hot.

For some readers of this blog, they may not ever remember a time when swimming naked was politically correct, and without overtones.  Over the years, suburban living, less secluded swimming spots, and even greater concerns about drowning and water safety have people swimming where people can see them --- attired in swimwear of course.

As Dickens wrote, "It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times."