Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nudist Slogans We Have Seen and Heard


Time for a brief write-up as we get ready to bring on Friday and the weekend.  In no particular order, and with no attribution to the original source(s), we'll offer the following catch phrases and slogans we've seen and heard used to describe the nudist experience:

"Nudists aren't clothed minded"

Enjoy Life Naturally

"If God had meant for us to go naked, we would have been born that way."

"Be a nudist and see more of your friends."

"Go on a nakation."

"I'd rather be in my birthday suit."

"Happiness is no tan lines."

"Nudist and I vote"

Life is short... Play Naked!

Play Nakey (seen on a children's shirt)

Hike Naked!  It puts color in your Cheeks!

Nude is not lewd

Wear only a smile

Put on nothing but the radio

Pack less, relax more

No shirt, no shoes, no shorts, no problem (seen on entrance door decals)

"I got my allover (tan) at Haulover (nude beach Miami)"

Feel free to add some of your own in the comments section.