Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Saturation Factor in Promoting Nudism

The Bare Platypus team actively worked for about 15 years promoting nudity and nudism throughout the country (and a bit beyond).  For most of those 15 years they had the benefit of web pages, email, and monthly nudesletters er... newsletters.  But new technologies have emerged.  They're game changers.

There is Facebook, of course.  And Twitter. And Google Plus. These get messages out several times per day in some cases.  But perhaps even more significantly for nudism, there are blogs like this... as well as Tumblr.  Tumblr allows clever memes and sayings.  But also images that are worth a thousand words (some for good, some for less good.)

Just a few years ago, an activist, business, or organization could not have dreamed of communicating with customers and supporters several times per day or per week.  It would have been cost prohibitive. Email became an inexpensive and convenient messaging source.  But try to send any images (let alone nude ones) and you were likely to trigger spam filters and get blocked.

We recognize that some social media like Facebook and Instagram have censored material and we have written about that scourge in previous posts.  But it is now possible for subscribers to be reminded of what we "like to do best" multiple times in multiple ways.

One downside, of course, is that it seems everyone else is vying to be in your Twitter and Tumblr feed.  Marketers.  Advertisers. Government.  You name it.  If we used to be subject to a lot of that from television as kids, we're flooded with it now.

Know what?  It's okay.  The simple logic of a brief message that life is better without clothes (and maybe a clever accompanying cartoon or other tasteful image that brings a smile to your face) will probably sway a lot of people and do so effectively.

Someone who is better connected to technology may be preparing a comment to discuss the likely impact of the next innovation that we here don't know about that is already making the rounds.  From apps that dispense information to those that gather it.  Or the virtual reality world.

Life may have been simpler back then.  But it holds oh so many possibilities now.