Friday, July 31, 2015

Reminder: Get Naked Lots Before Summer Ends

Today is July 31st.  Labor Day weekend is only about five weeks away.  So consider this your mid-summer wake up call.  You need to get outside and get naked while summer is still here!

It's easy to let days of potential bare time pass when it  seems that the warm weather will go on forever. One free day goes to that home improvement project you've been meaning to get done.  Another day goes to getting caught up at the office. There's that double-header baseball game on television.  And days when it rains.

Believe it or not, in some parts of the country, school started back up again on Wednesday of this week. That's right... on July 29th! (The Platypus didn't think it could be true until Ms. Platypus showed him a back-to-school on the bus picture posted of her own sister's kids.  We're not talking summer school either.)

Don't let you and your puggles miss out on getting your all over tans.

If you've been "procrastinating" on taking that three day weekend to a nudist club, or driving to the nude beach, why not start the trek today? It's Friday after all.  Or make it a point to go skinny dipping tomorrow in the family pool.  Hold a picnic in your fenced back yard.

As Joni Mitchell sang in the song Big Yellow Taxi, "you don't know what you've got till it's gone."  And what you have right now is  the perfect weather for enjoying au naturale.  Outside.  Gotta be outside if you can manage it.  Indoors is fine when the weather turns cooler. But right now you need to get some sun on your bum.  And plenty of breeze and fresh air.

Make hay while the sun shines?  Tan all over while the sun shines too!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Naked Beats Stress

The Bare Platypus had a "fur bristling" day at the office.  Lots of deadlines and being put on-the-spot by folks whose job is to ask difficult questions. Of course, there are sources of stress all around us that go beyond the workplace: the commute to and from home, rushing to pick up children from daycare, the stress of maintaining a home, paying the bills, getting dinner made and served... you name it.

When the stress is mounting, there are several ways for dealing with it.  For the Platypus family, it's often with prayer.  And talking with those who love us such as our spouse and family.  Exercise works too.  But we have to say that removing all of our clothes is one of the best stress busters available also.  From the minute the clothes come off, real relaxation kicks in.  Often we can't beat the birthday suit for obtaining that great mood of peace that comes from feeling the cool air conditioning (or backyard breeze) on our full body.

Go on.  Get naked.  Get relaxed. Melt Stress. Enjoy life and smile at life more.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Prayers for Three Injured by Lightning Strike at Miami Nude Beach

The Platypus extends thoughts and prayers to three bathers who became victims to a lightning strike on the waters off a nude beach in Miami.  Although the name of the beach was not provided in the  lightning strike at nude beach article we read, we suspect the beach in question is Haulover park in the Sunny Isles area of the city.

When events such as this happen, one often thinks "on a different day, that could have been me or my family and friends." In this case it's true.  The Platypuses have visited this clothing optional beach several times (though we had to make an extended trip of many hours to get there).

We applaud any volunteers and "first responders" who delivered medical treatment and transport to the afflicted. Haulover has a team of dedicated beach ambassadors who may be readily identified by the color-coded straw pith helmets they wear.  While we don't have full details, it is likely that  their efforts helped. (The news story says that lifeguards tried to clear the beach with red flag warnings and air horns, but could not get all from the beach before the bolt(s) struck.)

Even now at least one of the bathers, who were each knocked unconscious, is in serious condition with injuries. We know that our readers join us in wishing all a quick and full recovery.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Naked Time: Recommended Daily Allowance

In our everyday lives we have a number of "recommended daily allowances" for a variety of things.  The cereal box tells us how many mg's of iron, niacin, protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals we should consume.  Experts advise at least eight hours of sleep per night.  The fitness coach tells us to work out for at least an hour a day at least three days per week. Even the pastor advises to attend church at least once per week, to give a percentage of income, and to spend at least a half hour per day in prayer and bible study.

Well, the Platypus is a bit of an expert on things naked.  We propose a recommended daily allowance of "naked time."  Folks should spend at least ten hours per day in their birthday suit, and here's how that breaks down:

- Spend the eight hours a night sleeping naked.  It is more comfortable.  And it's documented that it helps your body regulate its own temperature better.

- The extra two hours of naked time per day leaves a few minutes to enjoy your morning coffee and news reading sans clothes. Don't forget that you'll be bathing / showering naked as part of your routine too.

- That leaves just over an hour later in the day to be sure to get in either sunbathing in the afternoon, doing light housework, going for a skinny dip, watching tv bare on the couch, you name it.

Of course, nothing says you can't spend MORE time naked each and every day.  Some nudists live within parks and resorts where they go nude virtually 24 hours / day, 7 days per week except for occasional trips into town.  We're talking minimums here.

So how about it?  Are you getting your Platypus Recommended Daily Allowance of Naked?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Thoughts on Nudist Weddings

Last weekend Mr. and Mrs. Platypus and two of our puggles had occasion to attend the (clothed) wedding and reception of two very good friends who we both knew and who were joined in holy matrimony.  This was the first wedding that we had attended in a long while - perhaps the first in eight years or more.

The wedding was simply wonderful and we would not have changed a thing about it.  But it got the Bare Platypus thinking about the differences he has observed between clothed and nude nuptials. The Platypus has attended at least three weddings at nude resorts.  Of those, two consisted of completely naked guests and attendees. The other of those weddings was a clothed event, although there were opportunities to skinny dip following the wedding and reception. 

Remember, the following observations are drawing on fading memories.  But here goes…

Second Marriages.  To begin, we’ll note that all three of the weddings in nudist settings involved couples who were entering a second marriage, relatively later in life (i.e. the couple was 50 years of age or older) and had either lost their previous spouse to illness or divorce.  The Platypus was invited to one first marriage at a nudist club involving two thirty-somethings, but he could not attend due to a previous commitment. Generally, however, it seems that folks enjoying a new love in their golden years are willing to try things that are a little less traditional and more fun.  For folks in this age range, there may be less concern about what mom and dad think of such a wedding.  Mom and dad may have passed on.

Two Venues. Most of the “nudist” bride and grooms also planned to hold a wedding service in a clothed location such as church or city hall, which could be attended by non-nudist relatives or friends. Each time we learned that there were persons who simply would not go to a nudist wedding and were accommodated in this way.

Relaxing Atmosphere.  There’s no question that the nudist locations enabled all concerned to be a bit more relaxed…and definitely less formal than with tuxedoes and gowns. People seemed to smile more often and they laughed too.

Naturally Beautiful.  Something about flowers, music, the beach or sunning lawn, and people completely bare is the embodiment of life as it should be.  Wedding preachers often quote the first union between Adam and Eve.  A nude wedding provides a glimpse what that may have been like.

Attendance. The clothed weddings typically have many, many more family members attending the service than with nude nuptials, which involve more friends than relatives.

Clergy. Unsurprisingly, actual clergy who pastored churches tended to perform at the clothed weddings we have attended.  We do know of some licensed ministers who preside over nude weddings.  In other nude weddings, the person officiating was a notary.

Expense.  Nude weddings tend to be a less formal affair and the flowers may be hand-picked, the cake home made, and the costs kept lower.  The experience may still be priceless.

Photography.  This is one aspect where a clothed wedding probably fares better than a nude one.  We are not aware of persons at clothed weddings and receptions who shun the camera (even if some may be a little bashful).  At a nudist wedding, there WILL be guests who are adamant about not being photographed.  The nudist club itself may be unwilling to allow photos in certain areas as well.  Years later, it may be difficult to remember who was, and was not, at your nudist wedding because the pictures will tell only part of the story.

Renewing Vows.  Nudist settings are GREAT locations for ceremonies for married couples to renew vows. Why?  It’s romantic.  Couples can pull such ceremonies together relatively quickly.  And the message seems to be: “Whether in a church or naked as the day I was born, I’d marry you all over again.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nestle Uses Naked Baristas in Ad to Sell Coffee Creamer

There’s an old joke that the definition of the term “flying saucer” is, “what happens when a nudist spills their coffee.”

In current news that Platypus readers may appreciate more, The Nestle Company is planning to use naked baristas in an online advertisement to sell a new coffee creamer product called Coffee Mate Natural Bliss.  The advertisement features servers appearing only in body paint, with the question, “How would you react if your typical morning coffee was anything butt?”  The spelling of “butt” is intentional.  You can read about it in an article from Time magazine appearing this week: Naked Baristas Sell Coffee Creamer

If there’s one thing that the Bare Platypus can appreciate, it’s the enjoyment of relaxing naked with a good cup of java.  In fact, we have mentioned the subject just a bit in the previous blog post The Favorite Place In Your House to be Naked . 

The fact that there is tasteful nudity within the advertisement to sell Nestle’s product is a plus, albeit it is being presented for some “shock value.”  However, by mainstreaming nudity in natural, everyday ways, like serving or drinking coffee, more people may become comfortable with the human body.

We note, too, that a host of advertisers have used nudity to connote that something is natural, unadulterated, or wholesome.    (See platypus post on Richmond Ham , for example.)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Photographer Promotes Breastfeeding in an Awesome Way

Over the weekend, the Bare Platypus had an occasion to read a news story on the Huffington Post about a photographer who is taking things up a notch when it comes to promoting breast feeding.  Photographer and mother of four Erin White has snapped numerous moms feeding their tots outside, in group settings---and sometimes completely au naturale

We invite you to read the story, and view some of the images, by clicking: Breastfeeding Photos Outside .

When breastfeeding is treated more openly, and naturally, like this it will  no doubt encourage more moms to be comfortable with feeding their little ones in the most natural and healthy way possible.  When breasts are treated as a natural wa to nourish our children rather than as merely sexual objects that’s got to be a good thing too!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bee Kind to the Hive: Go Naked

The TIME magazine website posted a story today entitled Bees Are Losing Their Habitat Because of Climate Change . The article notes that, while some species of bees don't have trouble migrating, there are others that do.  And many of their colonies are dying out due to changes in climate and their surrounding habitat.

We think nudists can help!

Now, for a moment you'll have to put aside the jokes that you may have heard about bees being unwelcome at nudist gatherings over the ouch! factor.  Getting serious, nudist homes and resorts are particularly well suited to increasing the food supply and habitats of North America's bee population.  Here's why:

- Beyond the parking lot and the driveway into nudist resorts, there is usually not that much vehicular traffic generating carbon monoxide or other agents that may be harmful to bee populations.  Certainly less than near an office building,  on the interstate, or at the neighborhood Walmart!

- Consistent with the above, there are many areas of natural plants and trees within those clubs and our backyards.  These are conducive to our honey-making friends.

- Nudists love naked gardening.  All those beautiful flowers we grow and care for produce nectar that is also so critical for bees.

- There is, perhaps, more room for "live and let live" given that there is much unspoiled land in many clubs. Nudists like such things too.  One very strong demographic within the nudist community includes those who are environmentally friendly.  Think Backpacker magazine and the many clubs in Oregon and Washington State which are among the longest-operating clubs on the continent.

- Many nudist clubs sponsor activities where members can learn more about plants, animals, and... yes... insects.  There are bird identification groups.  And natural photography groups (Cypress Cove Resort in Florida, for example, has a very successful group with regular meetings and regularly displays beautiful images taken of the flora and fauna).  These help increase appreciation for all living things, especially among the kids who will be our next generation of policy-makers.

Summarized, being naked and in our natural state brings us closer to nature.  It doesn't mean we necessarily go "overboard" about such things.  Just that we're good stewards of the Earth.  We can be good stewards of the hive as well.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Platypus Poll Results: You Spent the Holidays Naked

For the past couple of months, the Bare Platypus has been running a poll about how readers planned to spend Memorial Day and / or Independence Day holiday(s).  Specifically, we asked if there would be some “naked time” built into your plans and, if so, under what circumstances.  Keep in mind that voters could select more than one option if they chose, to account for multiple plans. Here are the results:

   9.38 % - Public event honoring holiday (e.g. a parade, memorial service, fireworks display, etc. (6 votes);
  14.06% - At a nudist club, nude beach, hiking nude trails, etc. (9 votes);
  12.50% - Non-nudist function at home / Non-nudist traveling  (8 votes);
  14.06% - Naked at home and alone (9 votes);
  42.19% - Naked at home with family/friends (e.g. bbq, picnic, skinny-dipping in own pool (27 votes);
    4.69% - Working at a job or on a home improvement project (3 votes);
    3.12% - Other (2 votes);
100.00% - Total Votes Cast: 64.

Now that these results have been cataloged in this post, we’ll make just a few observations…

First, this poll received substantially less participation than previous polls on the Platypus.  Usually, within a couple of months, a couple hundred or more votes would have been collected compared to the 64 here.  This means that we cannot, in any way, pronounce the poll as sustaining confidence levels (not that a self-selecting poll was ever all that scientific.  But at least we were dealing with more data then.)  We are not sure of the reasons for the “low turnout,” since overall visits to the website have remained constant and, if anything, climbed.  The reason could be that the poll just wasn’t as interesting as previous subjects (e.g. about whether readers would raise their children as nudists).  We also believe it could reflect the fact that more and more readers view this blog on a smart phone or tablet device.  When read in an “app” format (as opposed to within “browser” format), the poll does not necessarily appear on the device.  This may spell a limited future for polls.

Second, we’ll note---perhaps unsurprisingly---that being naked over the holiday was very important to our readers.  In fact, nearly 80% of all votes indicated that the voter would be spending time naked, wherever and with whomever.

Third, we saw that, be it ever so humble, there’s no place quite like home for getting naked.  56% of the votes cast indicated that this would be the venue for getting bare over the summer holidays this year.  With 14.06% planning to visit a nude beach or nudist club, that’s still a popular choice, of course.  However, it is greatly outnumbered by the 42% of those enjoying nudity at home with family and friends, and tied with the 14.06% who planned to be home naked and alone.

Finally, the “other” votes cast included comments reflected on the Poll Daddy hosting site, but not on our site.  Basically, the voter(s) noted that if their kids did not have a chance to go nude over the holiday (wherever it took place) that those kids would be very disappointed and there could be “trouble” with them.  Given the similarity of the comment(s), it is likely that the voter(s) put the same comment on a second time, not understanding that comments would only be reflected at Poll Daddy, not here.