Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Nudist Fireworks Show at Turtle Lake Resort

TURTLE LAKE resort in Union City, Michigan probably deserves the title for hosting the best fireworks display of any nudist club... at least in North America.  Each year around Independence Day owner Mark Hammond plans and puts on a night time extravaganza so epic that even non-nudists pull up chairs along the lakeshore and nearby golf course so they can get a great view of the skies. 

Hammond, who holds the requisite pyrotechnical licensing to offer the big sky-splitting calibers to his audiences, doesn't disappoint.  He has, however, taken some licks from a few "duds" that weren't duds, or things that went "bang" before they were supposed to do so. 

If Platypus readers know of other great fireworks entertainment in nudist clubs, let us know in the comments to this blog. What better way is there to celebrate the birthday of our country than in our birthday suits?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

07/01/2012 Walter of the Week

OUR WALTER of the week goes to an unlikely candidate today.  It's not a person.  It's a movie.

The Blue Lagoon made its debut 32 years ago on July 5, 1980.  Set on a tropical island the film---based upon a novel by Henry Stacpoole---told the story of two shipwrecked youngsters growing up alone but for each other.  There was romance, there were corny lines at times, and there was actress Brooke Shields.

But there was also quite a bit of nudity, first as the young tyke versions of the characters skinny dipped in the ocean. Later, actor Christopher Atkins also skinny dipped and strolled about on the island in little more than a loincloth.  (For her part, Shields did not do much actual nudity.  Body doubles and discreetly placed objects were more commonly used.)

Despite what could be said about the dialogue or the plot, one must admit that the movie got a lot of people thinking about how much fun it would be to frolic about in little or no clothing.  While aspects of The Blue Lagoon were clearly meant to titillate and exploit sexual tension, other elements simply highlighted the beauty of experiencing naturism in nature.  (Those interested can purchase it for download on Amazon .   Or consult the Internet Movie Database .)

We at the Bare Platypus have met more than one person who first thought about nudism after watching The Blue Lagoon. For that reason, combined with the anniversary of its release this week, we present it this Walter. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Remember the Olympics used to be Naked

THE WORLD is gettting ready to convene once again for a celebration of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. 

As the news accounts build anticipation for the games, the Bare Platypus would like to remind folks that the original Olympics were played in the nude.  For centuries!  There were some great things about holding these events whilst naked:

  • There was no way to get an edge over an opponent by what an athlete wore.  Today whole swimming events are won or lost based upon how scientific a body-suit is designed.  Shouldn't the athlete's ability decide competitions?

  • No logos, merchandising, or licensing... at least not on apparel!

  • It promoted a natural appreciation of the human body.

  • It was much more interesting for the crowds!

You can read more about the nudity in these sporting events by clicking The Naked Olympics and ordering the book of the same title from Amazon.

One of the things that has always bothered your Platypus team is the way that history becomes "sanitized" to somehow conveniently leave out things like the fact that the ancient Greeks played Olympic games in the nude.  Or that they worked out in the nude. Even the fact that "gymnasium" stems from the root gymno, meaning "naked" because you went to the gym to work out in the nude.

We celebrate democracy and trial by jury as gifts from ancient Greek culture, but the naked workout is lost to the ages.  Well fight back!  Go outside into your back yard if you have a privacy fence and run a relay naked. 

For old time's sake.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Be Careful: Naked Rampages Infecting Folks!

SEEMS THAT there's a lot of people shucking their clothes and attracting the attention of law enforcement these days.

First a guy went on a car jacking spree while bare-bottom.  He trashed a Porche and a Prius in the process: Carjacker .

Next we have the naked Hoosier, who used "spice," a synthetic form of canibis, before doing naked karate kicks while immune to police stun guns: incense-induced-rampage-caught-video .

None of this is good for advancing nudism, of course.  But it's always interesting to note how people tend to exclaim that there's a NAKED person who happens to be carjacking and trashing autos, or a NAKED man making menacing karate moves....  Shouldn't the car jacking or karate thing be more important than the attire?