Thursday, April 13, 2017

No Shame in THIS Easter Nudity (Repost from previous years)

Reposted from years past...

Platypus Note:  The members of the Bare Platypus team respect that there are people from many different faiths who live together in this world and who also enjoy nudism.  We celebrate that. At the same time, we have never made a secret of the fact that our Christian faith is very important to us.  This post is primarily intended for our Christian brothers and sisters as we look toward the Easter holiday weekend.

“Nudity is shameful” we sometimes hear.  Especially when someone is making a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission about a glimpse of bare breast or buttocks they saw during a Super Bowl halftime show, or TV program.
Bare Platypuses know that their friends within the nudist community will disagree with the statement that "nudity is shameful," but we hope some within our Christian community will disagree also.  At least when it comes to the nudity we know and read about during Easter. 

See, as Christians we believe that about 2000 years ago the very Son of God, creator of mankind and the universe, chose to come to earth and live like us before experiencing a gruesome death and resurrection that set things right again after we had messed them up big time.  During His last week on earth, Christ spent a lot of time naked, but there was nothing shameful about it. Oh no.
On the evening of the Last Supper (now celebrated as Maunday Thursday), we read that Jesus stripped to very little, then proceeded to wash His disciples’ feet, using what little he had on Him to wipe them dry.  In doing so, He personally provided one of the most powerful examples in history of what it takes to be GREAT in the kingdom of the Almighty.   And that’s being least.  A servant. Stripped to the bare essentials of what we need to serve others.
Within just a few hours of that powerful demonstration, Jesus made “nakedness” a gem of honor in his everlasting crown when he allowed himself to be stripped so that his back could be whipped in preparation of redeeming Adam and Eve’s race. And while Roman soldiers tossed dice to see who would get what few clothes he owned.  Being hung on a cross---naked or in a loincloth--- was meant to make Him suffer more and to subject Him to humiliation.  But Christians recognize that we deserve the humiliation for our sins that made it necessary for Him to be there.

At the moment of Christ’s death a fabric curtain in the Temple meant to be the barrier between God and man ripped in two from top to bottom.  No shame with the destruction of a piece of cloth that wasn’t necessary anymore because of what had just happened. Finally, when Jesus arose on Easter morning, the grave clothes were left behind and He was risen.  No shame conquering those wrappings either!
No, we have a bit too much faith to say nudity is shameful at a time like Easter.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mainstreaming Nudity: "What's Nude" Art Show

This morning the Bare Platypus read an interesting announcement about a "What's Nude" Art Show in New England that will feature work from more than forty artists.  What's more, this one is put on / sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce.  The linked article notes that pieces with both the male and female form will be included in the exhibition.

Kudos for mainstreaming nudity within the arts.  When human bodies are accepted as fitting for display as paintings of sunsets, seashores, or architecture (as they most certainly have been for centuries... if with sporadic "celebration" as standards change) this helps change mindsets for the better!

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Joys of Gardening Bare

Bare Platypus lives South of the Mason-Dixon line.  With this geography, plus an unseasonably warm winter, there have been several days warm enough to go outside without clothing and remain quite comfortable.  There's a patch in the backyard which, after several years of taking enhanced non-offense measures, is sufficiently secluded to allow total nakedness.  Enjoying such nakedness in FEBRUARY can only be described as sheer joy.

So while it may be premature to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day, it is certainly fitting to celebrate simply gardening bare.  If it's too cold where you are to enjoy this simple pleasure at this time of year, no problem.  Water your houseplants nude.  Start some seedlings in your kitchen window and experience the luxury of doing that nude.  You owe it to yourself.  And you'll score one for God's green earth while you're at it.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nudity and the Superbowl - For Your Consideration

The American Association for Nude Recreation ( AANR ) 's publication, The Bulletin carries stories and recipes this month commemorating the Big Game and suggesting we celebrate it by going naked if we can.  Great idea!

Bare Platypus has echoed these sentiments in past blog posts.  Here's a sampling:

Whichever team you route for today, the Platypus hopes you can do so in your birthday suit.  And... if not... there's always the day after the Superbowl to celebrate too.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Scientific Proof Nudism Boosts Body Image - Great News Opens 2017

Okay... We've always known that being nudists makes us happy.  But it's nice to see that now there's some added scientific proof.  From articles running today in Men's Health (Being Naked Could Make You Happier) to iTech post (Getting Naked Makes Us Happier) to Expose'.ie - Being Naked = Better Body Satisfaction there are several sites promoting the same basic story: University researchers in Britain are reporting the results of a scientific study that found people who attended nudist functions had a demonstrably better self image and more joy following their experiences.

It's good news to open 2017!

Monday, November 9, 2015

When Promoting Nakedness A Snapshot Is Worth A Thousand Words

The Bare Platypus finds it somewhat ironic that he spent years and years learning how to construct sentences and paragraphs in high school, college, and grad school.  And now... many of those skills are becoming obsolete.  Let me explain further.

This blog allows for writing essays and lengthier articles.  However, in the world of social media-- be it Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram, messages are served up in bite sized morsels. Usually conveying one simple thought or idea.  Often juxtaposed over a photograph or illustration that emphasizes the point.

Think about how many of these eCards, memes, advertisements, or whatever you want to call them, that show up in your Facebook feed each morning.  No expository writing on the level of an H.L. Mencken, a James Thurber, or an E.B. White there.  Just a picture and a few quick words to get the viewer thinking.  Then it's on to a hundred other posts in the news feed, on to breakfast, and the morning radio show..

Now, this blog post is not meant to be a Luddite's manifesto against the way things are going in journalism.  Just a realization that the depth of information once found on a full website, or feature length article just isn't the way folks exchange information in the marketplace of ideas much anymore.  That means that nudists must be prepared to convey messages in new ways.  On Tumblr it's not much of an issue... Tumblr is liberal about depicting nudity..We note, somewhat wryly, that this may attract those who merely collect images of nude people rather than reaching the "outside" world.with the message of nudism.

We're interested in what it will take to get nude messaging in front of more of the mainstream viewership. We get religious, political, humorous and slice-of-life messages.  We get recipes, celebrations of sporting events... even see what our former classmates had for dinner last night?  Couldn't we do a better job of getting people to think about getting naked?  True, many social media have policies that ban any nudity and get Draconian about enforcing those policies. But surely we can do more within the parameters we do have.

Is there room for line drawings?  Is there room for diagrams, pie charts, or something else we can use???

We don't use much in the way of images on this site now.  But we may have to work on generating more of these "meme shots" than we have in the past if we wish to remain relevant in the fast-paced dialogue of today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nudity and Autism: Many Visits to the Bare Platypus Pages on that Subject this Week

Not sure what brought on a sudden interest in a topic that the Bare Platypus has been posting about for years, but this week our Nudity and Autism Page got substantial traffic.  To commemorate the increased awareness, we're posting the ecard below which we have seen elsewhere on the net.

We welcome thoughts and comments from those of you who deal with autism yourselves or in your families.