Wednesday, October 30, 2013

South Korea's Nude Beach Dreams

Over the past couple of weeks the news has been abuzz with the story that the country of South Korea is considering a nude beach to boost tourism.   This prompts a few observations:

First,  there is a tendency among those of us in the US to think paternalistic (elitist?) when thinking about Korea.   Maybe it comes from all those episodes of M*A*S *H* where the quaint, provincial village folk need the help of American soldiers and their technology to protect them.  Yet now it appears the Koreans may be getting more with the times. And leading.

True, the  US has a few legally sanctioned nude beaches... but not many.  As a percentage of nude beach vs rest of the country,  one long stretch of a single bare beach in Korea may make the relative amount of "naked land" great because the country is much smaller. That's the second observation.

The third point is more of a question. Will NORTH Korea try to catch up with a "me too" nude beach of their own lest their free Southern neighbors eclipse them?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wives Who Won't Let Hubby See Them Naked

There is a recent news story reporting the results of a study from (where else) Britain in which one out of six women say that they have NOT let their husbands see them naked within the past year or more.  Forty percent of these women acknowledge that it is harming their marriage.

Read the story at One in six wives won't let husband see them naked .  The reasons these women won't bare in front of even their husbands varied but appear to be rooted in self image for about half.

When people say that nudism is wrong because nudity should be confined to spouses have you ever heard them speak out against covering up with said spouses and the harm it does to marriage?  Didn't think so.  We think anti-nudity goes way beyond considerations of morality, and we think studies like the one quoted here help prove that.

The Bare Platypus is NOT saying that you must go to a nudist club or nude beach or be nude with anyone other than your spouse and family if that's your  code and calling.  But we DO think you should be more comfortable in your own home and, if you don't make some efforts to be more comfortable there, you are missing out.

More importantly, it seems, your spouse is missing out too.

Need some help with getting comfortable about getting bare?  Read our Platypus Tips for Getting Started Going Naked .

P.S.  Be sure to vote in our latest poll about who bares more in your home.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Facebook Where Art Thou Priorities?

This story is old news by now but we are just getting around to commenting about it (hey it's hard to keep up when you run with webbed feet. )

Last week Facebook announced that they were reversing their policy and would allow the posting of such videos as the public beheading of a woman in Mexico.  The company reasoned that the videos were intended to foster dialogue against human rights abuses and that it was not glorifying violence or making a spectacle of it. The Platypus wouldn't know as we declined to seek out the video. You can read one news story about this at Facebook OK's Beheading Video but not Nudity .

Here's what we don't get: In the same announcement Facebook "assured" the public that they would continue to ban nude images... including breast feeding mothers if the images triggered complaints.  So all those 13 year olds who are now free to post public information about their private lives per yet another Facebook change in policy will, at LEAST be spared seeing how babies are fed. I mean, what would you find more troubling for today's youth?  A bare breast or a live execution by axe or sword?

Facebook attempted to explain itself by saying, "it's because we get complaints about nudity," but the explanation only made things sound more strange.  Did no one complain about the beheading live? Were women empowered by seeing a woman treated like that as opposed to sunning on a beach?  Do they fear anti nudity foes more than officials from countries who, we understand, did raise objection to these developments?

We won't really try to argue the speech and political value of a live killing.  As we said, we didn't see it and do not wish to see it.  All we're saying is that a bare breast or tush never hurt anyone. And we can't understand why Mr. Zuckerberg's tower of Babel can't acknowledge that.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Platypus Poll: Who Goes Bare Most at Your House?

Please take a moment to vote in our latest poll about who bares most at your house.  Does a gender gap exist in our homes?

You  can make more than one selection if you wish. You can also make comments. We welcome your participation and thank those who have already cast a ballot.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Would You Raise Your Kids as Nudists? Platypus Poll Results

For the past several months we have been running a poll to ask how you would raise a family.

Today we reached exactly 400 votes. Because a mentor once told us that number was enough to approach confidence levels, we'll stop here.  Our results:

77.50% said "YES" (310 votes / 400)
  3.25% said "NO" (13 votes / 400)
  3.50% said "UNDECIDED" (14 votes / 400)
12.25% said "WE DID" (49 votes / 400)
  3.50% (14 votes / 400) said "OTHER" and wrote the following comments...

... Already am!
... Their choice.
....At home, yes.
... No children anticipated.
... Wish I had.
... Not successful.
... No kids.
... Too late now she's grown-up.
... Kids with unashamed bodies!
... Wish I was able.
... Wish I had.
... Clothing-optional let them decide.
... Wish I did.
... We tried.

So there you have it readers. Of the 400 votes cast, 89.75 percent said either that they would raise their kids nudist or were doing so.  When you add in those who expressed a wish that they had, it takes the number well past 90 percent who express support for the concept.

We will be discussing more about what these numbers tell us but, for now we can definitely say that those who read this blog and voted strongly embrace nudism in the family. We think it also shows that our reader / voters ARE comfortably nudists as opposed to those just stopping by and kicking the tires on something they were wondering about.

We've got to say we're pleased with the results...

And for the record? We raised four kids as nudists and have no regrets about doing so, although we may have handled a few aspects differently.

Look for a new poll soon.


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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Not That We Don't Believe; We Just Don't Think They Tell The Truth

Anyone can start an internet poll that allows comments. We have polls here all the time.  It's more challenging to get lots of voters participating and making comments.

By some means we came across a poll asking,  should displays of public nudity be allowed or banned?  The poll had a good number of responses and about 75 percent said "allow them."  You may wish to go cast your vote.  The title of this post isn't directed at the yea's or number of them, though you would,  we suspect,  get different results in different forums.

What we take issue with are the comments made by the naysayers.  These varied but there were two prominent themes: 1. If people want to be nude in private in a place for it that would be okay but it shouldn't ever be public;  and 2. Children shouldn't be exposed to public nudity because they can't deal with it.

Problem is, we were involved in defending nudist rights against encroachment for years and can tell you this... Many of those same people professing that they wouldn't care about nudity as long as it's private would be the first to call a state lawmaker to say "Close down that place!" If they heard a private nudist club was opening in their town, or even within some place across the state.

This is especially true if we broach topic number 2. There are KIDS there? Pay no attention that the tykes have been raised to see nudism as normal... Or that they're in the safety of their parents' direct supervision. "That's just wrong, the place needs to go" they will say with a mere shrug when reminded that it was their folks who swore they had no problem with those who choose to be naked if it's in private.

And once you exclude kids? Well it's property values. Or the fictitious likelihood of crime waves that will be triggered by bare bottoms behind a fence.  And you can bet the people who say"just keep it private" will not do anything to protect private property rights by joining ranks with nudists. Or maybe only once in a while.

To those who say " I don't care what you do in  your private backyard, just..." forgive the Platypus team.  It's not that we don't believe you. It's just that we don't think it's likely you're telling the truth.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Challenge Grows?

As the Bare Platypus has noted before,  we live South of the Mason-Dixon line.  It's still warm here and,  when you travel four hours further South, it's warm enough to visit the beach.  So it was that mom and dad Platypus found ourselves accompanying a certain youth organization for some nearly on-the-beach camping.  We also did some pier fishing.

Guess what we observed among most beach patrons?

Girls or guys, young or old, not many people show skin at the beach.  And by that we mean bare chests on guys. Swimwear on ladies. Nary a bikini in sight. Far more likely the beachgoer is sporting long cargo shorts and an oversized t-shirt.

Body concious? Sun concious? Dunno.

Oh there were exceptions to be sure, though not a single Speedo.  A few brave souls bared a hairy chest, but not many.

We do so many nudist destinations that we hadn't been to a textile beach in a long time. A lot has changed.  It's a lot more textile.

Maybe this trip was an anomaly and the beach crowd just happened to cover up more by chance.   Is our experience typical? If so we see doom. And hope.  On one hand, with everyone covered up it may be harder to convince people to bare.  (We didn't see a bare butt even on a baby. )  Yet when we finally DO get them naked they're really going to appreciate how good it feels!

Still,  we can't help feeling a bit dissapointed that a great coverup is in progress.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Indian Summer? Get naked quick!

If you happen to be lucky enough to get some unseasonably warm weather this fall don't miss out! Get naked and enjoy it however you can.  Go on. Go native.  It's the best way to enjoy the last days bare that you can.

The Platypus remembers swimming in New England over one Columbus Day weekend. Hey... it can happen. Then again Platypus has fur...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cover Naked Sculpture, We'll Talk Bombs

Time magazine ran a story about a nude sculpture that had to be covered up in preparation of nuclear bomb talks with Iran.  Imagine that... nukes can be discussed dispassionately. But only if there's no naked statuary to stir things up!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

National Parks at it Again?

With the government shut down entering its second week there are stories circulating on the internet about National Park Service staff being told to make life difficult for visitors to attractions such as Mount Vernon,  once home to George Washington.  Mount Vernon is not run by the Park Service,  yet the parking lots are,  apparently. By closing these, the pressure stays on to end the shut down.  There are stories of other vendors being directed to cease operations although they maintain private payrolls.

We didn't link to the stories here because this blog isn't usually about politics or the budget,  shutdown or otherwise.

What we will say is that we have witnessed rangers being purposely difficult, at times obtuse,  when it came to nudity.  In one glaring example about 20 years ago the Superintendent of the Canaveral National Seashore in Florida didn't like a court ruling that said mere nudity did not necessarily equal a federal offense.

So, instead of workihg with nudists to help educate the public about the traditional nude beach near parking lot 13, or putting in advisory signage about its location,  the seashore staff sulked and told visitors "we really can't stop you from going naked anywhere (or tell you where to avoid nudity if it's not your thing)."

Consequently,  user conflict increased during the  brief time staff pulled these tricks. Complaints were generated to support cries that there ought to be a law, Congressman Dave  Weldon struck and the rest,  as they say, was history.

On other park lands some staff refuse to meet with (clothed) nudist leaders, or even to take literature fom nudists. They seem to have forgotten who owns the parks.  ALL of us!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Naked Halloween Costumes

There's a fairly common meme around the internet that reads,  "I bet being a nudist takes all the fun out of Halloween," but that isn't true. In truth, nudists get quite innovative.

Here are a few ways we've seen of dressing up without wearing anything.  Just in time to prepare for the occasion, should your travels take you to a nudist club,  or even if you just want to have fun at home:

- Cupid: All you need are some fake wings,  a bit of satin sash,  perhaps,  and a bow and arrow (keep it safe with the plunger dart toy kind);

- Adam or Eve: Get an apple.  Get a rubber snake.  If there's no bite in the apple you haven't messed up yet and don't need a fig leaf;

- Lady Godiva: Get one of those polo pony hobby horse head on a stick toys that kids "ride" around the house.  May need blonde wig also;

- Baby New Year: A sash with 2014 on it and a top hat will make you one character that's ahead of its time;

- Huck Finn: Straw hat... Corn cob pipe... Cane pole if you like... He skinny-dipped quite a bit after all;

- Nudist on Strike: Wear clothes (yech) and carry a sign.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Can ANY Nudity Be Celebrated in the Internet Age?

While searching for potential topics for the Bare Platypus, we came across the following article and interesting art concept: Can a naked woman ever be celebrated in the internet age?  By "celebrated," we take it from the context of the article to mean, viewed "dispassionately"... oh to be admired for its beauty, perhaps, but without arousing suspicion or appealing to something base.

The article showcases a couple of examples of a project coordinated by Vanesa Omoregie.  Ms Omoregie encourages women (she calls them cam girls -- her term not ours) to send her pictures of themselves nude, while assuming poses in classic paintings such as Botticelli's Venus .  She then superimposes the "live" (photographed) nude onto the original painting.  After reviewing the works, the author of Can a naked woman makes observations about what it means for feminism in an internet age.  The author asks whether the internet has made it impossible to view the nude female body as, perhaps, artistically as it once was viewed.

What's interesting, however, is that there are other nude figures in classical artworks that Ms. Omoregie and the author of the article ignore.  These other nude figures include "cupid" cherub-like figures and male nudes.  Indeed, a couple of the examples in the linked article still have these other, non-womanly, figures depicted in their original form (i.e. without a superimposed photograph on them).  

We have to ask, would it be any less controversial if a man or tyke were photographed and the image superimposed on a form / in a pose that was once perfectly acceptable in a classic work of art?  We don't think it would be any less controversial than with a woman.  (In the case of the tyke, probably more so).

Perhaps the question to be asked is not whether a naked woman may be celebrated in the internet age, but whether ANY nudity can be "celebrated."  Nudists understand that it can be so celebrated, of course.

But the immediate, incendiary, reactions---whether motivated by anger, controversy, lust, or zeal for feminism or equality---to nude photos on the net by so many people is one reason that the Bare Platypus refrains from using any photographs of persons on this site.  If we posted pictures of nude women, it would be too easy for people, including 'new feminists' to say that they were too young, too beautiful, or all that the Platypus cared about.  If we posted a few too many naked guys?  Well the Platypus must be gay.  Kids? Don't even think about it... call the feds.   Too many old people or overweight people?  We should be celebrating health. Too few, or too many, racial minorities and we either go overboard (risking an accusation of a fetish) or discriminate.

Yet to ignore any one of those groups would be to refrain from depicting nudism in the spirit of nudism as we see it.  To include them all, in proper proportions to their percentages in the real world, would mean tapping into images we do not own or have copyright permission to post. So we'll answer the question that is the title to our article in this way:  Nudity can be celebrated by nudists, but it may be getting more and more difficult to do so in an age where, it also seems, anything goes.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sleeping Naked Considered "Bad" Behavior by Some

Here at the Platypus, we write about sleeping naked quite a bit.  Tonight, there are results from yet another poll out that mentions the subject. As you may have guessed, it's from Britain.  And a bedding specialist company---this one called "Dreams"---commissioned this study. ( It seems that most such companies operating in the UK have learned that mentioning the words "sleep" and "naked" in the same press release is always good for garnering media attention. )

In the article sleeping naked considered "bad" behavior by some you'll see that going to bed with nothing on made the list of top ten "partner peeves."  It joined such antics as "snatching the covers" and "bringing pets to bed." We can't figure out why spouses (and significant others) would even care if you swapped skin for pajamas. Maybe because it's more difficult to get you to do other tasks such as bringing a bottle to the baby, or letting the cat out?


Bare Platypus now offers products with Platypus artwork at the Bare Platypus Souvenir Shop .  You can get a tote bag or a coffee mug, a t-shirt, or all three!  Plus there's more to come.

These designs are one-of-a-kinds that you won't find elsewhere.  Tasteful enough that you can show or serve them to all guests, but unusual enough (and always bare) that they can help you get a conversation going.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One man's art is another man's...

... well,  it is another man's something else.  Consider that a simple picture of a nude woman was too controversial for an art show .  Then consider that a picture of a nude woman on a t-shirt landed a Kuwati man in jail .  After his arrest, the man was promptly "whisked away for interrogation." 

Meanwhile, postcards featuring naked babies were regularly mailed many decades ago.  Yet the curator of a museum who wrote about the popularity of those cards in an historical column that he writes for the internet was unwilling to post an example when he posted his article this week. In 2013. Imagine... okay to mail when Woodrow Wilson was President of the U.S. but too controversial for today's internet!

Nothing is more subject to change than public opinion on nudity.  And nothing is more likely to get you in trouble if you get the public's opinion wrong.


Bare Platypus now offers products with Platypus artwork at the Bare Platypus Souvenir Shop .  You can get a tote bag or a coffee mug, a t-shirt, or all three!  Plus there's more to come.

These designs are one-of-a-kinds that you won't find elsewhere.  Tasteful enough that you can show or serve them to all guests, but unusual enough (and always bare) that they can help you get a conversation going.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Ideas for Closing Nudism's Gender Gap

Previous posts this week on the subject of closing nudism's gender gap generated some animated and lengthy comments  Some folks questioned whether there is a gap.  Others strongly challenged "gender balancing" admission policies in clubs.  We find the discussion insightful.

We're about to wrap up the subject and move on to other things for a while, but your posts raised a couple of additional ideas which the Platypus will take a moment to explore:

- One post raised the idea of making separate male and female areas available for those who are just starting out with the whole group nudity concept.  If one thinks about it, this is what the YMCA, gym class showers, camp, and the military "did for many men: gave them a chance to experience how enjoyable nudity is, within a communal setting, without more. Perhaps guys and gals areas (at least, say, during open house weekends) would be a concept to explore;

- A related idea is to have a "weekend with the girls" whether in a cabin that the girls rent, or even at ones' home.  A handy pool for skinnydipping would help.  This approach actually worked for one of our Platypuses and her female  friend.  The first time the friend tried taking off her clothes was during one of these type weekends and she now enjoys going to nudist parks and enjoys nudity with her family.  It may not have happened had she not tried it "just with other ladies" first.

- Finally, there were several who answered, or hinted, that one of the best answers is in the way we raise our kids to be matter-of-fact about the human body (grandkids too where possible... although we understand that this is not always an option for some parents and grandparents).

With thanks for your comments and your reads,

- The Platypus


Bare Platypus now offers products with Platypus artwork at the Bare Platypus Souvenir Shop .  You can get a tote bag or a coffee mug, a t-shirt, or all three!  Plus there's more to come.

These designs are one-of-a-kinds that you won't find elsewhere.  Tasteful enough that you can show or serve them to all guests, but unusual enough (and always bare) that they can help you get a conversation going.

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