Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Ideas for Closing Nudism's Gender Gap

Previous posts this week on the subject of closing nudism's gender gap generated some animated and lengthy comments  Some folks questioned whether there is a gap.  Others strongly challenged "gender balancing" admission policies in clubs.  We find the discussion insightful.

We're about to wrap up the subject and move on to other things for a while, but your posts raised a couple of additional ideas which the Platypus will take a moment to explore:

- One post raised the idea of making separate male and female areas available for those who are just starting out with the whole group nudity concept.  If one thinks about it, this is what the YMCA, gym class showers, camp, and the military "did for many men: gave them a chance to experience how enjoyable nudity is, within a communal setting, without more. Perhaps guys and gals areas (at least, say, during open house weekends) would be a concept to explore;

- A related idea is to have a "weekend with the girls" whether in a cabin that the girls rent, or even at ones' home.  A handy pool for skinnydipping would help.  This approach actually worked for one of our Platypuses and her female  friend.  The first time the friend tried taking off her clothes was during one of these type weekends and she now enjoys going to nudist parks and enjoys nudity with her family.  It may not have happened had she not tried it "just with other ladies" first.

- Finally, there were several who answered, or hinted, that one of the best answers is in the way we raise our kids to be matter-of-fact about the human body (grandkids too where possible... although we understand that this is not always an option for some parents and grandparents).

With thanks for your comments and your reads,

- The Platypus


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