Sunday, October 6, 2013

Naked Halloween Costumes

There's a fairly common meme around the internet that reads,  "I bet being a nudist takes all the fun out of Halloween," but that isn't true. In truth, nudists get quite innovative.

Here are a few ways we've seen of dressing up without wearing anything.  Just in time to prepare for the occasion, should your travels take you to a nudist club,  or even if you just want to have fun at home:

- Cupid: All you need are some fake wings,  a bit of satin sash,  perhaps,  and a bow and arrow (keep it safe with the plunger dart toy kind);

- Adam or Eve: Get an apple.  Get a rubber snake.  If there's no bite in the apple you haven't messed up yet and don't need a fig leaf;

- Lady Godiva: Get one of those polo pony hobby horse head on a stick toys that kids "ride" around the house.  May need blonde wig also;

- Baby New Year: A sash with 2014 on it and a top hat will make you one character that's ahead of its time;

- Huck Finn: Straw hat... Corn cob pipe... Cane pole if you like... He skinny-dipped quite a bit after all;

- Nudist on Strike: Wear clothes (yech) and carry a sign.