Monday, October 28, 2013

Wives Who Won't Let Hubby See Them Naked

There is a recent news story reporting the results of a study from (where else) Britain in which one out of six women say that they have NOT let their husbands see them naked within the past year or more.  Forty percent of these women acknowledge that it is harming their marriage.

Read the story at One in six wives won't let husband see them naked .  The reasons these women won't bare in front of even their husbands varied but appear to be rooted in self image for about half.

When people say that nudism is wrong because nudity should be confined to spouses have you ever heard them speak out against covering up with said spouses and the harm it does to marriage?  Didn't think so.  We think anti-nudity goes way beyond considerations of morality, and we think studies like the one quoted here help prove that.

The Bare Platypus is NOT saying that you must go to a nudist club or nude beach or be nude with anyone other than your spouse and family if that's your  code and calling.  But we DO think you should be more comfortable in your own home and, if you don't make some efforts to be more comfortable there, you are missing out.

More importantly, it seems, your spouse is missing out too.

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