Wednesday, October 30, 2013

South Korea's Nude Beach Dreams

Over the past couple of weeks the news has been abuzz with the story that the country of South Korea is considering a nude beach to boost tourism.   This prompts a few observations:

First,  there is a tendency among those of us in the US to think paternalistic (elitist?) when thinking about Korea.   Maybe it comes from all those episodes of M*A*S *H* where the quaint, provincial village folk need the help of American soldiers and their technology to protect them.  Yet now it appears the Koreans may be getting more with the times. And leading.

True, the  US has a few legally sanctioned nude beaches... but not many.  As a percentage of nude beach vs rest of the country,  one long stretch of a single bare beach in Korea may make the relative amount of "naked land" great because the country is much smaller. That's the second observation.

The third point is more of a question. Will NORTH Korea try to catch up with a "me too" nude beach of their own lest their free Southern neighbors eclipse them?