Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One man's art is another man's...

... well,  it is another man's something else.  Consider that a simple picture of a nude woman was too controversial for an art show .  Then consider that a picture of a nude woman on a t-shirt landed a Kuwati man in jail .  After his arrest, the man was promptly "whisked away for interrogation." 

Meanwhile, postcards featuring naked babies were regularly mailed many decades ago.  Yet the curator of a museum who wrote about the popularity of those cards in an historical column that he writes for the internet was unwilling to post an example when he posted his article this week. In 2013. Imagine... okay to mail when Woodrow Wilson was President of the U.S. but too controversial for today's internet!

Nothing is more subject to change than public opinion on nudity.  And nothing is more likely to get you in trouble if you get the public's opinion wrong.


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