Wednesday, February 19, 2014

French Children's Book With Nudity Causes Stir

This week France is all abuzz over a book designed to teach children that naked bodies come in all shapes and sizes. has the story and a few images from the book, which uses humorous illustrations rather than photos.  Visit and post a coment on the site.

The book is called tous a poil, which translates to "all in the buff." It is reported to be selling very well.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fine Wine Should be Savored Naked

Tonight the Platypus is wrapping up a busy day with lots of stress. Platypus is relaxing with a small glass of wine.

When savoring a good vintage ( or even basic table wine), nothing enhances the experience like small sips while naked. We're talking about quality and enjoyment of the time, not quantity.

We couldn't imagine enjoying such things without being naked. Ahhhh.

On anothet note, you can expect a new Platypus poll so9n.. probably by this weekend.

Thanks for your reads and follows.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tags and Numbers -Some Nudist History

Now for something a bit different on a Tuesday, the Bare Platypus brings you a few items of history, as well as a question or two.

In some of the photographs that you may find on a nudist blog, nudidt  newspaper, or magazine, you'll see people wearing brightly colored plastic, or even wooden tags on a neckchain or string.  Usually circular in shape, these were a tradition in many nude clubs and events to show that you had paid the admission fee.

In addition to their proof-of-payment function, the tags were quite collectible. Some nudists carried long strands of them as conversation pieces about the  many places and events they had attended.

There may be a few clubs and nude conventions  that still use tags, but many have been replaced by colored wristbands that may include unique numbers that the nudist may use to charge food and beverages. More functional, albeit a bit less collectible than the discs, perhaps.

At least when you see either in an image, you'll know what they were for.  But just to show that the Platypus doesn't know every bit of nudist lore, we'll admit to being puzzled by a different "totem" in many old photos.

In those, various persons have a number painted on their arm... usually a single digit.  We assume these were to mark contestants in sporting or... ahem... "talent" competitions (pageants) that used to take place.  However, the numbers do not always appear on swimmers perched on starting blocks, or the king and queen of a contest on a stage and we confess we do not know from first hand experience how they were used. Surely the numbers of attendees to conventions exceeded single digits so the numbers weren't used to track general attendance.

Perhaps one of our readers can share what they know.  Our experience goes back to about 1990 and we don't recall painted numbers on arms at that point.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bare Destiny

This may be too philosophical for a Monday night after just getting home from the beginning of a workweek. But here goes:

Have you ever wondered if maybe you were destined to be a nudist?

Maybe you were born into a nudist family. ( yes, we were all born naked too ).

Maybe you married a nudist.

Maybe you were hooked after your first skinny dip.

Maybe you heard a nudist joke but, instead of laughing said, "hey I want to do that!"

Maybe you kicked your pajamas off during sleep.

Maybe you couldn't put down the nudist magazine you found..

Or found yourself typing ' nudist camp'  into Google to see what you'd find.

Perhaps you read about Adam and Eve in the Bible and wish they'd never reached for the fig leaves.

But however you came to it, did you somehow ALWAYS know you'd end up where you are... a nudist who loves being naked?

Call it Platypus destiny. Or bare destiny. But we knew.

We always did.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog... er...Platypus Day

Sure, today is Super bowl sunday. But it is also Groundhog day... especially in Punxatawny Pennsylvania when the town's mascot Phil comes out  ( or is pulled out ) of his den to see if the critter sees his shadow.  When he sees it (and returns to his burrow in fright ) we're supposed to have six more weeks of winter.  When he doesn ' t, winter is supposed to end earlier.

From what we understand, today Phil saw his shadow, so there's to be more weeks of chill.

that's why we're proposing Platypus Day. If the Platypus awakes and is in his birthday suit, we'll have six more weeks of nudity indoors, followed by weeks of nudity outdoors in the months to come.  Don't worry.  The Platypus did.  You can be naked.

Of course you could be naked even without Platypus Day (or Naked Day ) on the first of each month.  But if this gives you  the green light to strip off, consider the light green.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Naked Day

Here's an idea:  Why not make the first day of every month "naked day"?  You could start by celebrating Naked Day right now since it is February 1st.

Now, we realize that people have to go to work and to school. But you could still leave a note to yourself on your bathroom mirror that said "Happy Naked Day!" That would raise a smile from you and help start your morning off better. Besides, you'd likely be in your birthday suit smiling back at yourself in that mirror.

Leave a post it reminder on your television screen to remember to watch the tube naked on this special day. Have a bit of salad without the dressing and you'll not only save some calories and expense, but it will be naked too.

An entry on your calendar at home will be a reminder, and maybe a conversation starter.  If interogated about it you could always say it refers to getting a naked DSL upgrade, to diet, or something else.

Drink your morning coffee from a mug with a nudist theme.  Use a nudist themed towel for your morning shower.  And, of course, rise from sleeping and go to bed naked.

Cook dinner in the nude.  Serve dinner in the nude.  Check your nudist club's website to learn about upcoming events on naked day.  Celebrate the zany tradition with your brood and, like Dr.Walter Bishop of the television show Fringe and his Naked Tuesdays you'll have started a family tradition.

Okay, maybe the ideas are a little bit silly.  But they give you something to look forward to every 30 days or so.  Besides, you could always make the 2d of every month "naked day" also.  And the 3rd, and the 4th...

Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking to Super Bowl Sunday With a Sigh

It's that time of year when folks gather around their television sets to watch the big game that will determine the champions of the National Football League.

Some nudist groups hold events in their clubhouses and that's a great way to experience the game sans clothes. Others among you may enjoy being bare at home as you watch. Still others will be clothed at parties where there's good food and good company, even if you must wear a team jersey instead of your birthday suit.

Superbowl is usually bittersweet for the Platypus. On one hand, we're reminded of the incredibly stupid episode years ago when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were involved in a "wardrobe malfunction" that exposed a portion of one of Ms. Jackson's breasts for a millisecond on broadcast television. That sparked public "outrage,"  coupled with cries that we should "think of the children" traumatized by seeing a bit of what babies are fed with, and calls for new legislation to deal with this menace.

Never had we been so disappointed that the public could be whipped into a frenzy by such a non-event.

On the other hand, there have been examples over the years of nudity in commercials and not all of it risque, either. We remember that Pepsi debuted Pepsi Clear with a naked pint-sized person reaching up to the sky as if to grasp the cold beverage and the essence of nature itself. We also remember humorous scenes set on a nude beach for some product or another (Corona beer?)

Since advertisers air their best efforts during this event, we can only assume they do some hefty market research and focus groups before doing so. If nude themes can pass their screening, maybe there's some hope.

We'll watch with optimism... and trepidation.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Got YOU to First Think About It?

Everyone has a story about how they got started in nudism and we never get tired of hearing their stories.

We also never tire of hearing about the earliest messages people saw and heard that first put the idea in their minds that it would be neat to try going around completely naked outside and around others.

For some it could have been a newspaper or magazine article.

For some it could have been the movie Blue Lagoon, where Christopher Adkins and Brooke Shields frolicked in their birthday suits on a tropical isle.  Or that Peter Sellers movie that has hom visiting a nudist club for laughs.

We recall an episode of the old Bob Newhardt show where one of his counseling patients planned to ho naked in the woods during a group therapy weekend.

We think such cultural epidodes help create interest in going bare. That's why we hope tv shows will still invlude the occasional nudist character.  It's why we care about othet aspects of pop culture too.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Curl Up With a Good Book Naked

There are record-making snowstorms covering the country right now.  Even Atlanta, Georgia and North Florida have received snowfall, resulting in school and highway closures.  What to do?

Get a thick warm blanket and a place on the bed or couch. Get a good book to read. And get naked.  Sip some warm tea or cocoa if you wish.

Being naked helps beat winter blues and cabin fever.  Being naked helps you feel more comgortable.  It lets you do something different than your neighbors.  Your family will someday remark, "Hey, remember that time we were storm bound and we all got books and blankets and spent the day naked in spite of the weather outside?"

Even if you don't share the time with others you still have those books to enjoy.  Classics can be downloaded in ebook form for pennies if you want something different.  If you're naked under a comfy blanket you csn lower the thermostat and save.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Highway Oasis Idea

Ready for some out-of-the-box "blue sky" dreaming this evening? Here goes:

We've often thought about how awesome it would be if the rest areas on interstate highways had places to refresh by getting some sun on your naked body before getting dressed again, getting back in your vehicle, and continuing on your journey.

Told you the idea was for dreamers!  Rest areas already have issues with unwelcome "activity" so trying to convince state officisls to put in some opaque "non offense fencing" so that those who would like to relax naked could do so... well it sounds crazy.

But hear us out.  First, at least in some parts of the world like Munich Germany there are regular parks where visitors can take their lunch hours naked.  Second, there are many other services at rest stops ranging from pet exercise areas to maps and vending machines. Adding places for nude respite would not cost a lot of money and would not add to polution or litter problems.

If trying to improve safety on our nation's roadways is your aim, remember that a rested driver is more alert.

Not to mention how much fun it would all be.

Hey, the first person to think of a flying machine or a submarine probably got strange looks too!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Enjoy a Nice Soak Today

Your mission.... should you choose to accept it... is to fill the family tub with some nice warm water.  Light a couple candles.  Keep a cool glass of water or other beverage at hand.

Then get naked if you'e not already.  Climb into that tub.

And soak.  Don't even try to think about anything.

Just soak.  And sip your beverage.

Relax.  Become calm.  Enjoy how great it is to be bare.

Don't fall asleep!

But DO enjoy.  Eventually you can climb out. Let the water drain from the tub.  But remain peaceful, at ease, and naked.

Forget that it's winter.  Forget everything except how great it is to not be wearing clothes at the moment.

You're tefreshed and ready to take on your corner of the world again.


Aren't you glad you're a nudist?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Housework in the Nude

We just wrapped up reporting the results of the Platypus Poll about who goes naked most at home. One of the reasons that the guys bare more at Casa de Platypus is that it makes a lot of our chores easier and more enjoyable. This is certainly true for any chore that involves water.

Doing dishes naked has a lot less "risk" associated with a soapy splash from a pot or pan that hits the water too hard.  Just wipe yourself dry with your towel when the chore's finished. Time passes more quickly too... If you have to stand there scrubbing pans and glassware, may as well stand there naked.

Mopping floors is another activity with less "fallout" when you're not wearing any clothes.

Ditto for cleaning bathroom tiles, surfaces, or scouring tubs and toilets.

Dusting shelves?  Running a vacum and changing out dirt filled bags?  Filling and emptying a steam cleaner on the carpet? Self cleanup is as easy as a hop in the shower and there are no clothes to be laundered afterwards.

Speaking of laundry...There's less when folks go naked, but even doing the laundry that must be done gets a little better when you're bare. It feels great to fold warm towels. And, if you've gotta stand there folding anything, may as well get to stand there naked, right?

Because such tasks are shared equally among members of the Platypus team, but the guys want to get them over and done with, maybe we defer to our natural state more often.

Come to think  of it, ladies, if you wish the men in your life would help out with such things more often, perhaps you should consider turning your household into a nudist one!

There is, however, one unwritten rule at the Platypus Plantation that we won't ask anyone who is naked at the time to go through the extra step of putting on clothes to go outside and complete a task unless absolutely necessary.

So one is less likely to be "drafted" to take out a bag of trash to the curb, or to bring in groceries from the car, if one is au naturale when the need occurs. Maybe our male puggles have learned this more quickly.

Our adult nephew who's a "border" here but not yet a nudist has not seemed to learn it, however.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Platypus Poll Results: Who Bares Most at Home

The results are in.  We asked you whether guys or gals are naked more at your home.  You told us.  So, drum roll please...

Husband / Men - 60.48% (280 votes);

Wife / Women - 7.78% (36 votes);

Son(s) / Boy(s) - 7.78% (36 votes);

Daughter(s) - 5.83% (27 votes);

It's about equal - 16.63% (77 votes);

Other - 2% ( 7 votes ).

Total votes cast: 463

Among those selecting "other," responses varied from"Only one there... mostly just me," to "Gay couple so just men but both are nudists full time ," another "I'm  single," plus "And the pets too!" One of the others said that hubby was "naked 2 / 3 of time and wife 1 / 3" while another said "husband and wife equal" and the last said "me / male."

Three people visited the poll on the Poll Daddy site itself and they posted comments to that site. Of those, two described having young sons who were always naked, stripping even just as they were about to go shopping or ditching their swimsuit when bathing in a neighbor's pool. We won 't count those in the final count because we don ' t know if they also voted here.

Finally, there was a Poll Daddy entry from a man describing that he and his twin sister "always slept nude from as long as I could remember" and that they passed each other naked in the hall of their home every morning going from their respective rooms to bathe without thinking anything of it.

Without even factoring those who cast votes as others, it's apparent that a clear majority of voters said the men of the household went naked their most.  From the time the ballots first started coming in, the number of those selecting "men" was always above 50 percent and the number soon rose to the 60% where it remained and never changed much.

When one adds in the sons / boys, a full 68% of the nudity within voter households tended to be from males. However, nearly one in six of voter households said there was about equal nudity.

So the gender gap among those who bare seems to hold true even at home. Yet with 32% of households reporting more or equal nudity among females, it's also clear that many ladies and their daughters bare too.

Within the Platypus household, the results of this poll seem to hold true. Mrs. Platypus and her female puggles do disrobe and they do enjoy visiting a nudist club with the family. They're just not naked as often as Mr.Platypus and sons.

Let the comments to this post begin!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Talking Pools Again

This evening  the Platypus attended a home and garden show.  Among the aisles were at least a dozen swimming pool installation companies.  They each had an impressive array of brochures,  full color picture albums, banners and displays to entice people into getting a pool.

Not one thought to use skinny dipping---or even the suggestion of it----to help sell their product.  You know, show a woman from behind in the water and just leave off the  swimwear straps.  Nothing to offend anyone.  Just create the thought that you could swim naked if you had a pool of your own.

We have written about this topic before, in the context of spa / hot tub advertisements.  Somehow, live and in-person, with a salesman standing there to sell "suited" recreation it's more glaring.

Can't anyone dare to be just a little different?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cold Nights Feel Better When You Sleep Naked

Those cold winter nights continue to chill, but it doesn't have to be all bad news.  One of life's most enjoyable things is a warm, comfortable, and cozy bed with lots of blankets to keep you warm

Then, hop in between those layers completely naked and enjoy one of the  best good night's sleep ever!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not Ashamed

And the man and his wife were both naked
and were not ashamed.

Genesis 2:25 [ESV]

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time to Vote in Platypus Poll About Who Bares at Home

Time is running out on your chance to vote in our poll about who bares more at your home: men, women, boys, girls... or is it about equal?

When we reach "critical mass" ( enough answers to have a higher confidence level statistically speaking ) we will end the poll, share results, and start a new topic.

Help us answer the gender and nudity question by sharing what things are like in YOUR house!

Monday, January 20, 2014

An Evening with Friends

Tonight the Platypuses wrapped up a great dinner with some great friends here at home.  When it came time to wash dishes, Mr Platypus volunteered to do them and Mrs. Platypus told him he could do them in the nude since our guest and her puggles have actually visited a nudist club with us several times in the past.

The time spent doing the dishes passed quickly and everyone chatted a bit here and there while passing through the kitchen.

For a nudist, a good friend is someone who can "bear" it when you choose to bare and thinks nothing more of it.  It lets you be yourself and that means a lot.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Naked Selfie

The digital camera has done much to advance nude photography.  With it there is no need to have pictures developped by nosy clerks at the drugstore.  Storage of images is cheap and easy too... plus you can email them to spouses and close friends.

If the digital camera did those things, the smart phone puts the camera in everyone's hand at any time.  Thus the naked selfie has been born.  Folks snap their own picture using the bathroom mirror or  forward and backward facing lenses.

If the stored versions of these selfies remain around, virtually everyone will have naked pics from many stages of their lives.. even if they never share them.  With that fact, perhaps people will no longer view naked images of the human body as either "bad" or unusual.

We can only hope such changes in culture are on the way.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Comics Bare-o-Meter Report for 01/14

If you search the Platypus website, you will find that we have discussed nudity in the comics several times.  We think the level of nudity found there has parallels to society's views in real life.

And the level of body acceptance is dropping.  It's been months since we've seen any nakedness in the morning paper.  Nary a streaker, nary a bathtub bather, nary a nudist camp joke.

These used to be common enough that we filled a whole bulletin board of clippings each year. That's no exageration.

Now.... virtually nothing short of some panels on TV. True, it is colder weather but, it doesn't explain the virtual elimination of nudity as a subject for the funny papers.

We think it matters and we're a bit disturbed by the trend.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Play Monopoly Naked

Game night gets a lot better when you play board games naked.

Didn't pass "go"... didn't collect $200....? Who cares? You still get to be naked!  Lost the shirt off your back landing on Boardwalk? Lose your pants and boxers too!

When they "sink your battleship" don't worry about being left in the water. You can skinny dip.  Strip poker can consist of putting clothes back on.

Don't take simple games, or life, too seriously. Play naked.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Go Naked Like Your Pets

This evening it is cold outside, so all of the Platypus pets are indoors and want to be close by.  While they do have fur we would do well to take a lesson from them and go naked more often.

Disrobe like your Dachsun.

Strip like a Spaniel.

Clothesfree as a Calico cat.

Bare as a Bassett.

Skinny dip like your goldfish.

Be free as your birds.

You get the idea.  Now get naked.

Longer posts to come this weekend.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Naked Charade

Nearly 20 years ago, a then-well known writer within the nudist travel market was referred to us for possible work.  So it was that he sat in my office where I talked to him about helping us.

Over the course of the conversation, I asked about his wife and family and then the talk took a strange direction.  I asked what his family's favorite nudist destination was and the dialog went a bit as follows:

"My kids don't know I write these articles about nude places because they're younger and... well, 'you know.' "

And your wife?  "She doesn't like the sun or being nude.  So she has never gone.  Actually I don't go to the places either.  Not that I would have a p---r--o---b--l--e--m with going, I suppose.  But I can interview people on the phone and it not only cuts travel expenses down, but I don't need to do it to write about it."

Turns out, that writer had rarely even been skinnny dipping.  When I asked, "so you're home nudists?" he gave a wry smile and shook his head no.

I ended the conversation cordially soon after.  I then told those on my team that I was not interested in having the writer perform any work on future projects.

Maybe he did a better job with grammar and word imagery than the Platypus (or other future hires) ever would. But for me, to have such ghost writers who wouldn't actually get naked and whose world had a lot of close people in it who wouldn't get nake either defied authenticity.

There were nudists who faced losing child custody in divorces because they skinny dipped and this person wouldn't even tell his kids what he wrote about?  He had no interest in getting nude on vacation, but he was supposed to inspire others to do so?  Didn't make much sense.

If it sounds like the Platypus is using some choice words for those who don't bare while claiming to speak for nudists lately, maybe we are.  We have many non-nudist friends and get along just great with them.  It's the folk who want to make a buck  off us while saying"I'm with you" when they are anything but with us who annoy.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skinny Dipping... Night and Day

Think about the first time you remember skinny dipping. Was it with someone else?  Who?  Now let us ask, "Was it day time or night time?"

Our recollection is that mixed-gender skinny dipping started out during our youth as a night time activity.  Maybe it's because we could only see silouettes of the girls and, therefore, they were willing to bare.

Another difference is that, without daylight, one's senses other than sight seem to be more attuned to the feel of the water. To the sound it makes. The smell of the ocean air or the pool's chlorine.

Skinny dipping in daylight is different. You have the warm sun on your body. And, yes, you see the others you're swimming in the buff with.  This changes the dynamic.

We're not describing these differences as significant for long-time nudists as for those experiencing naked swims during one of their first times.

There are differences between taking the plunge in an outdoor pool versus an indoor one, though it's tough to explain.

Wherever and however you experienced it, we hope your earliest memories of swimming in the buff are good ones.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Someday Maybe Change

At the moment a certain song by the British rock band The Who has just finished playing on the radio.  The song, "Who are you?" Instantly made us think of CSI episodes on television.

The show is / was clearly mainstream and targeted to an audience with solid demographics, judging by the commercials that ran during the breaks.  It makes it easy to forget that the music of The Who was once anti-establishment.

Similarly, when The Platypus was in junior high, the teachers scoffed that the older teens who listened to Led Zeppelin would "never amount to anything."  Funny then that just a few years ago the words, "been a long time" screeched by Robert Plant provided the soundtrack to a Cadillac commercial. Guess the people who were destined to never amount to anything can now afford Cadillacs.

Point is, things change over time and what was once on the fringe can become mainstream. What went out of style can come back in style.  We believe the same will be true of skinny dipping, nude beaches, and letting your kids run bare bum and bare toes through the grass. Eventually these will go mainstream.

The Platypus just hopes he's still around when it does!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh for a Legitimate Nudist Documentary

We've just concluded re-watching The Civil War documentary by Ken Burns which made such an impression on television audiences years ago.  It was such a successful treatment of the subject that it left us wishing that Ken Burns would take an interest in nudist history. (He has documented such recreation interests as baseball.)

In our past we have participated in a number of news segments and "documentaries" about nudism, but they have usually left us disappointed. High budget or low budget, and even those from media groups with a solid reputation inevitably get to a gotcha moment.

They may, for example, refuse to show nudity and handle the pixallation badly as if to say, "yeah we always knew there was somethingvwrong with this."  Or they may refuse to address nudism as a family appropriate activity.

Ultimately it comes down to that they want something controversial or "out there" rather than simply telling the story of what we do, what got us started ( including nudist history ), and why we do this.  Usually they try to find, or manufacture, tension.  Wouldn't the nudist story be interesting enough on its own?

We think so. But then again, in today's state, msybe we're just too normal.... with or without our clothes. So for now we'll sigh as yet another "the truth about nudism" story takes to the air.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Favorite Place in Your Home to be Naked

This evening as the Platypus sat down to write today's post, he got to thinking about how awesome Saturdays are.  It's the weekend, and it's the day our household gets to spend the most time bare.  Sundays are often filled with church, visiting people, and other things. But Saturdays involve a good bit of time in the birthday suit.

That, in turn, led to thinking about the favorite place to spend time naked at home... and that's not simple to answer. When it comes to the amount of time spent naked, it's the bedroom.. The Platypus sleeps naked so that's about eight hours a day or more naked in that room.  Outdoors is great, of course, but we don't have a full non-offense fence...just a screen, which must be set up. And going naked outside doesn't make much sense during cold weather.

The bathtub is perfect for a relaxing soak.  The tv den is good for snuggling under a blanket while otherwise naked to watch a good show or movie.

But of all the places the Platypus most likes to enjoy in the nude, it may be sitting at the kitchen table.  A nice cup of coffee.  Reading a daily devotional.... Even typing this entry happen right at this table.  The day starts and ends here, you could say. Starting and ending on a "naked note" makes the day just a bit better too.

How about you? Favorite place to enjoy while "natural" at home is?...

Friday, January 10, 2014

The All Important Towel

We've heard it said that a towel is the nudist's "badge" and to some extent, we suppose that's true. Nudist etiquette calls for us to carry a towel and to use it when sitting on the furniture as a courtesy and matter of hygiene.

But for many the towel goes beyond that and is an expresion of their personality.  Some like theirs plush. Some always choose bright colors, while others prefer them to be subdued.

Some carry embroidered towels with monograms.  Others have nudist themed towels that they take to the club or beach with phrases like, "I love my allover tan," or "Enjoy life naturally." Some want their nudist park's name and logo.

We' ve seen those who launder and use the same "lucky" towel much like the Linus character from the Peanuts cartoon carried his blanket. Others have a minimalist approach and carry little more than a small hand towel as opposed to the extra long ones that could cover two chairs.

A few nudists have novelty towels with a pillow built in, or a zippered pouch for small change. Nudists cherish the towels they received as gifts from knowing family and friends.

Guys may reach for their towel when certain infrequent, but occasional "moments" occur.  Women use towels and pareo wraps to articulate their sense of fashion. And what naturist kid doesn't appreciate when mom holds open a warm towel to embrace them with after they leave the pool and enter the chilly air?

The towel helps keep sand from getting in the uncomfortable places when we sit gazing out at the ocean.

So we owe our towels many thanks and we never appreciate them as much as when we open the car trunk and realize we forgot to pack one... or not enough.  That scene on the plane mid flight when mom realizes she left Kevin in the Home Alone movie seems to capture the spirit.

Towels... may our banners yet wave.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

For you formed my inward parts;
You knitted me together in my 
Mother's womb.
I praise you for I am fearfully and
wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from
When I was being made in secret...

Psalm 139:13-15  [ESV]

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Bright Spot in a Weary Week

Mrs. Platypus reads lots of blogs and posts on AOL. Today she read an encouraging entry in a parenting / schooling group from a family that says "clothing optional" has become the new norm at that poster's house. We gave the post a "like."

No word on how long that's been the case but it inspires hope. Not only that some more folks are giving nudity a try, but that they're willing to post about the experience.

Good luck to them. (Since we don't know how many people they want to see the post we won't link to it here... yet. Maybe later if we get the okay.)

It's late, so good night all.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Celebrate With Naked Time

The Platypus just finished an intensive project at work. The usual: deadlines, some mildly intensive pressure to avoid mistakes... and coworkers to thank and get along with.. not to mention some interuptions to overcome.

With it finished, along with the end of the day, there's a few ways we could celebrate.  Have a beer or two at a watering hole. Go out to dinner with family. Take in a movie. Or go buy something.

Problem is, all those things can cost you money and hit your wallet. The restaurant fare can hit your waistline if you're not careful. So can the brews and driving after one too many will land you in trouble.

One solution is to celebrate by going home ( or to a good friend's ) and stripping to the buff. Perfect way to enjoy something special and end your day.

The Platypus is celebrating right now. Hope you can celebrate too. Cheers!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Disrobe? No Thanks We're Nudists

When our kids were young we had them in karate lessons. We had them in for a couple years too. Paying each month and watching them in their cute uniforms, proudly advancing through various colors of belts.

I started to have second thoughts, however, as I watched some "advanced" brown belts training for their senior brown belt, which was just below black belt.  See, for all the moves they had learned in class and practiced, they really shunned physical contact. And when they made it, it was all very carefully choreographed. IF a sparring partner threw a particular "punch" with a wave of the arm just so, they would block it.  But only as things went according to script. It was obvious when any partner was out of step because, suddenly, their partner became very ineffective at blocking the jab that accidently came from left to right, not right to left.

As I watched these particular students, it seemed they had learned more about a peculiar form of line dancing than self defense. And they weren't just little kids.

Why tell this story on a nudist blog? Because just as there are whole schools of karate that really don't fight, there are "nudists" who inexplicably seem to shun getting naked. They may be officers in their nudist club, or even in a national organization but... warm sun's out, and there they are in their clothes again as always.

We're not interested in staring at these folk and we honestly can't  say they stared at us. They just rarely, if ever disrobed. Sometimes never. Maybe you've known someone like this as there seemed to be a few in most nudist clubs and events we visited. Often the same people again and again.

We didn't "hate" them but we didn't understand them either. Why travel great distances to a nudist venue and not go nude? Maybe they just liked the camaraderie of their social group and didn't want to give it up even if nudity no longer appealed to them. Maybe they had a war injury. It's really not our business but we always wondered "why come here when there are millions of places you could swim in a suit or wear one on the beach if you want?"

A lifelong nudist we read about once was famous for his definition of a nudist as not someone who takes off their clothes, but who puts on clothes only when they have to do so.  The Platypus has always liked that definition.

The Platypus doesn't want to disrobe. ... Just to avoid getting dressed in the first place.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nudity Can be Funny

With all our efforts to have our favorite form of recreation taken seriously by government and the general public, sometimes we refuse to admit to ourselves that nudity can be downright funny at times.

Sometimes... okay maybe a lot of times... the humor comes from getting a bit risque.  There's an opening nude sequence to the Austin Powers sequel that gets more and more hilarious as various props are pressed into service to cover his bum and his "wedding tackle" (his term not ours).  There are occasional puns and double entendre just too good to pass up.

One prominent nudist from the Midwest used to lighten up tense meetings by saying "but you shouldn't say that in s nudist club." E.G when a meeting went over schedule snd someone said, "this is getting long," she would chime in, "but you shoulfn't say that in a nudist club..." to a laughing tired group.

Other nudity is more innocent but no less capable of producing a chuckle.  When, where, and with whom your toddler proudly announces that they disrobed "all by myself," and proves it with a live demonstration is an example.

There are those who may insist that laughing too much isn't proper and demeans our cause. We just think there's a time and place for most things.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Coffee Table Books

We were doing some New Year's cleaning around the old Platypus homestead and came across our dated edition of The North American Guide to Nude Recreation.  As we spent a few minutes thumbing through the pages, it brought back memories of clubs that no longer exist, as well as places that have changed names.  Many of the most recent places are not listed, of course.  The book is nearly 20 years old.

In addition to the changes among places to go within the U.S and Canada, what struck us most were the pictures.  People were smiling with what seemed to be genuine smiles.  People from all walks of life. Grandparents with their grandkids.  Overweight people.  People with scars, gray hair, and balding hair.  And people who clearly loved their pets too.

Maybe this is going to sound hypocritical coming from a blog that has only cartoon mascots for pictures, but we miss the spirit that made coffee table books like The North American Guide and Lee Baxandall's World Guide to Nude Beaches possible. There are lots of pictures in these books of people who did not have to be concerned with their images appearing on the internet for an audience that goes well beyond nudists and can get into some strange folk.

Over time, somehow we lost a bit of our innocence, didn't we?  The books got more and more expensive to produce. One poor selling edition could set a publisher way back. So could an angry subject who demanded a recall of any books with a picture that somehow managed to get in without the proper release.

So the books got thinner and thinner with fewer and fewer pictures, or even information.  Fewer people bought them... instead, turning to the web for guidance about places to go and to blogs for the images and content.

What disappeared in the process is the conversation starter right in front of your couch.  Also lost is the balance between young and old, male and female, scars and gray hair, as well as beauty mixed with maturity and the lines of life's wrinkles.  We may be being just a bit nostalgic here, but we believe some will agree with us.   The Platypus doesn't do photo  blogs. Too many of just the beautiful people with too little context.  Yogi Beara may have had it right when he said, 'No one goes there anymore.... it's too crowded.'

The North American Guide opens with a two page spread of nothing but bare bottoms from a line of people, with one toddler in the middle of that line who couldn't look happier. It captures in one moment what seems to be missing.  The way we were.

Friday, January 3, 2014

It's Cold But You Can Still Bare

Sure, it's below zero in many parts of the U.S. today and there are snow storms bound for many places too.  Even the deep South is going through a cold snap.  But don't let that stop you from enjoying your own skin.  Here are some ideas:

1. Pick a room in your house - a small one if you need to be extra energĂ˝ conscious - and put some extra insulating plastic over any windows.  Run an auxilliary heater to keep it nice and toasty.  Dub it your 'naked room' and enjoy;

2. Gather round the "hearth" of your home (the electric stove), lower the door, turn on the oven and sip some hot cocoa in the buff right nearby;

3. Light a fire in that fireplace (if you have one), lay down a sleeping bag in front (or even better a 'bearskin rug') and it can become very awesome to stretch out;

4. Go for a brisk walk in your bundled up clothes.  When you get back inside, you'll seem much warmer and can enjoy a few stolen minutes until the house seems chilly again;

5.  A relaxing hot soak in the family tub chases away the winter blues.  For an added pick-me-up try sprinkling some epsom salts into the bathwater too.  You can get menthol salts that will clear your sinuses;

6.  Take a mid-winter 'hibernating nap' under warm covers with nothing on. Get your spouse to join you and it will be an awesome snuggle;

7.  Send out a few nude comical cards or notes to loved ones or send emails with your favorite nude theme.  Writing something on naked parchment will bring a smile to your face and those who receive your good wishes;

8.  Go online and book a nude vacation to somewhere in the future.  That will inspire you to tough it out during the cold spells, knowing it's just a few more months until you enjoy nude paradise;

9.  Oh, and be sure to read your favorite nudist blogs including the Bare Platypus.  That's something you can do even under clear, cold skies.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Does eHarmony Say About Nudists?

When you maintain a blog as long as the Platypus has been doing you take topics as you find them at times so that you always have stuff to write about.

Anyhow, in our part of the country the dating website eHarmony has ramped up advertising lately. Maybe it's a New Year's resolution market they're going after like the quit smoking and weight loss plans. You know, things to do in 2014... find a mate. That sort of thing. Or maybe people get lonely over holidays and ponder the dating decision.

So it is that eHarmony is running ads with the "This could be an everlasting love" soundtrack. The voice over says that more than 560, 000 people have married people they met on the site since it began. Wow. More than half a million marriages. Not dates. We're talking "I do's."

That got the Platypus wondering if any of the marriages were of nudists and whether any nudists who met a non nudist on site talked them into it.  We'll preface by saying we have been married a long time.  Married before the web was in most households. So we don't know much of online dating.  We do know about sites like and nudist clubhouse and the personal section of the AANR bulletin... though we haven't needed to use them given the aforementioned marriage.

We're just wondering whether the 29 computerized compatability factors they talk about on the ads include a penchant for shucking off clothing. We have read about the site's ties to the Christian faith (which happens to be our faith too) but also about the site's past non-option for gay and lesbian visitors.

Out of curiosity, we Googled the words "eHarmony" and "nudist" and it appears that most search results described a woman being matched to a nudist man even if she didn't want to be...  But no word on whether any nudists found a soulmate and got married to someone via a match from there.

We're interested inhearing from you about your story, whether it involves eHarmony or elsewhere. If it led to nudists tying the knot, congratulations are in order.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Go Naked Like the Baby New Year

Welcome to 2014 everyone!

What better way to start off the new year than "dressed" like the baby new year... that is, in your birthday suit.  You can wear a top hat and sash, we suppose, but it's the naked part that's most important.

Plan to spend more time sans clothes over the next twelve months. Watch tv starkers when you watch.  Be sure to sleep nude. Take a "selfie" nude pic even if it's just for you. Try to eat right.  Post to a nudist blog. Add a bare twist to family game nights.

Please plan to read the Platypus gfrom time to time this year.  Vote in our polls.  We'll try to keep the posts and topics going for ya...