Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Highway Oasis Idea

Ready for some out-of-the-box "blue sky" dreaming this evening? Here goes:

We've often thought about how awesome it would be if the rest areas on interstate highways had places to refresh by getting some sun on your naked body before getting dressed again, getting back in your vehicle, and continuing on your journey.

Told you the idea was for dreamers!  Rest areas already have issues with unwelcome "activity" so trying to convince state officisls to put in some opaque "non offense fencing" so that those who would like to relax naked could do so... well it sounds crazy.

But hear us out.  First, at least in some parts of the world like Munich Germany there are regular parks where visitors can take their lunch hours naked.  Second, there are many other services at rest stops ranging from pet exercise areas to maps and vending machines. Adding places for nude respite would not cost a lot of money and would not add to polution or litter problems.

If trying to improve safety on our nation's roadways is your aim, remember that a rested driver is more alert.

Not to mention how much fun it would all be.

Hey, the first person to think of a flying machine or a submarine probably got strange looks too!