Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nudity Can be Funny

With all our efforts to have our favorite form of recreation taken seriously by government and the general public, sometimes we refuse to admit to ourselves that nudity can be downright funny at times.

Sometimes... okay maybe a lot of times... the humor comes from getting a bit risque.  There's an opening nude sequence to the Austin Powers sequel that gets more and more hilarious as various props are pressed into service to cover his bum and his "wedding tackle" (his term not ours).  There are occasional puns and double entendre just too good to pass up.

One prominent nudist from the Midwest used to lighten up tense meetings by saying "but you shouldn't say that in s nudist club." E.G when a meeting went over schedule snd someone said, "this is getting long," she would chime in, "but you shoulfn't say that in a nudist club..." to a laughing tired group.

Other nudity is more innocent but no less capable of producing a chuckle.  When, where, and with whom your toddler proudly announces that they disrobed "all by myself," and proves it with a live demonstration is an example.

There are those who may insist that laughing too much isn't proper and demeans our cause. We just think there's a time and place for most things.