Monday, January 13, 2014

Someday Maybe Change

At the moment a certain song by the British rock band The Who has just finished playing on the radio.  The song, "Who are you?" Instantly made us think of CSI episodes on television.

The show is / was clearly mainstream and targeted to an audience with solid demographics, judging by the commercials that ran during the breaks.  It makes it easy to forget that the music of The Who was once anti-establishment.

Similarly, when The Platypus was in junior high, the teachers scoffed that the older teens who listened to Led Zeppelin would "never amount to anything."  Funny then that just a few years ago the words, "been a long time" screeched by Robert Plant provided the soundtrack to a Cadillac commercial. Guess the people who were destined to never amount to anything can now afford Cadillacs.

Point is, things change over time and what was once on the fringe can become mainstream. What went out of style can come back in style.  We believe the same will be true of skinny dipping, nude beaches, and letting your kids run bare bum and bare toes through the grass. Eventually these will go mainstream.

The Platypus just hopes he's still around when it does!