Friday, January 3, 2014

It's Cold But You Can Still Bare

Sure, it's below zero in many parts of the U.S. today and there are snow storms bound for many places too.  Even the deep South is going through a cold snap.  But don't let that stop you from enjoying your own skin.  Here are some ideas:

1. Pick a room in your house - a small one if you need to be extra energý conscious - and put some extra insulating plastic over any windows.  Run an auxilliary heater to keep it nice and toasty.  Dub it your 'naked room' and enjoy;

2. Gather round the "hearth" of your home (the electric stove), lower the door, turn on the oven and sip some hot cocoa in the buff right nearby;

3. Light a fire in that fireplace (if you have one), lay down a sleeping bag in front (or even better a 'bearskin rug') and it can become very awesome to stretch out;

4. Go for a brisk walk in your bundled up clothes.  When you get back inside, you'll seem much warmer and can enjoy a few stolen minutes until the house seems chilly again;

5.  A relaxing hot soak in the family tub chases away the winter blues.  For an added pick-me-up try sprinkling some epsom salts into the bathwater too.  You can get menthol salts that will clear your sinuses;

6.  Take a mid-winter 'hibernating nap' under warm covers with nothing on. Get your spouse to join you and it will be an awesome snuggle;

7.  Send out a few nude comical cards or notes to loved ones or send emails with your favorite nude theme.  Writing something on naked parchment will bring a smile to your face and those who receive your good wishes;

8.  Go online and book a nude vacation to somewhere in the future.  That will inspire you to tough it out during the cold spells, knowing it's just a few more months until you enjoy nude paradise;

9.  Oh, and be sure to read your favorite nudist blogs including the Bare Platypus.  That's something you can do even under clear, cold skies.