Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Naked Charade

Nearly 20 years ago, a then-well known writer within the nudist travel market was referred to us for possible work.  So it was that he sat in my office where I talked to him about helping us.

Over the course of the conversation, I asked about his wife and family and then the talk took a strange direction.  I asked what his family's favorite nudist destination was and the dialog went a bit as follows:

"My kids don't know I write these articles about nude places because they're younger and... well, 'you know.' "

And your wife?  "She doesn't like the sun or being nude.  So she has never gone.  Actually I don't go to the places either.  Not that I would have a p---r--o---b--l--e--m with going, I suppose.  But I can interview people on the phone and it not only cuts travel expenses down, but I don't need to do it to write about it."

Turns out, that writer had rarely even been skinnny dipping.  When I asked, "so you're home nudists?" he gave a wry smile and shook his head no.

I ended the conversation cordially soon after.  I then told those on my team that I was not interested in having the writer perform any work on future projects.

Maybe he did a better job with grammar and word imagery than the Platypus (or other future hires) ever would. But for me, to have such ghost writers who wouldn't actually get naked and whose world had a lot of close people in it who wouldn't get nake either defied authenticity.

There were nudists who faced losing child custody in divorces because they skinny dipped and this person wouldn't even tell his kids what he wrote about?  He had no interest in getting nude on vacation, but he was supposed to inspire others to do so?  Didn't make much sense.

If it sounds like the Platypus is using some choice words for those who don't bare while claiming to speak for nudists lately, maybe we are.  We have many non-nudist friends and get along just great with them.  It's the folk who want to make a buck  off us while saying"I'm with you" when they are anything but with us who annoy.