Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Curl Up With a Good Book Naked

There are record-making snowstorms covering the country right now.  Even Atlanta, Georgia and North Florida have received snowfall, resulting in school and highway closures.  What to do?

Get a thick warm blanket and a place on the bed or couch. Get a good book to read. And get naked.  Sip some warm tea or cocoa if you wish.

Being naked helps beat winter blues and cabin fever.  Being naked helps you feel more comgortable.  It lets you do something different than your neighbors.  Your family will someday remark, "Hey, remember that time we were storm bound and we all got books and blankets and spent the day naked in spite of the weather outside?"

Even if you don't share the time with others you still have those books to enjoy.  Classics can be downloaded in ebook form for pennies if you want something different.  If you're naked under a comfy blanket you csn lower the thermostat and save.