Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Big Bang Theory Goes Naked

Tonight The Platypuses are watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory television show.  And there's a lot for nudists on this one!

First, as we all know, the show's theme song comes courtesy of the Bare Naked Ladies.

Second, in the episode we're watching, Sheldon stakes out a claim in his friend's automobile by sitting in it completely naked.  The whole thing begins over a dispute about a parking spot when Sheldon doesn't even own a car!  Hilarity and birthday suits ensue.

Oh ye fellow nudists... remember that we have a solemn obligation to only use the powers of nakedness for the betterment of mankind (or hot tubbing) and not for petty revenge or other unseemly activity unbecoming of a nudist superhero.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Times may be changing for nudity

Platypus thinks the times may be changing... for the better... for nudity.  During a trip to Walmart, WALMART of all places, we saw two displays that used nudity in a natural way.  We won't go into a lot of detail beyond saying that the company's photo kiosks seem to be taking a better approach to the subject than in many years past. 

The nudity was not "full" (think mother clasping baby) but was a turn for the better.  Let's hope it's a trend.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Nudists can answer 1 question better than Kia

The Bare Platypus apologizes if other nudist sites have made this point already.  But by now most of the country has seen the advertisement for a KIA vehicle that aired during the Super Bowl and has run since then.  In it a little boy asks his father, "Where do babies come from?"  Dad, in turn, spins an elaborate yarn that has infants skydiving from airplanes as epic music of Wagner proportions plays in the background.

When the child interrupts the far-fetched story to begin telling his dad what a neighbor friend told him, dad hits the play button on the stereo and a rendition of the Wheels on the Bus song distracts the kid away from the subject.  KIA's tag line: the vehicle has "an answer to everything."

It's a clever, and memorable, commercial.  The Platypus gives it points for creativity.

But we also think the typical nudist family would have a better answer in this case: How about a brief matter-of-fact discussion that discusses human bodies and the wonderful ways they work?  What about being able to use words like penis and vagina without embarrassment? How about fostering communication and empowering our families with the basic, age appropriate information they're seeking instead of fabricating tales?

Seems this is an answer most nudists would be capable of delivering to their puggles.  For the Platypus family, we certainly found that true. 

Though we probably could have used a minivan...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When, and How, Should Nudists "Tell"?

Yesterday our blog post noted that the way the Bare Platypus thinks the country will be won for nudism is one person at a time.  We had a thoughtful commenter to that post add that "We should stop acting as if something is wrong with it and be willing to tell others."  The Platypus could not agree more.  And yet...

We have been very, very vocal in our lifelong journey about telling those who cross our path that we're nudists.  We've been interviewed by media, run websites, spoke publicly about nudism at trade shows, and attended government meetings on behalf of what we all love to do most here.  We're proud of that record. And yet...

We have also had times when talking about nudism with others did not go well.  There have been relationships gained and lost over the subject.  So we'll provide some guidance about what we feel are lessons learned and things we'd have done differently if we could:

- Recognize that there may be some people in your life who "just couldn't handle it."  We're not suggesting that you should refrain from telling anyone that you're a nudist... just maybe that you don't have to tell absolutely everyone.  If you have a dear old Aunt Matilda in your family who you really know just wouldn't understand, it's okay to trust your judgment.

- It's okay to test the waters some times.  When you're not sure how someone would react, you could point to a current news story about a nudist club or skinny dipping event and ask the person what they think about it.  Then be prepared to listen and learn.

- Recognize that the workplace is different.  Over many years, we can't tell you the number of folks who told us, in one way or another, that they were about to be fired because the comment they thought was okay to make about nudism at work (or the nudist website they thought would be okay to visit just to get that Labor Day reservation in) turned out not to be okay.  Workplaces are sensitive to anything that borders on sexual harassment, even if mentioning nudism doesn't technically qualify as harassment in the legal sense.

- Recognize that it's different with young people.  If you're a scoutmaster or little league coach, parents probably don't want you talking to your charges about your hobby.  Respect that there are limits with this audience.

- DO tell the important, close, people in your life about what you love. If you're in a serious relationship, have very good friends who know you and your family, or know others who you believe can "handle it" don't miss the chance to share an important aspect of your life that could even open up the enjoyment of nudism for them. We found this very rewarding over our Platypus years.

- Refine your points and your story on web forums like this.  It's okay to use a username  that's less publicly known to share a thought or two.  Not in all cases, of course, but with judgment.

If we're calling for anything, we're calling for balance.  Share your story.  Just recognize that the people most close to you who are also most accepting of you as you really are, are the same folks who will most likely be changed for the better by what you say.

You can live with seeing Aunt Matilda at family reunions even if you never see her at the nude beach.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Are nudists waiting for the BIG break?

The Platypuses worked for many years in the nudist market.  Over those years we noticed that the industry seemed to perpetually be looking for the "big break."  Something that would turn the United States into being receptive to nudism on a grand scale.

Would it be a celebrity openly embracing nude beaches?  A great television story or magazine piece?  Maybe a trend started in Europe?  Surely something would come to change mindsets and turn the market around.  We waited.  And we worked very hard to make those kinds of things happen.  Ultimately, despite such efforts, the "big break" never came... although we learned to celebrate smaller victories.

With all the experience of our observations, we think that the way that our country will probably be "won" for nudism is one person---and one family---at a time. 

It's about a wife introducing her husband to skinny dipping. About a couple raising their children to have a natural approach to the human body and casual nudity within their home and back yard.  It's about neighbors and friends inviting neighbors and friends. And college room mates talking about nudism over pizza . It's about the Bare Platypus blog posts and YOUR blog posts about how special nudity can be.

One back yard and one talk over pizza at a time.  That's how we shall overcome.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

When the weather is cold...

When the weather is cold even the platypuses put on clothes.  It is just too chilly to go bare.  However, it's not too cold to think about getting bare when the weather warms up.  Here are some good thoughts:

- Memorial Day, the traditional start of the nude season for those up North, is only about 14 weeks away;

- Within the next six weeks, you're likely to have at least one warm pre-spring day.  If you're lucky you can spend some of it in the backyard au naturel;

- With all these layers of clothes we're wearing, even the NON nudists in our lives would probably welcome the chance to take them off... maybe some new nudists are about to emerge;

- We still have our friends in the nudist blogging community to keep us warm with news and views;

- Sleeping bare may not be an option without LOTS  of blankets, but sleeping bare will be possible soon;

- There are lots of great movies with skinny dipping scenes. Watch one and take heart;

- Cook in the nude after turning on the stove to get the kitchen toasty.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Consistently Nude With Purpose

This week the Platypuses were watching television.  While flipping through channels, we came across MTV and a show on the network featuring clips from YouTube videos.  That's not the main point of this blog post.

The point is that, something clicked that reminded us that the letters "M  T  and  V" once stood for Music Television.  And that the channel used to play music videos virtually all day long.  It's what the network was founded on.  But now there is no music.

At the Platypus we've noticed that there's occasionally a nudist club, organization, or group that seems to forget why it was created.  It's a beautiful day... but everyone is clothed... too busy working on the social event, fundraiser, project, etc. to be able to be naked.  The same goes for club newsletters and organization priorities.  With all the zeal to publish the latest recipes , or whatever else it may be, the publishers somehow forget that the reason we subscribe is to read about being naked, new places to get naked, and why we enjoy what we enjoy.

We're not suggesting being militaristic about such things.  Just encouraging a sense of purpose.

Forgetting the nude in nudist?  It's almost like leaving "music" out of "music television."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Naked Rambler Again Freed

From time to time The Platypus has discussed Steven Gough, The Naked Rambler

Recent news accounts say that charges against Gough following his arrest for walking naked a couple weeks before Christmas have been dismissed.  Once again, the Rambler is free to roam.

02/14/13 Here's an update on when he finally arrived at his mother's home:
Naked Rambler

This Valentine's Day Give a Naked Card

Greeting cards are all the rage today for Valentine's celebration.  Maybe you refuse to buy into the hype.  Okay.

But IF you're going to purchase any card(s), why not go for something with a naked theme?  This makes sense for several reasons: (1) if you're reading The Platypus, you probably LIKE naked; (2) a funny, cute, or romantic card with a nude element will bring a smile to the receiver; and (3) by purchasing items with nudity, you send a message to the greeting card companies that the buying public would like to see more nudity.  That means even more cards to choose from next year.

As people browse greeting card aisles with more nude choices, it may positively affect pop culture to more tolerance for nakedness.  True, we may be the "butt" of some jokes and jabs, but they may not be so quick to try to ban us.

If you think about it, the greeting card section of your local Walmart or Target is one of the few places you're likely to find nudity these days.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

02/10/13 Walter of the Week Goes to...

This Week our Walter of the Week goes to CUPID.  Cupid  is a perfect choice.  He's a big hit this time of year around Valentine's Day and makes people happy.  He's also usually naked or wearing only a sash.  And there is lots of artwork over the years celebrating him in his birthday suit.  So, after many years overdue, this Walter's for you.

Friday, February 8, 2013

One Answer to Global Warming: Go Naked.

Earlier this month TIME magazine included a brief report about the vast number of weather monitoring stations in the United States that have reported a record high temperature this year.  The number was several thousand

We're not seeking to touch off a debate as to whether global warming is happening, and we're not looking to argue what may be causing it if it is indeed occurring. And we don't want to make light of a serious topic like our future and the environment.

We'll simply add that one great way to keep cool is to go naked.  It's comfortable, it's refreshing, and doesn't cost money. Watch overexposure to the sun's rays and you'll find that nudism works for battling the effects of warming.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Number One Marriott, Except...

This evening a television commercial for a Marriott property came across our screen touting that it was voted "the best Marriott in the country."  A list of amenities scrolled along listing restaurants, luxury, etc.

Know one amenity that was distinctly missing?  You guessed it: No clothing-optional sunbathing or swimming area. If the Marriot Shoals wants the Platypus vote, there will need to be a place to get nakey other than our room. 

Ah, well... Maybe someday.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Nudist Lesson Part II

The previous post on The Platypus encouraged readers to watch the game naked.  Today we continue the Superbowl theme with this thought: Uniforms (clothes) divide life into "teams."

Imagine, for a moment, if both teams were completely naked. It would then be difficult to determine who should, and should not, have the football.  It would be tough for teams to know who was who as the game progressed... especially during plays.  In short, uniforms tell us who is on the right side.

In life, it seems clothes often perform the same role.  The uniform tells us that the waitress is there to take our order.  The suit and tie says "professional."  The jeans or worn clothing say something else.  Fashion dictates whether someone is from the "hip" generation or a "square."

In nudist settings it's easier to stop separating life into teams.  That's refreshing.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Superbowl Suggestion: Watch Naked!

Here's an idea to consider while you're basting the chicken wings and getting the chips n dips ready for the big game: Why not watch it naked?

Admittedly this may not be an option for some given the friends they'll have over during the event.  But things go better with naked... and few things go better than watching a good game starkers.  So go on, give it a try.  See you on the 50 yard line of your TV screens.

Just think... The words "halftime show wardrobe malfunction" will take on a whole new meaning!