Monday, February 18, 2013

Are nudists waiting for the BIG break?

The Platypuses worked for many years in the nudist market.  Over those years we noticed that the industry seemed to perpetually be looking for the "big break."  Something that would turn the United States into being receptive to nudism on a grand scale.

Would it be a celebrity openly embracing nude beaches?  A great television story or magazine piece?  Maybe a trend started in Europe?  Surely something would come to change mindsets and turn the market around.  We waited.  And we worked very hard to make those kinds of things happen.  Ultimately, despite such efforts, the "big break" never came... although we learned to celebrate smaller victories.

With all the experience of our observations, we think that the way that our country will probably be "won" for nudism is one person---and one family---at a time. 

It's about a wife introducing her husband to skinny dipping. About a couple raising their children to have a natural approach to the human body and casual nudity within their home and back yard.  It's about neighbors and friends inviting neighbors and friends. And college room mates talking about nudism over pizza . It's about the Bare Platypus blog posts and YOUR blog posts about how special nudity can be.

One back yard and one talk over pizza at a time.  That's how we shall overcome.