Friday, February 22, 2013

Nudists can answer 1 question better than Kia

The Bare Platypus apologizes if other nudist sites have made this point already.  But by now most of the country has seen the advertisement for a KIA vehicle that aired during the Super Bowl and has run since then.  In it a little boy asks his father, "Where do babies come from?"  Dad, in turn, spins an elaborate yarn that has infants skydiving from airplanes as epic music of Wagner proportions plays in the background.

When the child interrupts the far-fetched story to begin telling his dad what a neighbor friend told him, dad hits the play button on the stereo and a rendition of the Wheels on the Bus song distracts the kid away from the subject.  KIA's tag line: the vehicle has "an answer to everything."

It's a clever, and memorable, commercial.  The Platypus gives it points for creativity.

But we also think the typical nudist family would have a better answer in this case: How about a brief matter-of-fact discussion that discusses human bodies and the wonderful ways they work?  What about being able to use words like penis and vagina without embarrassment? How about fostering communication and empowering our families with the basic, age appropriate information they're seeking instead of fabricating tales?

Seems this is an answer most nudists would be capable of delivering to their puggles.  For the Platypus family, we certainly found that true. 

Though we probably could have used a minivan...