Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Valentine's Day Give a Naked Card

Greeting cards are all the rage today for Valentine's celebration.  Maybe you refuse to buy into the hype.  Okay.

But IF you're going to purchase any card(s), why not go for something with a naked theme?  This makes sense for several reasons: (1) if you're reading The Platypus, you probably LIKE naked; (2) a funny, cute, or romantic card with a nude element will bring a smile to the receiver; and (3) by purchasing items with nudity, you send a message to the greeting card companies that the buying public would like to see more nudity.  That means even more cards to choose from next year.

As people browse greeting card aisles with more nude choices, it may positively affect pop culture to more tolerance for nakedness.  True, we may be the "butt" of some jokes and jabs, but they may not be so quick to try to ban us.

If you think about it, the greeting card section of your local Walmart or Target is one of the few places you're likely to find nudity these days.