Sunday, February 17, 2013

When the weather is cold...

When the weather is cold even the platypuses put on clothes.  It is just too chilly to go bare.  However, it's not too cold to think about getting bare when the weather warms up.  Here are some good thoughts:

- Memorial Day, the traditional start of the nude season for those up North, is only about 14 weeks away;

- Within the next six weeks, you're likely to have at least one warm pre-spring day.  If you're lucky you can spend some of it in the backyard au naturel;

- With all these layers of clothes we're wearing, even the NON nudists in our lives would probably welcome the chance to take them off... maybe some new nudists are about to emerge;

- We still have our friends in the nudist blogging community to keep us warm with news and views;

- Sleeping bare may not be an option without LOTS  of blankets, but sleeping bare will be possible soon;

- There are lots of great movies with skinny dipping scenes. Watch one and take heart;

- Cook in the nude after turning on the stove to get the kitchen toasty.