Sunday, November 10, 2013


This week the Platypuses received a reminder about just how significant uniforms are in our culture. Last Monday there was Boy Scouts. Plenty of uniforms there.

ON Tuesday it was a different youth service organization... again in uniforms.   Wednesday was a suit and tie (the corporate uniform) for a Chamber of commerce meeting. BY Friday there was fast food place where the staff were all attired in uniforms.  Today a pro football game was on TV. More uniforms!

Why not trade these uniforms for the uniform of the human race once in a while: your bare skin!  Go naked. Feel what it is to be human. Feel great too. And it doesn' t have to cost you any money.

This uniform is free.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Is the Term Nudist Colony So Bad?

We have been in the business of promoting nudist businesses for many years and we know the standard line: You can call it a nudist (or clothing optional or clothes free) club. You can call it a nude resort or nudist park. Even a nudist spa.  But don't call it a nudist "colony." Ever.  

"Ants live in colonies."  

"Colonies went out with the American Revolution. "  

And so it goes. We spent years trying to get the media to avoid the term. But now, upon reflection, we find ourselves asking, "Is it really all that offensive?"  

Well, antiquated maybe.  

Some folks think it makes us sound like part of a nuts and berries crowd. Or a cult of some kind.   But the term also harkens back to a simpler time. When we were a source of jokes and those cartoon style postcards. A time when folks understood that we ran around in the woods with nothing on. Yet somehow understood that that's all that was going on behind the fence. That nudists were people who kept to themselves and weren't harming anyone. People who brought their kids to "the colony."

"Nudist colony" connotes a health regimen for some. A Peter Sellers movie for others.  

Are we just waxing nostalgically?   Tell us what you think.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Once Upon a Time Hi and Lois and Crew Were "Stripped"

We often talk about how the amount of nudity that artists put into their "strips" may be a bare-o-meter of societal attitudes. Nudist cartoons seem to be disappearing from our funny pages, though we see The Simpsons in the buff on our TV screens.

But here's a bit of historical trivia for you: Did you know that in the early 60's cartoonists Mort Walker and Dik Browne showed appreciation for receiving two coveted awards that year by drawing a "thank you" panel that showed the family bare so as to replicate the style of the trophies? It's true. Though tastefully drawn, with Lois partially draped, she shows her figure and the whole rest of the crew isn't wearing more than they were born (first sketched?) with.

Mort and Dik couldn't be accused of fearing the birthday suit after that panel, which you can find on a history of the strip by clicking bare victory trophy for cartoonist .  Scroll down until you read about awards season / a year for awards.  Sigh. We can't imagine a cartoonist would show their appreciation in this way in this day and age. We LIKED your style Mr. Walker and Mr. Browne.

Come to think of it, this discovery may earn Mort and Dik one more trophy ... a Walter award from the Bare Platypus team!

12/5/13 Update: The sbove link now takes you to the wrong page as new pages are added to the High and Lois blog.  Look fot March 13 2013 entry and you should find it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend Idea

Well, Halloween is two days past and Thanksgiving will soon be here. We'd like to give you an idea to think about. If you happen to get the day after turkey day off, then why not plan to spend it at home and spend it completely naked from the minute you wake until you turn back in for the night?

Now we know that some of you do those crazy black friday sales. And that others spend the day hanging lights and decorations, but hear us out for a minute. November is cold in many places but it is usually warm enough that you can still afford to crank up the heat in the house, or run an extra heater in at least one warm room.

You can set up a Christmas tree in the buff if it's stored in the attic instead of having to get a live one.   You can bake holiday cookies nakey, and you can write out holiday cards nakey too.

Take time to enjoy peace before the rest of the busy holiday season takes over.

Why write about this now? You will need to do some planning so that someone else doesn't set your Friday plans for you. So start working on your"Sorry.  Other plans" speech now so that you can enjoy nakey time about four weeks from now.