Monday, November 4, 2013

Is the Term Nudist Colony So Bad?

We have been in the business of promoting nudist businesses for many years and we know the standard line: You can call it a nudist (or clothing optional or clothes free) club. You can call it a nude resort or nudist park. Even a nudist spa.  But don't call it a nudist "colony." Ever.  

"Ants live in colonies."  

"Colonies went out with the American Revolution. "  

And so it goes. We spent years trying to get the media to avoid the term. But now, upon reflection, we find ourselves asking, "Is it really all that offensive?"  

Well, antiquated maybe.  

Some folks think it makes us sound like part of a nuts and berries crowd. Or a cult of some kind.   But the term also harkens back to a simpler time. When we were a source of jokes and those cartoon style postcards. A time when folks understood that we ran around in the woods with nothing on. Yet somehow understood that that's all that was going on behind the fence. That nudists were people who kept to themselves and weren't harming anyone. People who brought their kids to "the colony."

"Nudist colony" connotes a health regimen for some. A Peter Sellers movie for others.  

Are we just waxing nostalgically?   Tell us what you think.