Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comics Bare - o - Meter Report

We regularly monitor the comics available on Arca Max Comics .  We're disappointed to note that there hasn't been a "strip" featuring a stripped character in months... at least that we've seen.  Admittedly, we don't see every panel every day, but there does seem to be quite a dry spell when it comes to nudity of late.  It may be because it is currently winter time and birthday suits aren't in vogue.  Ah, well. Summer's coming.

2/7/13 UPDATE - We no sooner posted this then Dennis the Menace came out with a panel on 2/4/13 in which he holds a crayon to the family photo album and tells mom, "I'm drawing clothes on my baby pictures."  However, several bare butts are seen.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Would the Scouts Reconsider Nudity?

This week news reports explained that the Boy Scouts of America is re-considering its ban on gay scouts and scoutmasters after decades. If approved by the national board, local chartering organizations such as schools, churches, and civic clubs would be free to admit or refuse membership based upon sexual orientation.

Does this mean that we could one day see a change in Scout policy on things like skinny-dipping too?  Well, probably not in the near future.  But it does show that mindsets and rules do evolve. We can only hope that exchanging swim suits for birthday suits becomes an option over time.

Then we could go back to the way swimming was once upon a time.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Camping: Clothed Camp vs. Naked Camp

Last weekend one of The Platypus team took his puggle camping as part of a "civic organization" event.  Camps operate a bit more year-round in these parts as we're South of the Mason-Dixon line.

Anyway, this particular event was definitely a clothed event. Despite the Southern venue, weather was chilly enough that one needed to wear long pants and jackets to be comfortable, not to mention that the "civic organization" in question frowns on open nakedness.  But the Platypuses have been naked camping at nudist resorts many times.  It got us thinking that it would make for some interesting reading if we compared the activity of clothed versus naked camping.  Here goes:

Packing - There's quite a bit of packing for any camp---naked or no---in the way of tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, matches, etc.  Removing the clothing component simply removes one stress.There's no question that one has to pack more for clothed camping.  There are changes of underwear, socks, more "formal clothes" (in the case of Scouts, uniforms, in other situations, perhaps at dinner, ceremonies), "casual clothes" and "clothes to get dirty in."  Having several changes becomes important because the soot and smoke smell collects on clothes quickly. 

Comfort - When the weather turns chilly we have to admit that clothes can feel good.  The warmth of a nice fire, with a good wool jacket on your back to keep off the cold, is a great combination.  During the day when it is warm at other times of the year, however, having the ability to strip off when you feel like it is one luxury you'll sorely miss when you switch back and forth between the nudist and textile camps.

Sleeping - Sleeping in clothes?  It's no fun.  Yet if the sleeping bag isn't a particularly warm one and the night cold, some clothes help...ditto for getting up to use the restroom in the night. One should use clothes that haven't been worn in---or sweated in---all day. Sweaty damp clothes only make you more cold. Problem is, if you've slept naked for years as we have, it's tough to get a good night's rest in the confines of any clothes.  You could try sleeping nude and putting on shorts and shirts when you need to get up, as we have on past warmer Scout trips. But that's cumbersome in the dark in a short tent while shivering as you get out of a warm bag.

Camaraderie - Say what you will about uniforms, there's nothing that equals the unifying effect of wearing nothing but what God gave you and a smile.  We've all got a naked body. Without doubt the best "Class A" outfit is your own birthday suit.

Cleanliness - We can all clean our body with a simple hop in the shower and feel much better. When you shower but put smoke filled clothes back on? It kinda defeats the whole point.

Convenience - Speaking of showers, it's nice to step out of the shower, towel off, put on shoes, and go back to camp.  That's what we've done on numerous nudist outings.  In clothed camp, that's not workable.

All things considered, we wish we could do more of the kind of camping that is: (1) mild seasonal camping apart from the afore-mentioned civic organization; (2) while in locations that are not necessarily nudist destinations, but; (3) remote enough to allow nudity without offending others.  In those situations, we could enjoy warm wool clothes and cocoa on chilly nights, but still strip off during the warmer parts of the day, at bed time, and on a trail less traveled.

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These designs are one-of-a-kinds that you won't find elsewhere.  Tasteful enough that you can show or serve them to all guests, but unusual enough (and always bare) that they can help you get a conversation going.

You're invited to visit!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome to Non Nudists Who Visit The Platypus!

In reviewing the current tally on our poll, "When did you become a nudist?" we note that several people have answered, "I'm not a nudist... Yet!"

We think it's great that non-nudists come by The Platypus from time to time.  We hope we can provide them with answers about why we do what we do.  We hope they'll join us... or at least enjoy their birthday suits more often... after reading our stuff.

There comes a point when one has been a nudist so long that one forgets the reasons, misgivings,  and questions that once held us back. That's why we hope to learn from our clothes oriented visitors.  You give us perspective and make us better advocates in the process.  So thanks!

We're unlikely to have serious disagreements with those who prefer clothes as long as they can respect that we and our families are free to prefer nudity in our homes, private backyards, and some beaches and public lands under circumstances where we show respect for others. We think  that if you're visiting us here, it's likely you already believe those things.  So welcome!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Give Your Wash Machine a Break - Go Naked!

Tonight the Platypus had to take tools to his webbed feet and fix the family washing machine.  It seems that too many items in the basket wore on the drive belt and it broke.  Fixing it wasn't all that expensive, but was a bit labor intensive.

Folks, it's time we did our washing machines and dryers a favor and stop loading them with so many clothes!  Let's go naked more often and hang up those towels for re-use instead of leaving them on the floor or sending them to the hamper after one use.  Do more naked and you'll save time and money on detergent plus utilities.  Oh and the expense of worn drive belts.

Your washer will thank you.  So will your body!

Random Acts of Nakedness

One of the things that struck Bare Platypus upon hearing the news of the tragic shooting of schoolchildren in Connecticut last month was the name of their elementary school. Sandy Hook also happens to be the name of a famous nude beach in New Jersey on the Gateway National Seashore.  Forever, in the minds of many, the words "Sandy Hook" would now be associated with sorrow and memories of lives cut too short rather than a happy beach with people frolicking in their birthday suits.

That got the Platypus thinking... What if, instead of mass calamity, the world became subject to random, mass, acts of nakedness more often?  Imagine the headlines: "Twenty-five naked in college incident."  Or "Lone naked man convinces 12 to strip off at restaurant."  "Disgruntled worker walks off job naked."  It's silly, but it would save lives.  Laundry bills too.

Without getting too cliche, can we admit that today's society seems to glorify (or at least publicize) violence a lot more than it does the human body? We're not trying to jump into the gun control debate on one side or the other.  But we wish we saw more bare butts than gun butts on the screen.

And in the headlines.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pondering Nudism on MLK Civil Rights Holiday

Here at the Platypus, we have often pondered the relationship between nudism and civil rights. We have also looked at the issue of racism in nudism.  On this, the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders, we provide some links to past stories:

In The Perils of Breastfeeding we have considered the basic human right to breastfeed children;

In Deal with Race or Become Irrelevant we discussed the changing demographics of the U.S. and what it means for nudism... especially regarding race and national origin;

In Nude Attitudes Reveal Raw Racism we ask why it is okay to show naked natives in National Geographic, but recoil when certain races appear in their birthday suits;

In Ramblings on the Naked Rambler we compare Steven Gough of Scotland with other visionaries like Rosa Parks;

In History Sanitized for your Protection we note that some cultures get shortchanged if they didn't wear shorts;

In Nudity - Therapy for Autism we suggest compassion and understanding for the naked needs of persons with this disability.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Advice for the Young Nudist

The Platypus has a little bit of time at the moment so we're going to tackle a subject that takes time and some careful answers: Assisting the young nudist who still lives at home with family, but knows that going naked is something they want to do.

If you look at the current results of our poll, you'll see that about one third of those voting say they were nudists "from the time I could get my diaper off!"  Sure enough, in our work promoting the nudism business we would get an email or post from time to time that said something to the effect of, (1) I'm a teen still in high school / middle school; (2) I know that I enjoy being naked; (3) I don't know how to start going nude around home or to tell my parents about this.

The platypus has no way of knowing whether these writers were actually young persons, older people trying to get their jollies by posing as someone else, or even law enforcement officers who wanted to see what we would do.  Our answers and suggestions include:

First, we can't have individual chats or "back and forth" emails with someone who is a minor - not because we believe there's anything wrong with nudism for young people, but because we wouldn't want someone else having such discussions with our kids and we don't feel comfortable doing so with others' minor children either.

Second, we stress that nudism can be an appropriate activity for persons of all ages.  If you have good communications with your parent(s) why not ask them about visiting a nudist club?  If they say yes, problem solved.

Third, we stress that young persons must respect their parents' wishes, ultimately, until they move out of the home and have a place of their own.  However, we do think there are ways to find compromises:

- Sleep naked.  Easiest thing you can do to spend 1/3 of your life naked and no one has to know;

- Study naked.  Parents want you to study and keep your grades up.  If they open the door and find you in your birthday suit, but doing your homework, how much can they really complain?

- There are always times when others are out of the house.  Enjoy a little naked time when others are enjoying their evening / day out;

- Continue acting as a responsible young adult.  What most parents fear most is having their kids turn out warped in some way.  Keeping your grades up and chores done provides reassurance that you're developing normally.  Nudity is thus likely to be viewed as simply something you enjoy rather than a threat;

-Ask for permission to do messy chores while naked. (Examples include painting a room, bathing the dog, even housework or dishes).  There's logic in this, plus you're doing something extra to contribute to the family.... usually a good thing;

-Keeping things gradual seems to work.  If you start by sleeping nude, going to the shower with the towel on your shoulder without being too obvious, studying starkers, etc. at some point they may get the message and the lines of communication will be open.

- When it's time to go to college or your own apartment consider seeking out nudist roomates (this tip added 9/18/13).

We can't promise these tips will work, but they are ideas that have been shared with us over time.  Finally, please don't write us directly asking to discuss your personal situation(s).  We believe that is a proper role for your own parents.  But we do wish you well and we do hope that you have many good years of nudity ahead of you.  Most nudists only regret that they didn't start sooner!


Bare Platypus now offers products with Platypus artwork at the Bare Platypus Souvenir Shop .  You can get a tote bag or a coffee mug, a t-shirt, or all three!  Plus there's more to come.

These designs are one-of-a-kinds that you won't find elsewhere.  Tasteful enough that you can show or serve them to all guests, but unusual enough (and always bare) that they can help you get a conversation going.

You're invited to visit!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Weekend Is Here. Play Naked!

Okay, okay... We know.  It's wintertime for most of you (although we do get visitors from Australia and New Zealand, etc.) But why not celebrate that it's Friday with some naked tush time?

You can  turn up the heat for just a couple of hours and go starkers.  Or climb in between the covers in your birthday suit.  One of our platypuses likes to go to the kitchen, open the electric stove, turn on the oven (no little puggles in the house to get burned you understand), and sip cocoa.  Just to enjoy the pleasure of being naked... if only for a little while.  Then dream.

Spring is coming!  It's the weekend!  You're naked!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paying Respects to Dear Abby

This evening's news carried reports that Dear Abby author Pauline Phillips has passed away.  Known by pen name Abigail Van Buren, Ms. Phillips started writing her advice column in the mid 1950's and continued through 2002, by which time her daughter had taken over the job.

While Dear Abby was not always an "advocate" for nudism, The Platypus recalls several columns wherein she took the side of those who enjoy life clothes-free.  For example, she once wrote that a couple who enjoyed skinny dipping in their back yard should be free from the prying eyes of a neighbor's son who frequently climbed trees to sneak a peek.  Abby also wrote that she saw no harm in a girls' slumber party where the guests (all of similar age) lounged in their birthday suits.

We believe Abby was at her best when she provided encouraging words.

We trust Abby has found peace and that her family has many fond memories of her work.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slate Magazine: Topless Rich n Famous

Here's an article published in online's Slate magazine in which they answer the question, Why do the rich and famous always go topless?  Within the piece, the authors speculate that it's mainly a matter of (1) the rich and famous are the ones we know about because paparazzi follow them; (2) they travel to places like the South of France where topless is customary.  A bunch of the history of fashion stuff dating to the 13th century is also thrown into the Slate article.

Our Platypus question would be, "Why doesn't everyone go naked more often?"  You don't need to be rich, or famous, to do it.  It is very enjoyable.  It's a great equalizer.  Our current poll shows folks discover the joys of nudity in childhood, college years, and later adulthood.  So come on. You know you'd like to go naked.  Go naked. 

Ah, without the paparazzi of course.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bob's Burgers Episode to be on Nude Beach

Okay, there's likely to be cliché jokes and stereotypes galore on this one, but a new episode of Bob's Burgers is set for Sunday Night and much will concern a nude beach.  You can see screen shots by clicking HERE .

Our Nudist Couple Revisited - Threepeat

In several past posts on the Bare Platypus we have recounted the experiences of a college-age nudist couple. They started out out when the girl, who is the daughter of nudists on our Platypus team and raised going clothes-free all her life, introduced her boyfriend to the idea and invited him to a local nude resort.

We reported on the couple's second trip back to the resort some months later. Now we have a "three peat" story: a recounting of the couple's third trip in which they join the rest of the girl's family.

See, some months ago Momma Platypus was celebrating a birthday.  And what better way to celebrate a birthday than in your birthday suit? The family planned for a day at the nudist club.  Momma and Pappa Platypus started by bringing their sons, as well as inviting their college age daughter. Momma Platypus also invited her adult friend. That friend brought her young son. Pappa Platypus brought food and provisions in the cooler. The Platypuses even invited their college age niece who had come to the club before. Finally, as we've explained, their daughter invited her boyfriend.  Would he come? Yep!

As dad remembers, there was one brief moment of awkwardness when the young man emerged from the club house.  "For just a couple of seconds, I realized it was him... This man who may well marry my daughter soon. And we were both standing there in our natural state.  This all dawned on me. Then we headed to the lake, opened the cooler, opened a soda, and that was that."  That was that? Yes.  From then on, the whole group enjoyed an entirely normal picnic and birthday party.

Momma and her friend reclined on lounge chairs and the two got caught up on past events.  They also watched as their puggles (the three boys) built sand castles (sand fortresses really). Meanwhile, the three college age nudists played cards munching on cheese and crackers. They offered suggestions to the castle builders too. Dad varied between refilling drinks with ice, pop, and some fine wine to treat mom.  He also issued periodic reminders about sunscreen.  Of course, they all wished mom the best on her special day.

The fact that everyone was completely naked only became significant when the party drew to a close. The youngest castle builder didn't want to go home and he really didn't want to put clothes back on.   Ushering him into the car his mom consoled him with the promise that he could disrobe when he got back to his house. (Sound familiar?)  The three college students left together to do a bit of shopping.  And the Platypuses sighed.  It had been a very good day.

Now, admittedly we have condensed all that happened but things very much happened as we have described.  Nudity can be a natural thing.  It can be enjoyed by several generations of people.  It does not have to cost a lot of money to have a very enjoyable afternoon. There were, of course, some admission fees involved for the adults who attended. College rates made that more affordable for those visitors.

Contrary to what some may think, the nudity involved kept things simple. No questions about whether dress should be casual or more formal. Plus a common similarity between everyone there.  Instead of dorky cone party hats with elastic chin straps that ouch against your skin, everyone at this party simply wore nothing.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dealing with Tough Economics? Try Naked!

With unemployment and the cost of living as high as they are now, many folks are looking for a way to economize.  We can't think of a better solution than going naked!  Here's why:

No matter what you own or where you live, there's a chance that you have at least some space (even a small room) to yourself. If so, strip off!  When you take off your clothes, you take off a lot of the day's troubles.  But you also get to do it cheap!  You don't need anything.  Just a little bit of time.

You would be surprised how much better reading a good book, watching tv, or listening to music can be in your birthday suit.  Try doing dishes and housework in the nude.  They're much more fun. Plus, you don't have to go out, or spend money, or even have any equipment. You'll spend less on laundry detergent and hot water washing clothes too.

We repeat these points from time to time on the Platypus, but they're worth repeating.  Life really is often better naked. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Naked. The perfect way to relax after stressful days.

Today some of the Bare Platypus crew had a particularly stressful day. Lots of deadlines to meet, people to please, and things to keep straight.  Know the perfect cure?  Stripping off at home!

The day's stress seems to be melting away with the clothes cast aside.  You have to try it to believe it.  But it works!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Satelliting"... Another Reason You're Naked... Even if you don't know it.

We have examined the issue of nudist privacy in a day and age of things like Google Glass (cameras and computers built into a pair ordinary-looking eyeglasses), Instagram, and credit reporting companies that snoop into your Facebook friends and habits.

Here's one more reason why a picture of your naked tush is likely to end up on the Internet someday whether you plan it or not: the magical refocusing camera.  Mashable has been carrying a lot of stories about cameras with the technology to capture millions of data points (either by having lens and software designed to capture those points from slightly different angles of light waves or by simply storing a whopping 41megapixels or more of data in a single image).

We know, we know, it doesn't seem remarkable on first glance... high resolution cameras have been around for years.  The difference here is that the new cameras (including those on cell phones like the Nokia 880) allow a single picture or videos to be taken, but then to focus on any area of that picture or video with incredibly sharp resolution after it has been snapped.

Remember the 8mm film recorded by Abraham Zapruder of the Kennedy assassination that infamous day in Dallas?  Now imagine if any place the camera had panned across during the filming could be zoomed in and brought into focus as if it had been zoomed in on by Zapruder himself.  Imagine being able to see the characteristics of each and every face in the crowd, on the grassy knoll... even to the point of reading each and every license plate in the motorcade.  Or looking into the windows of the schoolbook depository building for Lee Harvey Oswald.

It sounds like science fiction, but it is reality.  Just view the sample pictures taken by a Nokia 880 camera phone, or with a Lytro camera that allows you to change focus after the fact.

What does it mean for nudists?  Well, imagine lounging in your birthday suit while someone snaps a picture of your whole neighborhood from atop a 12 story building several blocks away.  The neighborhood-at-a-glance may also become your bare butt at a glance if the user zooms and zooms onto your street, then your yard, then your heiney.

We at the Bare Platypus wish to enter our nomination for the name of this phenomenon: "satelliting."  Satelliting works as if you could zoom into the windows of houses using Google Earth. 

Imagine that the beach photographer is happily taking pictures of the seagulls, but knows the woman showing cleavage in the very, very distant background may be brought clearly into focus with a few mouse clicks long after the snapshot of the sea gulls is taken. 

The Bare Platypus doesn't have any photography onsite (we do have a few illustrations).  But imagine a day when there is no way to get a photo release from everyone in an image because there are people at a great distance away from the photographer who the photographer didn't even see.  People who may easily be seen once post-capture focusing begins.

As the number of megapixels in ordinary cell phones continues to grow, and with the advancement of cameras with after-the-fact focusing, the Platypus predicts a day when most people will realize that there is no privacy on any beach.  Maybe not in any backyard either if folks snapping pictures from a jet airplane can one day zoom in to see from 12 miles away what you can now see from 12 blocks away. 

Maybe then we'll realize we're all naked, shrug, and deal with it.

Get the picture?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nudist Twitter Tweets Saved for Posterity

Hey Platypus readers, big news today.  It seems that the Library of Congress has already stored over 170 billion Tweets from Twitter so far in its project to archive each and every public Tweet ever posted.  Announced in April 2010, the project has ramped up to processing, and archiving, nearly half a billion tweets per day.

The Bare Platypus takes some pride in knowing that tens of thousands of nudist posts will be part of the archive; that is, if each and every public Tweet is indeed getting added.  Many years from now, researchers will be able to get an idea of how popular simply being naked was, and is, across the spectrum.  (We follow lots of you fellow bares on Twitter, but can't imagine how many more there are.) 

There are already some tools at Google that analyze how often certain words appear in books over various decades.With similar data mining tools, researchers will know what was really on our minds.

There are no doubt privacy issues left to ponder.  But our talk about baring our posteriors will be saved for posterity!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Why oh Y?

Ask any guy who grew up in the 1950's and belonged to his local YMCA and he'll let you in on a well-known "secret."  Guys used to swim naked there! Moreover, there were often "solariums" or outdoor sunning porches where nude sunbathing was common.  Old and young, grandpas, dads and their sons, those in shape or who needed to get in shape, had one great equalizer: you swam and sunned in what God gave ya.

Sometime, perhaps during the 1960's or so, things began to change.  No doubt it had some to do with going co-ed.  Then it became more difficult to avoid an awkward, unplanned, "meeting of the genders" if a female opened the wrong door or showed up during the men's swim hour. 

But the change also probably had much to do with the ways society was morphing too. The sexual revolution made some circumstances take on a sexual dimension where there hadn't been one before.  Decades later, many adults had come to be very uneasy about being nude in the presence of minors, even in the locker room and showers, due to growing awareness of the problems of abuse.

Consequently, nudity is disappearing in many changing areas and the group shower room has been replaced with individual cubicles.  It's a bit sad, actually.  The same camaraderie created by the "corporate nudity" characteristic of a Finnish sauna is unknown to many Y patrons today.

There will no doubt come a time when someone will write a blog entry that starts "Ask any guy who grew up in the 1970's and they'll tell you a well-known 'secret.' Guys used to take group showers naked and change in open rooms there..."

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Want an Energy Boost? Try Naked!

This week The New York Times is running a story about energy drinks.  From Monster to Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy, researchers are debating whether there is anything special in the beverages other than caffeine.

The Platypus Team are not medical researchers but we've got a suggestion for those who want a little "pick me up" in their day: Naked Time.  It's a proven fact that sunshine is one of the best sources of Vitamin D you can get.  We're not talking overexposure here.  Just a break of maybe 30 minutes getting an all-over tan.  Naked Time is even celebrated in some parts of the world, such as Germany's Munich gardens, where folks are known to sun au naturel during lunch hours.

Admittedly, it's cold at this time of year in many parts of the country, so this isn't quite as easy.  But you could still enjoy your birthday suit as you drink your morning coffee. (Some Platypuses have been known to especially appreciate sipping their java from a mug with a nudist theme on it.)

Caffeine and naked go well together.  Just be careful when you're pouring that hot water.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Explaining Our Current Poll

We at the Bare Platypus wish to express our thanks to those who have already cast votes in our current poll.  We also encourage those who have not yet voted to do so.  This poll is scheduled to run only for about 90 days so please make your entries now.  You do not need to follow this blog... whoever you are, we'd like to hear from you.

There are a few reasons why we're interested in your answers. It's probably "bad science" to tell you
about those reasons ahead of time, but we're not aiming for a truly scientific poll anyway. 

See, we'd like to know when people first consider giving naked a try and are open to trying it.  This may shed some light on when and how nudism should be marketed and to which ages and stages of life.  It may also lead to some great discussions. 

In previous blog posts we've wondered out loud whether nudists are "born" (have always had a natural inclination to do it) or "made" (only begin thinking about nudity when someone else puts the issue in front of them by having an article published on the subject, directly being asked to join someone else in visiting a nude beach or skinny dipping in the back yard pool.)  The poll may not extract all the answers, but it's a starting point.

For our part, there are members of the Platypus team who were raised nudists, so there was never a discussion about when, or whether, to go bare.  Others probably would have never thought about nudism unless their spouse had asked them to try it.  Some report trying out a nude beach while in college (California universities seem to be sited near a lot of nude beaches... what a match!). 

Finally, there are a couple of us who weren't raised as nudists per se, but always enjoyed and wanted to be naked.  Even (Especially?) as kids, if we could have gone to a place where we could swim naked or walk naked in a forest we would have done so in a heartbeat.  We ditched our pajamas, or quietly played naked in the garage where possible.

Every nudist has a story and we never get tired of hearing their stories.

Oh, and by the way, if you're reading the Platypus and don't consider yourself a nudist, you're welcome here too! There's a ballot choice for you and we'd welcome your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Discussing Last Year's Poll Results

Beginning in the Spring of 2012, we asked Bare Platypus readers the following question:

"Where's your favorite place to go nude?"

From the time the poll was first posted until December 31, 2012, 308 people voted.  Here's how they answered:

Home and With Family = 80 votes / 25%

Nude Beach = 73 votes / 23%

Nudist Club = 68 votes / 22%

Out in Nature / Trails = 87 votes / 28 %
These results are typical of the approximate percentages throughout the history of the poll.  And we think they make an interesting point.  Being naked at home (about the house and in the back yard?) and with family, as well as simply being naked in nature out on trails, were the two categories that received the most votes.
Yet what do traditional nudist organizations and publications dedicate themselves to promoting? Visits to nudist club and nude beaches!  It is very rare that nudity within the home and family gets discussed.  Nude hiking gets similarly short shrift.  Maybe it's because there isn't much money to be made from simply encouraging people to be naked in their own homes.  Maybe it's because nude hiking isn't available in many locations within the U.S.
We here at the Bare Platypus can't think of a better place to enjoy being bare than in your own home... even if you never shuck your clothes anywhere else.  And hiking au naturel in secluded spots? That's pretty cool too. Expect more "coverage" of both topics in 2013 right here.

01/01/2013 Walter of the Week

Our January 1, 2013 Walter of the Week goes to... (drum roll please)...  2013. The Baby New Year!

There are a lot of reasons to make this award.  First, a new year offers lots of promise.  It's a time of new opportunities. It's also a time for making resolutions: to eat healthy; to exercise more, to spend more time in your birthday suit.

And, speaking of birthday suits, the New Year's Baby usually appears naked. Or bare bummed and sporting only a sash.  That makes his attire just perfect for celebrating Naked Tuesday.  Naked Tuesday is a tradition started by the character Walter Bishop of the hit TV show, Fringe.

"Born" on a Tuesday and born naked, could 2103 be more promising?  We don't think so.  To 2013 - this Walter's for you!