Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Nudist Couple Revisited - Threepeat

In several past posts on the Bare Platypus we have recounted the experiences of a college-age nudist couple. They started out out when the girl, who is the daughter of nudists on our Platypus team and raised going clothes-free all her life, introduced her boyfriend to the idea and invited him to a local nude resort.

We reported on the couple's second trip back to the resort some months later. Now we have a "three peat" story: a recounting of the couple's third trip in which they join the rest of the girl's family.

See, some months ago Momma Platypus was celebrating a birthday.  And what better way to celebrate a birthday than in your birthday suit? The family planned for a day at the nudist club.  Momma and Pappa Platypus started by bringing their sons, as well as inviting their college age daughter. Momma Platypus also invited her adult friend. That friend brought her young son. Pappa Platypus brought food and provisions in the cooler. The Platypuses even invited their college age niece who had come to the club before. Finally, as we've explained, their daughter invited her boyfriend.  Would he come? Yep!

As dad remembers, there was one brief moment of awkwardness when the young man emerged from the club house.  "For just a couple of seconds, I realized it was him... This man who may well marry my daughter soon. And we were both standing there in our natural state.  This all dawned on me. Then we headed to the lake, opened the cooler, opened a soda, and that was that."  That was that? Yes.  From then on, the whole group enjoyed an entirely normal picnic and birthday party.

Momma and her friend reclined on lounge chairs and the two got caught up on past events.  They also watched as their puggles (the three boys) built sand castles (sand fortresses really). Meanwhile, the three college age nudists played cards munching on cheese and crackers. They offered suggestions to the castle builders too. Dad varied between refilling drinks with ice, pop, and some fine wine to treat mom.  He also issued periodic reminders about sunscreen.  Of course, they all wished mom the best on her special day.

The fact that everyone was completely naked only became significant when the party drew to a close. The youngest castle builder didn't want to go home and he really didn't want to put clothes back on.   Ushering him into the car his mom consoled him with the promise that he could disrobe when he got back to his house. (Sound familiar?)  The three college students left together to do a bit of shopping.  And the Platypuses sighed.  It had been a very good day.

Now, admittedly we have condensed all that happened but things very much happened as we have described.  Nudity can be a natural thing.  It can be enjoyed by several generations of people.  It does not have to cost a lot of money to have a very enjoyable afternoon. There were, of course, some admission fees involved for the adults who attended. College rates made that more affordable for those visitors.

Contrary to what some may think, the nudity involved kept things simple. No questions about whether dress should be casual or more formal. Plus a common similarity between everyone there.  Instead of dorky cone party hats with elastic chin straps that ouch against your skin, everyone at this party simply wore nothing.

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  1. So nice, so natural, so ordinary. That would be nudism!