Sunday, January 20, 2013

Advice for the Young Nudist

The Platypus has a little bit of time at the moment so we're going to tackle a subject that takes time and some careful answers: Assisting the young nudist who still lives at home with family, but knows that going naked is something they want to do.

If you look at the current results of our poll, you'll see that about one third of those voting say they were nudists "from the time I could get my diaper off!"  Sure enough, in our work promoting the nudism business we would get an email or post from time to time that said something to the effect of, (1) I'm a teen still in high school / middle school; (2) I know that I enjoy being naked; (3) I don't know how to start going nude around home or to tell my parents about this.

The platypus has no way of knowing whether these writers were actually young persons, older people trying to get their jollies by posing as someone else, or even law enforcement officers who wanted to see what we would do.  Our answers and suggestions include:

First, we can't have individual chats or "back and forth" emails with someone who is a minor - not because we believe there's anything wrong with nudism for young people, but because we wouldn't want someone else having such discussions with our kids and we don't feel comfortable doing so with others' minor children either.

Second, we stress that nudism can be an appropriate activity for persons of all ages.  If you have good communications with your parent(s) why not ask them about visiting a nudist club?  If they say yes, problem solved.

Third, we stress that young persons must respect their parents' wishes, ultimately, until they move out of the home and have a place of their own.  However, we do think there are ways to find compromises:

- Sleep naked.  Easiest thing you can do to spend 1/3 of your life naked and no one has to know;

- Study naked.  Parents want you to study and keep your grades up.  If they open the door and find you in your birthday suit, but doing your homework, how much can they really complain?

- There are always times when others are out of the house.  Enjoy a little naked time when others are enjoying their evening / day out;

- Continue acting as a responsible young adult.  What most parents fear most is having their kids turn out warped in some way.  Keeping your grades up and chores done provides reassurance that you're developing normally.  Nudity is thus likely to be viewed as simply something you enjoy rather than a threat;

-Ask for permission to do messy chores while naked. (Examples include painting a room, bathing the dog, even housework or dishes).  There's logic in this, plus you're doing something extra to contribute to the family.... usually a good thing;

-Keeping things gradual seems to work.  If you start by sleeping nude, going to the shower with the towel on your shoulder without being too obvious, studying starkers, etc. at some point they may get the message and the lines of communication will be open.

- When it's time to go to college or your own apartment consider seeking out nudist roomates (this tip added 9/18/13).

We can't promise these tips will work, but they are ideas that have been shared with us over time.  Finally, please don't write us directly asking to discuss your personal situation(s).  We believe that is a proper role for your own parents.  But we do wish you well and we do hope that you have many good years of nudity ahead of you.  Most nudists only regret that they didn't start sooner!


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