Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Renters Seeking Nudist Roomates

Two days ago we ran a post noting that the Economy Will Change How We Get Bare . In it we noted that people would increasingly get their naked time where they could get it making nudity at home a more important issue... Not to mention roomates.

In short, if you can't take days off from work to get away from others to be able to be bare you need roomates who are okay with your nudism at home. Well, that and the fact it's nice to just live naked no matter who you are.

Sure enough, yesterday a British publication found who one "shares a flat with" is more important than amenities for a lot of folks.   And finding a nudist roomate is a regular (albeit still on the list of 'unusual' ) search criteria for those seeking.

Read .

We'll have to add "seek out a nude friendly roomate" to our list of Tips ( Advice ) for the young nudist .

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