Thursday, September 12, 2013

In the Nudist Home

Platypus Note:  This story is reposted from a previous article.  It has been updated with some additional information.

Here at the Platypus we watch the stats on which stories get the most reads, where visitors come from, and what search engine entries send visitors our way.  Those stats tell us some interesting things.

Perhaps most interesting is that folks who find us are usually not seeking information about nude resorts or beaches or political action and nudist history - although we offer some of that fare.  We get a few visitors interested in our observations about pop culture and scientific developments and the impact they're likely to have on nudism.

By far the most reads we get are from people who want to know what it's like in a nudist household. The searches read "nude at home" "backyard nudists" "raising naturists," etc.  We don't know if they find what they're looking for when they stop by (there are no pics here.... just some Platypus cartoons).  But since this seems to be the trend, we'll indulge you with more information about what it's like to live in a home where people really go bare.  For these insights, we talked with fellow Platypuses on our team:

Cooking and Dining:  Do we cook in the nude?  Ah, yep.  Sometimes we don an apron.  And we don't barbeque or deep fry in the nude - spattering oil would put you off that.  But for the usual, heating mashed potatoes in the microwave while broiling pork chops, we're likely to be in our birthday suit.  It's more comfortable.  Ditto for setting the table and, often, sitting around that table.  When we come home most of us want to be naked so we get naked.

Holidays: There are many times we've set up the family Christmas tree while starkers.  We've also made holiday cards with our families in the nakey - usually just side views and butt shots when the kids were tykes (the whole Santa hat on a seated bare bummed toddler).  These were sent to close friends.  More traditional holiday cards for business associates, church friends, etc. We prep the Thanksgiving turkey au naturel, sometimes enjoy the meal that way.  Valentine's Day is a natural since Cupid goes starkers.  Favorite holidays are in summer when the weather cooperates more with nudists.

Photography: Since we're nudists, some of the process of documenting high points in our lives means snapping a picture or two of us wearing nothing at all.  There are fewer of these than you would think.  Maybe because we're usually in the moment of enjoying our lives rather than taking pics. Maybe out of some consciousness that others don't view nudity the same way we do.  But we do have some tasteful pictures of us in our natural state... and a few of those adorn shelves or walls in our homes.  Visitors will think what they will.

Watching TV, reading, or playing board games: We're likely to do those things naked.  Not because we're deliberately making a point to do those things naked.  Just because our default is to come home, get bare, and be comfortable.

Vacations: It's not really a vacation if we don't get in some bare time.  We visit nudist resorts from time to time (even a nude cruise or two) but have to balance that enjoyment with our budget. We have spent as many as ten wonderful days in a nude venue.  Usually we mix a stop at a nearby park along with local sightseeing, visiting relatives, souvenir shopping, and the usual stuff you do on vacations.  We do make a point of telling local businesses that we patronize that a nudist park or destination was a factor in visiting the area.

Sleeping: Almost always in the nude.  Unless the weather is really, really cold. (Maybe 6 nights a year).  Our families haven't owned pajamas for many years.  We just don't sleep in clothes.

Nude in the backyard:  We need more "non offense fencing" to be able to enjoy all of our backyards.  But we do have some secluded spots.  In those, whether taking the dogs out, doing light gardening, or just tanning it will be in nothing but a smile.

Do we force nudity?  Never.  And we don't force it on those who don't want to see us nude when they visit.  There is some natural inclination to be naked in our homes to avoid chores like taking out the trash (the one dressed is likely to be drafted since they're already prepped to go outside).

Natural?  Definitely.  Matter of fact. Nudity is not a sensational or remarkable event.  It is definitely not eroticized among us.

Do our friends know?  Most do.  And yes, they're still our friends. Sometimes they have joined us in going nude to play cards, talk over coffee, etc.

What happened when we invited folks to join us? We ended up with some "Raw Recruits"! Seriously, many of our friends and their puggles took to nudity and thanked us for it!

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