Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally a Hot Tub Co "Gets" Naked

Okay... we titled this a bit misleading. We should have said we finally found a hot tub company that gets (understands) naked. You see,  for many years we have been waiting for a company that understands that many who buy a spa don't want to wear suit in it.  We have opined that the marketing that spa companies use neglects skinny dippers .

Turns out, we may have been looking in the wrong place.

At least when it comes to a retail level installer, that is.

Olympic Hot Tubs Understand Some of Us Want to Spa Naked  . If you click the link and then select "owners' corner" and then the tab "it's all about fun" you will see the tab "nude or not nude" and that they include a full discussion on whether to go nude or not.  They also give data on surveys they have run with interesting results.

In 1982 the great majority of spa buyers and users (90 % plus) wanted to take the waters completely bare.  Decades later, the number has dropped considerably.  Don't know if it is because there are just more spa buyers now than in the early years so that more "prudes" than nudes are buying.  Or if there has been a shift in the country's attitudes.

In any event, we salute Olympic Hot Tubs for understanding us.  Too bad they're located in Washington state far from us.  But we hope they succeed.  (PS... even a few very discrete photos leave the straps off the swimwear on the site.)