Friday, September 20, 2013

Why DO Germans Love Getting Naked So Much?

There is a story on an NBC based website this week entitled Getting to the bottom of Germany's love of nudity.

The article is an interesting read.  And we must admit: There's something different about Germans when it comes to being nakey.  For example, many, many leaders of the Internationa Naturist Federation always seemed to be Germans as the Platypus worked in the industry.  For another, and as the article points out, clothed and naked German bathers seem to get along fine together on the beach. And Germans seem to be among the best at accepting nudity among all ages.

We don't know why all of the above good things are so prevalent but we'll offer some theories.  Maybe Germans ditch clothes because other aspects of life such as work and finances seem to be so regimented.   Or maybe it's the effect of two major wars that cause them to sigh and accept they need to get along with others... a choose yer battles kind of thing.

Maybe Germans are more proud of their bodies...whatever their condition. Maybe it's a matter of history. The wandervogel youth (hippie like) movement in the early decades of the 20th century embraced nudity.  And many nudist pioneers including K Bartel who started nudism in the US got a start among German peers.

But again we're back more to observation than causation. Your Platypus theory ( with note to our own German  ancestry) is that it's "in the blood." There may well be a genetic marker for being more apt to need freedom from clothes. A pre-disposition shared by some with  autism (see nudity and autism revisited) or others wearing naked genes  .


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