Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Reasons Guys Bare

Continuing with yesterday's post, here are some more theories about why it may be easier to get a guy to try nudity:

9. They're just born / wired to like nudity.  This reason seems oh so simplistic and yet it  may prove to be among the most accurate;

10. With much of their "nether plumbing" on the outside, men experience the enjoyment of, say, the water while skinny dipping;

11. Guys like to be out in nature either camping or playing sports, which complements activities at nudist clubs;

12. A sense of adventure?

13. Less sensitivity to the cold/hot changes of weather?

14. A role model... Dad, older brother,  even Tarzan who was cool about nudity.

15. Military enlistment leading to world travel and exposure to cultures where nudity is accepted.

Any other ideas, readers?


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