Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Want Simple Life? Start Naked!

Today there's an interesting story in the news about a family that shuns technologies introduced after 1986 .  The family has a wired phone line, for example, but no cell service.  There are video cassettes but no DVD's.  No cable and no internet, email, or Facebook. They make do with faxes for business.  They claim they have saved much money.

Dad got the idea after his five year old son refused to come outside on a nice day because he insisted on playing on his iPad.  Now the family has a box where guests who come to visit temporarily stash their gadgets while in the low-tech zone.

So we have a modern-day equivalent of an Amish pledge.  Instead of clinging to an 1880's life of wagons and horses, these folks cling to a 1980's way of life.  They chose 1986 for the cut off because it's the year both parents were born. At five and two, the kids are adjusting well to it all.

If this works for them, good for them.

No word on whether the family has considered nudism as part of their life choices, but we'd challenge them to consider it.  For one thing, every person comes into this life naked.  No clothes made after 1986 to worry about. It doesn't have to cost anything.

Besides, nudism is about simplicity itself: getting outside and getting back to nature. All the things that these parents were concerned about their kids missing out on when they launched this experiment about giving up technology. 

Enjoy building mud pies or painting colorful designs on rocks with no clothes to clean up.  Dash in and out of a lawn sprinkler in your birthday suit or go for a skinny dip.  Sunbathe for a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Lower laundry bills. And sleepwear?  Ditch it, sleep in the buff, and cut out the cost of pajamas too.

Some nudist clubs even restrict cell phone use both to cut down on disruption to guests from noisy calls and talk, as well as to prevent camera phone misuse.

If you want true retro and to truly get back to basics, wear what they've not been wearing since ancient Greece.  Go naked!

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