Saturday, September 7, 2013

Virtual Nudists Appearing Soon at a Computer Near You

For as long as nudists have been going to nudist clubs, they have shared strong ties to the art world.  Club members comfortable with their bodies pose as nude models to art classes.  Nudist resorts are matter-of-fact about displaying nude artwork in hotel rooms.  And many clubs organize art shows and sales.

Creating nude 3-D renderings on computers has also been around the technology world for some time of course. There are many sites where 3D computer artists--and they deserve to hold the title artists--feature their works of the human anatomy.  Sometimes fictional half-human half alien likenesses too. Here at the Platypus, we have discussed Nudity (or lack of complete nudity) in the Sims videogame. 

We think the following link to Watch a Guy Stare at Realistic Naked Bodies - Thanks Virtual Reality is worth a visit.  Now, we'll admit up front that there are some references in the "tour" to what these applications may mean for the pornography industry as well as in the reader comments that follow.  And we'll admit that the whole idea of "staring" is against what nudists hold true.

Yet, as we started our blog entry by noting, nudists have always appreciated and admired nude artwork.  Examined in this spirit, the virtual technology gets interesting.  Certainly the models in the demonstration are posed together almost as if attending a yoga session at some club.  There are, at least, both genders represented in the demo although the guys keep boxers on and stand with hands at their sides as if soldiers, while the female models are posed differently. (More facts not lost on the readers in their comments).

Then watch as the demonstration morphs the setting for the models from a studio to outside among grass and sun.  Or under trees.  You begin to see how this technology could help show the appeal of embracing sun and sky in your birthday suit just the same way that a nude sketched by a pond or beach has done for centuries.

We prefer the real nudist experience to the virtual one, naturally, as we're sure you do. But maybe some day nudist clubs will be able to demo their grounds with a mix of pictures of the facilities with high quality 3D nudists.  This would let actual club members keep their privacy, while helping prospective members to better imagine being there. Kind of like how mannequins in stores help sell clothes

Illustrations, no matter how realistic, are somehow just a bit less "confrontational" to many viewers. All the nude sculptures around Capitol Hill and the Library of Congress in Washington DC are proudly displayed to retirees and school kids on class trips alike. Getting bare on the Capitol lawn would get you arrested faster than you could say "hand me the sunblock."

The Bare Platypus uses cartoons from time to time and the nudist community has the Nude Toons of Ron Coleman and Loxie and Zoot.  Can we add to such creativity with this generation of tech?


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