Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hawaii Nude Beach Advice

Okay, there's an article out about How not to be a jerk on a nude beach . The authoring lady used a different word for jerk but you get the idea.

Anyway, there are some good tips to avoid being an unwelcome visitor. However, there are a few additional points we believe should be made.

First, the author uses that word "junk" to describe genitals.  We wish she didn't as noted in our post asking folks to stop calling your pen*s junk.

Second, we would suggest that if you're at a nude beach you actually get nude. People understand that a first timer needs a little adjustment session.  But please realize that those who want to wear a suit have hundreds of beach choices. Nudists only have a few.  So recognize why folks are there and be part of it. The reader comments to the linked article point this out in one form or another.

Third, while the author counsels against open displays of too much affection, she could do to remind those, who should need no reminder, that "touching oneself aggressively" / ma$t&b#t*ng is never okay.

Fourth, do families a favor and do not stare at them or glare at them as if to say, "why would you ever bring your puggles here?"  You may not have been brought up going to nude beaches, but some people are brought up that way. Remember too that kids make noise and build sandcastles and splash on any beach. 

Finally, the worst thing you can do on a nude beach is to take it away.  Specifically, this is directed to the park personnel at places like Lighthouse Beach or Cape Cod National Seashore.  Please.  If you're not down with nudity that's okay.  Just ask for a transfer rather than trying to change an entire tradition of nude use simply to meet your criteria of what a beach should be.


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