Monday, September 16, 2013

Economy Will Change How We Get Bare

There have been many reports about the changing face of the US economy.  For example, of the number of jobs created in July 2013, a great number of them came from service sector positions in retail sales and restaurants.  Many were part-time, rather than full-time positions.  And many workers work either two jobs or even more if they are all part time.

If you think this post is to be a political diatrribe for one party or the other think again.

Our purpose  in discussing these statistics is to consider the effect that the changing workforce will have on the way social nudity is practised. IT used to be straightforward that people visited nudist clus on weekends.  But if many people are working two or three jobs, they may not have weekends, or even one whole day, free in their schedule. For them, they wll need to take naked time when and where they can get it.  The sojourn out to the nudist club on the outskirts of town for time with the family is just not realistic.

The price of admission to clubs may not be realistic either.  This leaves a couple possibilities.  One is that nudist clubs will go upscale targeted at fewer numbers who can still afford it. That had been the trend.  We're not so sure it will continue.

Maybe soon more people wil be visiting free beaches and doing so during the week more often.  This may help spread out usage more evenly.  Just as likely, people will opt to get bare at home.  Since they may be sharing home with roomates, the ability to list clothhes-free living as a preference in forums such as Craigslist will be more and more important.  We have already seen ads seeking nude-friendly roomates and can only believe we will see more.

The week long nude experience during summer vacation may become less typical.  But all is not gloom. More and more people may come to see how much a vacation they can get just by taking off their clothes.

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