Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why Guys Bare: Exploring the Gender Gap in Nudism Con't

In our last Platypus post, we introduced the topic for the next few days: the difference between males and females when it comes to getting nude.  We started with the observation that boys and men seem more willing to give it a try... and that they're found in greater numbers on nude beaches and in nudist clubs than women and girls.

Today, we ask, "Why is that?"  Let's offer some explanations now and maybe some more tomorrow:

1. One answer (though less true today):  Many males were raised with "exposure" to communal nudity in the locker room, group showers at school and camp, and even skinny-dipping;

2. Males are raised being less conscious of body image.  They are not expected to have perfect figures as females are made to feel. (this is less true today than in the past as well) ;

3. Men can "laugh it off" when their bodies experience "natural functions" ranging from flatulence to taking a leak against a tree while camping;

4.  Males may feel less vulnerable in the presence of others due to size and stature; females must be wary of assault;

5. If a guy is nude there's the perception that he simply enjoys it, while in the case of a woman her "character" is  more likely to be questioned;

6. Testosterone keeps men both old and young adventurous and ready to try new things;

7. Women experience changes during childbirth that may leave them self-conscious;

8. Men are already allowed to show more skin.  They are free to go topless in pools and on beaches;

To be continued... More to come in our next post.

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