Saturday, June 29, 2013

Record Temps Call for Naked Response

There are news stories today about record temperatures sweeping much of the country.  Photos from the Death Valley visitors' center show thermometers reading 128 degrees! (Okay, the official temp is higher than that by few degrees, but who's counting?)

Here's the Platypus suggestion for beating the heat:  Go indoors into air conditioning if you must, but be sure to get naked too.  Those clothes make you hot!  So take them off, find a cooling cotton sheet to stretch out on, and watch an event, or listen to music.  If you go outside, don't overdo it.  Cool off with a quick skinny dip, but then find shade and stay there.

Stay hydrated.  Stay Naked.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Naked Weekend?

There's still time to put some naked in your weekend. Don't let summer slip by without some going bare bum.  All you need is a little non-offense place in your back yard.  Or that warm sunny bay window that looks out to a place where others won't disturb you.

Go skinny-dipping in that family pool... even if you have to do it at night.  Close the garage door and wash the dog naked.  These are the days for birthday suits, so suit up!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1 in 5 Brits Would Go Naked On Vacation Out of the Country

A New Story This Week notes that one in five Britons would be willing to go completely bare on a beach IF they were out of the country on vacation.  Only one in twenty (5%) would be willing to go bare while in their home country.

The "what if someone I know finds out" factor seems to be significant in the U.S. too.  It may explain the popularity of nude cruises, where people know the ship is traveling out side the country.  Bare Necessities often reports a significant number of first-timers to nude recreation on their ships.

By the way, the link above has other interesting factoids on the page, such as data on nude sleeping.  It's worth a visit.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Show on Nick Jr. to Visit Sunny Rest Nudist Club Tonight

A new show on Nick Jr. Television network called "Take Me to Your Mother" will visit the Sunny Rest Nudist Resort in Pennsylvania tonight at 10 pm.  Click Here for More Details .

Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Source for Nude Artwork

In our post earlier this week about what to do for Father's Day, we offered several ideas with a nudist theme. Among those suggestions, we mentioned getting dad a tasteful nude print.  We've got a suggestion about where to find one.

Try visiting .  Enter the word "nude" or "naked" and you'll get pages and pages of prints that range from classical to cartoons.  Happy Hunting.  And Happy Father's Day.

More News on Nakedness

The Bare Platypus has culled several news articles this week about naked events and news.

First The Atlantic magazine carries a story from a writer about participating in Portland's World Naked Bike Ride event this year.

Next, four Miss USAs have stripped completely naked for---you guessed it---a  PETA advertisement against animal cruelty and wearing.

There's also the arrival of a Naked in Nature Calendar available for sale.

Kraft Zesty Italian Salad Dressing released a print advertisement depicting a nearly nude man, on a picnic blanket, with only a bit of the blanket for covering.  It drew the ire of a mothers' protest group who found it objectionable.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Father's Day Present He'll Really Enjoy

Wondering what to give dad this weekend?  How about some quality naked time? There are several things you can do:

  • Plan a trip to your local nude beach.  Don't tell where you're going.  Make it a surprise (but be sure to pack the trunk with towels, sunscreen, and cool drinks).

  • Go to a nudist resort - See beach trip tips above.

  • Have a naked day at home.  Make a point to not put a stitch on all day.

  • Get a tasteful framed nude print he can hang on his wall.

  • Insert your idea in the comments below!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Special Thanks to the Members Who Follow Bare Platypus

The number of Blogger members who follow Bare Platypus continues to grow.  This week we saw some new members following too.  We'd just like to say "thanks" for making the Platypus a regular spot that you visit.  And if you're just visiting us for the first time, we welcome you too!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrating the Birthday of Maurice Sendak with Birthday Suits

Today the search page for Google contained an illustration from Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are in honor of what would have been the author's 85th birthday.

The Bare Platypus has discussed nudity in Sendak's books along with some other titles and authors.

So get into the spirit of the occasion.  Curl up on the couch naked with a good book and a cool drink.  And tip your glass to folks like Sendak who celebrate the human body.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sorry We Missed "Work Naked Day" on Tuesday

It seems that last Tuesday, June 4, marked the annual celebration of Work Naked Day .  (On further examination of the article announcing the "holiday," it seems to be more about working from a home office than about nudity.)

But we're still sorry we missed it.  We think working naked would take a lot of the "work" out of working... Or at least make it much more fun.  It certainly makes yard work and gardening more fun.  So take the plunge.

Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off the clothes must go!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Revisiting Nudity and Google Glass

We here at the Bare Platypus have been talking about Google Glass for quite some time... specifically the impact that the technology could have on nudist venues.  In a nutshell, Google Glass consists of a pair of eyeglasses which incorporate a small viewing screen, internet access, a camera, and various applications and tools which the user can access while still watching and working in the world around them.

You can read our first post on the subject by clicking Is nudism ready for Google Glass?. Therein we wondered what would happen when people start wearing the glasses to a nude beach or club.  Does etiquette demand the glasses be taken off? If not, what prevents surreptitious photography?

True to similar predictions, this week an online developer of pornographic apps for android and the iphone announced the introduction of an adult-oriented "XXX Glass" tool.  Apparently it was designed to let folks film "activity" and / or share material with others.  For its part, Google had issued a notice earlier in the week to developers that it was banning nudity, sexually oriented material and, especially child pornography from any applications sold for Glass.

For now, then, it looks like nudity filmed with the glasses will be content "without a country."  But technology---and ways to beat technology---march along.

Here are a couple links to stories:

Google Glass:

And this story:

Sunscreen News

This week  The Wall St. Journal and many other media outlets are announcing that new research shows using sunscreen daily can reduce the signs of wrinkles and aging for most people. That's good for your appearance.  We say it can be good for your attitude if you use enough for your whole body and get in some naked time in the sun each day that you can!

Limited amounts of sun give your body a healthy dose of Vitamin D.  Just as importantly, the feel of the breeze on your whole skin and the freedom you'll enjoy will lift your spirits.  Just don't overdo it, and use that sunscreen lotion!

Monday, June 3, 2013

News Stories About Nakedness

CNN runs "where to swim naked" story, most destinations exotic, worldwide:

Boston Globe considers the World Naked Bike Ride:

The Word is... NAKEY

The other day we were reviewing various websites that sent the Bare Platypus traffic over the week.  (We're grateful for the many that do.)  A less familiar website came to our attention

The site is a search engine that specializes in capturing social media like blog postings and Twitter tweets. So we did some test searches for the usual: "nudist"  "nudists" "naked," etc. to see how often folks post on those subjects.  There were quite a few posts... so many that we couldn't read them all. But when they used the word nudist it was often in phrases like the familiar "I bet being a nudist takes all the fun out of Halloween" (for which they couldn't be more wrong), or "I hate doing laundry, going to become a nudist." In other words, often without necessarily expressing a genuine interest in nudism.

There were exceptions, of course.  Plus, you had to be sure to select the "30 days" or "all time" boxes next to search results to see more selections.  Now, as to the title of today's blog post:

When we ran the word "nakey" on a whim we could not believe how many Twitter tweets and short posts that people had made using that word.  It may have dwarfed the search results for "nudist."  And the posters who used it seemed to be much more on point, e.g. "It's hot weather.  Going to sleep nakey."  Or, "My roommates are gone this weekend, now I can go around nakey!"

It would probably take a sociologist to explain the transition to common usage of this word, but we'll offer our theory: The Rugrats animated television show.  It was widely aired years ago and watched by many of the people who most post and use smart phones and other social media now.  And who could forget the episode Naked Tommy in which Tommy Pickles doffs his diaper to announce, "Nakey is free!  Nakey is... nakey!"  Truth be told, we found young Mr. Pickles' inspiring quote a number of times within the archives.

So we've got a word to use more often when reaching a certain generation.  It's descriptive and conveys a certain amount of youthful innocence.  It's the word of the day.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Neighborly? Barely.

Today the Bare Platypus was once again out in the back yard enjoying a Saturday in the sun and his birthday suit.  He was using the "non offense" canopy described in a previous post.

Set up lawn chair? Check.

Cold drink in hand? Check.

Clothes off? Check.

Book to read? Check.

And then, it began.  The Latin salsa music from a house just  across the street a few doors down plus another neighbor couple having an animated discussion. (Not a fight mind you, just very vocal.)  Later, an ice cream truck slowly trolled throughout the block playing a repetitious melody that sounded like "pop goes the weasel" played on a music box with a couple of broken notes.

It all got the Platypus thinking.... If HE had simply walked out into the backyard naked, no doubt someone would QUICKLY call the police.  And the Platypus would probably be in jail charged with a sex offense of some kind.  Or at least "disturbing the peace."

Ironically, however, such disturbances as the ice cream truck, the salsa music, or a loud conversation are much less likely to land someone in hot water.  At least in the day time.

The only hot water this Platypus wants to be in is the kind with bubbles and a Jacuzzi involved so we'll stick to the non-offense canopy.  But why is it that a birthday suit would so quickly offend, when other conduct gets a pass? 

Ah, well.  Even if life had a soundtrack for a while today, it was still good. And life is just a little better when you're naked.