Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ideas for Closing Nudism's Gender Gap - Part I

Nudists have been working to close the gender gap for a long time.  We have no delusions that we will "fix" the issue here in a single post... or even a few posts.  Nevertheless, we have a few ideas.  We welcome any ideas that you have, too.

First, let's learn what we can from other cultures where the gender gap is already closer.  What does France know about going topless that causes more of their ladies to be "dressed" like their male counterparts on the beach (i.e. with bottoms only)?  Why is it that Scandinavians---men and women alike---seem comfortable?  We think it has a lot to do with how the populace is raised.  But studying other cultures is a good start.

Second, we think we must start depicting nudism in ways that women find less threatening.  For those sites that use pictures, do not be afraid to show those with wrinkles, a few pounds to lose, or whatever else conveys that you do NOT need a perfect body to enjoy being naked.  The Platypus response to this issue is to carry no photographs at all - only cartoon mascots.  However, for those who subscribe to the "a picture's worth a thousand words" philosophy remember that's true.  Please don't let the "thousand words" be "only those 18 - 25 of perfect weight and condition need apply" again and again for a hundred times.

Third, ... and this is to the gentlemen in nudism... let us be on our better behavior.  Let us not do things that cause women to feel they have been approached for the wrong reasons (e.g. being "hit on"), or otherwise more vulnerable.

Fourth, consider for a moment, if only for a moment, that policies in clubs designed to ensure more gender balance are as much to make women feel more comfortable than to simply discriminate against men.

Fifth, let's ask ourselves if there their activities that women would enjoy doing?  Let's offer more of those activities in clubs.

Sixth, recognize that nudist clubs and beaches are not the only forums where the gender gap can be addressed.  If women could simply be made more self-assured about going nude in the privacy and security of their own homes that would make a significant impact. The Bare Platypus believes we can increase the number of practicing nudists, even if those nudists never get naked outside their own front door.

That's all for now, but we may have some other ideas soon.


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