Thursday, April 25, 2013

Revisiting Autism and Nudity

This week Yale University reported the results of a breakthrough study in which researchers found they could predict the likelihood of a fetus developing into an autistic child based on an analysis of the folds of their mother's placenta.

According to that story as covered in USA Today, one behavioral expert began using intensive autism therapies on her own daughter at very early stages of her life. She did so after determining her daughter was at high risk for the condition given placenta data.

In previous posts, the Bare Platypus has asked, aloud,  Could nudity be a therapy for autism ?  We offered the question after numerous stories about certain persons on the autism spectrum who do not like the feeling of clothes on their body.  Apparently they have an increased sensitivity to the sensation of contact between fabric and skin.

Perhaps we will one day offer increased amounts of "naked time" to those whose placental analysis indicates a predisposition to autism.