Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4/21/13 Walter of the Week: Denmark

Our Walter Award goes to a country this week... Denmark!

Denmark came to our attention when a story surfaced in the New York Times that the nation is re-evaluating its safety net of social programs .  However you feel about that subject, it got us thinking about what the country does to promote nude living and, thus, to deserve a Walter.

Leisure Time. To begin with, as the above-linked article points out, Danes enjoy significant amounts of vacation time and shorter work weeks.  That translates into more free time with friends and family and, if you're a nudist, more naked time.

Bare Platypus Visitors. Lately we have noticed more and more visitors to our blog site from Denmark stopping by, as well as visitors from Sweden, its neighbor to the North.  Welcome!

Natural Nudity. What we most admire about countries like Denmark, however, is how natural and matter-of-fact they are about nudity.

Imagine, for example, that for just a moment you were reading a blog where the author doesn't claim to be a nudist and doesn't have any hideous disclaimer about being "NSFW." Yet when summer comes round, pictures from the blogger's back yard and vacations depict nude and/or topless bathers and picnic-goers.  We've seen such blogs in "Dansk" but it helps if they use a little English too.

For another example, the famed statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbor provides a natural depiction of a subject with bare breasts and none of the Disney seashells covering her up, thank you.

So go on, Denmark.  Just keep on being yourself.  When it comes to natural nudity, we hope that imitation will be the form of flattery paid to you!