Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bare Boating

Summer is coming, and what better topic for summer than boating fun?  Or, more specifically, bare boating!

The Platypus has never had occasion to buy a boat since platypuses are at home swimming in the water already.  However, the next best thing to owning a boat is knowing friends or family who do. We've spent enough time going nautical to make some observations.

First, in our experience, not nearly as many people go nude when they hit the waves as we would think.  After all, it's possible to find seclusion... either in a hidden cove, or by cruising out to an offshore island.  Yet many boaters navigate miles away only to drop anchor among lots of other swim-suited folk.  We'd like to challenge you to think differently and get bare when you're on deck away from others. There's usually plenty of time to cover up if you need to do so.

Second, we're puzzled that more advertisers don't use the imagery of getting to lounge in your birthday suit if you own their craft.  True, they usually depict bikini-clad models.  But they stop short of showing a bare bottom (or even discarded swimwear).  We think selling nude sunbathing would help sell boats.

Finally, we've yet to be invited on an outright bare boating excursion (other than a nude cruise, that is), though we've had lots of friends invite us to join them at nudist resorts---as we have, in turn, invited others.  So we'd like to encourage those of you who do own boats to do a bit of recruiting for our nudist ranks by posing the question to friends or family: "care to join us for some au naturale time on the high seas?"

How about it Platypus readers?  Any tales from the whales you'd care to share?