Monday, April 15, 2013

Celebrate Banned Books Day... Buy Something with Nudity

This week Parade Magazine and other media outlets are running a story about the American Library Association's top 10 list of banned books.  Know what's most likely to get a title on the list?  You guessed it: sex or nudity.  Or in one example, underpants.  Captain Underpants to be exact.

Similarly, the Bare Platypus has posted a previous article about Kids Books with Nudity .  It includes examples of stories and texts that parents have demanded be removed from library shelves.  We have also written about Corporate Nudity Bans and about Sanitizing History by purging all mention of nakedness.

We've never been fans of censorship.  So we say, let the whole ban thing backfire.  Go to your local bookstore.  Find something with nudity in it and buy it.  Even if it's just a greeting card.  Go home and read (or write in) your purchase and do so in your birthday suit.