Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update: Where to find nude statuary online

Earlier this week we called for fellow nudists to introduce some nude statuary to their home's landscaping or interior décor.  We have since located at least one online source for finding such statuary: Click Here for Statue Inventory

Caveat Emptor: Our site gets NO commission or referral fee for sending readers to the above link.  We make NO representation or warranty about the quality of the materials offered on the site or their reliability for meeting your order either. You would do well to satisfy yourself before making any purchase(s). We have never shopped on the site in question. However, the selection was VAST.  We stopped after about two dozen pages of products. 

There appears to be something of every shape, size, style, color, and more... indoor and outdoor.  Happy bargain hunting!

04/24/13 Update: Here's another site with many, many Nude Statues