Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creative Skinny Dipping

Summer is coming and, for those of a nudist mindset, it definitely means getting in some skinny-dipping. 

Some of us are fortunate enough to live in a home with a fenced back yard and a swimming pool.  That makes for an awesome combination for swimming bare.  Still others live within reasonable drive of a nudist club or nude beach.

But even if you don’t have a private pool or ready access to the sunny bum club, you can still dip.  Here are some creative ideas:

-          Get a wading pool for just a few bucks at your local Walmart.  Set it in the backyard to warm in the sun.   Later, when the light fades, slip out in a swimsuit, but ditch it once you’re in water. A relaxing soak for pennies.


-          Offer to “house sit” for friends who own a secluded pool.  Feed their cat.  Bring in their mail. Then go for a naked swim!


-          Go to a regular beach or lake and, once you’ve swum out a ways from shore, ditch the swimsuit.  Appoint a designated swimsuit keeper to tread water (or use a float) and hold them until you’re ready to head back into shore.


-          A variation on the above, some folks clip their suit to a small buoy or rope line to a raft.


-          If all else fails, fill the bath tub.  Turn down your lights and put on a tape of nature sounds… birds chirping, waterfalls, or ocean waves.   If you close your eyes you can imagine you’re soaking among the redwoods in a forest.  Or on a secluded beach.