Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Call For Naked Yard Ornaments

If you haven't guessed by now, The Platypuses are a bit non-conformist.  So excuse us if we encourage blog readers to shake things up by adding some nude statuary or other objects to their yards.  This would make nudity a topic of conversation and, perhaps, get people to think differently about natural nakedness.

We're not suggesting that this "ornamentation" be large. Or gaudy. Or offend the children waiting for the school bus. 

But what about nude cherubs near a small fountain? Or a figure laying, contemplatively, in the grass with only their backside showing? Or one of those sign cutouts designed to stake into the ground and to look like someone is standing near the corner of a home or garden au naturale? (There are some that look like the subject is taking a whiz, but we have seen ordinary hand-painted butts at some craft shows. Perhaps you could even paint your own.)

We welcome hearing from any of you who know where to buy these objects online.  The Platypuses are likely to patronize any business offering them.

Usually there's more flexibility with what we do with our back yards. And one can definitely take liberties when they have installed a "non offense fence" . Besides, it's hard to issue citations to a nudist who is made of granite, wood, or resin... although we have read a tale or two about code enforcement citations for those who overdo it.

Go reasonably crazy.  Try to avoid violating your homeowner association covenants or zoning regulations in the process. But have some naked fun too!

04/24/13 Update: Click here for a blog entry with more information about finding nude statuary online: