Monday, April 29, 2013

Nude Statues Prompt Controversy Between Greece and Qatar

The country of Qatar reportedly told the country of Greece to take their naked statues back.  It seems the statues were part of a traveling Olympic history exhibit with over 600 pieces of archaeological significance .  When Qatar covered up the male anatomy on two statues to "avoid offending female patrons," Greek officials voiced a strong objection that the coverings detracted from the beauty and spirit of the pieces.  Rather than escalate things, they agreed to take the statues to the home country.

Curiously, some statues of bare-breasted women did not prompt any complaints or coverings.

Read about the story:  Take Naked Statues Back says Qatar

Note: The Bare Platypus has written about whitewashing nudity from the history of the Olympics on a previous occasion in Remember the Olympics used to be Naked and in Naked History: Sanitized for your Protection