Friday, April 26, 2013

Good News Story: Dozens Go Skinny Dipping in England for Cancer Charity

In running a news search today, the Bare Platypus came across a story from England about some nude folks doing a good turn for their fellow man.  It seems that a couple dozen beachgoers went naked into the ocean as part of a radio station's fundraising event for a cancer charity. 

One swimmer who got bare said she did so on behalf of her 22 year old daughter who is terminally ill with cancer.  The video, which you can watch by clicking here for nude swim story , shows some people having good natured fun and happy to lend a hand.

We wish the folks in "Tynemouth Longsands" along the North Sea every success with their effort.  Let's hope they raise lots of money to fight the disease.  We also applaud the many nudists stateside who hold events to help pursue a cure.